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Mighty Sparrow - Discography

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  UK  23
  Trinidad and Tobago  19
  USA  7
  Barbados  6
  Jamaica  6
  Netherlands  5
  Belgium  3
  Canada  1
  Ghana  1
  Unknown Country  1
All Records  72
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Mighty Sparrow

A: Monica Do-Do
B: Benwood Dick
RCA Trinidad and Tobago7-903419607"0 
Mighty Sparrow With Frankie Francis And His Orchestra

A: Ten To One Is Murder
B: Skyscraper
RCA Trinidad and Tobago7-904619607"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

B: Russian Satellite
Cook Trinidad and TobagoCC 600319607"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

A: Maude
B: Don´t Touch Me
RCA Trinidad and Tobago7-203819617"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

A: Mr. Rake And Scrape
B: Veronica
RCA Trinidad and Tobago7-204119617"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

A: Royal Jail
B: Freezing In New York
RCA Trinidad and Tobago7-204919617"0 
Mighty Sparrow

A: Ned
B: Norman
National Trinidad and TobagoN. S. P. 04919647"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

A: Going Home Tonight
B: Honesty
National Trinidad and TobagoNSP 07819667"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

A: The Rebel
B: Shanty Town People
National Trinidad and TobagoNSP 07919667"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

A: Obeah Wedding
B: B.G. Plantain
National Trinidad and TobagoNSP 08119667"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

A: Simpson
B: Mr Herbert
Cook Trinidad and TobagoCC59977"0 
Sparrow [Mighty]

A: Sandra
B: Shango Man
RA Trinidad and TobagoNRC 8017"0 
Sparrow [Mighty]

A: No Money, No Love
B: The Party
RA Trinidad and TobagoNRC 8027"1 
Sparrow [Mighty]

A: Governor's Ball
B: Tourist Paradise
RA Trinidad and TobagoNRC 8037"0 
Mighty Sparrow

A: Why Get Sober
B: Evening By The Moonlight
National Trinidad and TobagoN.S.P. 0377"0 
The Mighty Sparrow

A: Duncan
B: Jane
RA Trinidad and TobagoRA 1117"0 
Mighty Sparrow

A: Bon Bamde
B: Revenge
RA Trinidad and TobagoRA-8087"0 
Sparrow Calypso Band

A: Wood In The Fire
B: Shake De Ting
RA Trinidad and TobagoR.A. 8107"0 
Sparrow [Mighty]

A: Alouette
B: National Emblem
RA Trinidad and TobagoRA-8187"0 

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