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Miles Davis - Discography

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  USA  57
  UK  24
  Netherlands  18
  Sweden  15
  Germany  6
  France  5
  Denmark  3
  Australia  2
  Italy  1
All Records  131
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Miles Davis And His Orchestra

A: Venus De Milo
B: Darn That Dream
Capitol USA6F-122119507"010.0
Miles Davis Quartet

A: Blue Haze I
B: Blue Haze II
Prestige USA893-X4519547"110.0
Miles Davis

Classics In Jazz: Miles Davis, Part 1

A1: Jeru
A2: Moon Dreams
B1: Venus De Milo
B2: Deception
Capitol USAEAP 1-4591954EP110.0
Miles Davis

Classics In Jazz: Miles Davis, Part 2

A1: Godchild
A2: Rocker
B1: Israel
B2: Rouge
Capitol USAEAP 2-4591954EP110.0
Miles Davis Sextet

A: Ray's Idea
B: I Waited For You
Blue Note USA45-1619Jun 19547"0 
Miles Davis All Stars

A: But Not For Me -- Pt.1
B: But Not For Me -- Pt.2
Prestige USA915-X4519557"010.0
Miles Davis Quartet

A: When Lights Are Low
B: Miles Ahead
Prestige USA902-X45Jan 19557"010.0
Miles Davis

A: The Leap
B: Weirdo
Blue Note USA45-165019567"0 
Miles Davis

A: Well You Needn't
B: Donna
Blue Note USA45-1633Feb 19567"0 
Miles Davis Quartet

A: Green Haze-Part One
B: Green Haze-Part Two
Prestige USA45-10319577"0 
Miles Davis With The Gil Evans Orchestra

Miles Ahead Vol. II

A1: Blues For Pablo
A2: The Maids OF Cadiz
B1: I Don't Wanna Be Kissed
Columbia USAB-104121957EP0 
Miles Davis With The Gil Evans Orchestra

Miles Ahead Vol. III

A1: The Meaning Of The Blues
A2: Springville
B1: The Duke
B2: Miles Ahead
Columbia USAB-104131957EP0 
The Miles Davis Quintet

A: 'Round Midnight
B: All Of You
Columbia USAB-94911957EP1 
Miles Davis

George Gershwin's "Porgy And Bess"

A1: Gone
A2: Summertime
B1: My Man's Gone Now
Columbia USAB-127411959EP1 
The Miles Davis Quartet

A: It Never Entered My Mind (Part 1)
B: It Never Entered My Mind (Part 2)
Prestige USA45-16519607"0 
Miles Davis All Stars

A: Walkin' Part 1
B: Walkin' Part 2
Prestige USA45-157Feb 19607"0 
Miles Davis And His Sextet

A: All Blues

Miles Davis

B: It Ain't Necessarily So
Columbia USA4-42057Jul 19617"0 
Miles Davis

A: When I Fall In Love
B: I Could Write A Book
Prestige USA45-195Jul 19617"0 
Miles Davis

A: It Ain't Necessarily So
B: I Loves You, Porgy
Columbia USA4-420698 Sep 19617"3 
Miles Davis

A: New Rhumba
B: Slow Samba (Aos Pez Da Cruz)
Columbia USA4-425837 Sep 19627"0 
The Miles Davis Quintet

A: 'Round Midnight

Miles Davis

B: Solea
Columbia Hall Of Fame USA4-3303719637"0 
Miles Davis

A: Sposin'
B: Just Squeeze Me
Prestige USA45-26819637"0 
Miles Davis

A: Surry With The Fringe On Top
B: Diane
Prestige USA45-248Apr 19637"0 
Miles Davis

A: Seven Steps To Heaven
B: Devil May Care
Columbia USA4-4285327 Aug 19637"0 
Miles Davis

A: My Funny Valentine
B: Smooch
Prestige USA45-35319657"110.0
Miles Davis

A: That Old Devil Moon
B: You Don't Know What Love Is
Prestige USA45-37619657"0 
Miles Davis

A: Airegin
B: 'Round Midnight
Prestige USA45-41319667"0 
Miles Davis

A: Girls Of Kilimanjaro Part 1
B: Girls Of Kilimanjaro Part 2
Columbia USA4-4465217 Sep 19687"0 
Miles Davis

A1: In A Silent Way
A2: It's About That Time Part 1
B1: In A Silent Way
B2: It's About That Time Part 2
Columbia USAAE 13Oct 1969EP1 
Miles Davis

A: The Little Blue Frog
B: Great Expectations
Columbia USA4-4509010 Feb 19707"0 
Miles Davis

A: Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
B: Spanish Key
Columbia USA4-4517112 May 19707"0 
Miles Davis

A: Saturday Miles
B: Friday Miles
Columbia USA4-453274 Feb 19717"0 
Miles Davis

A: Right Off (Part I)
B: Right Off (Part II)
Columbia USA4-4535025 Mar 19717"010.0
Miles Davis

A: Molester (Part I)
B: Molester (Part II)
Columbia USA4-4570929 Sep 19727"0 
Miles Davis

A: Vote For Miles (Part I)
B: Vote For Miles (Part II)
Columbia USA4-4582216 Mar 19737"0 
Miles Davis

A: Holly-Wuud [Mono]
B: Holly-Wuud [Stereo]
Columbia USA4-45946Oct 1973Promo Only 7"0 
Miles Davis

A: Holly-Wuud
B: Big Fun
Columbia USA4-45946Oct 19737"0 
Miles Davis

A: Go Ahead John
B: Great Expectations
Columbia USA4-4607425 Jun 19747"0 
Miles Davis And His Orchestra

A: On Green Dolphin Street

Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra

B: How High The Moon
Columbia Hall Of Fame USA13-3328219757"0 

Dustin Hoffman

A1: Blah Blah
A2: Niggers
A3: Dikes
A4: Dirty

Miles Davis

A5: It Never Entered My Mind

Lenny Bruce

B1: Nightclubs
B2: Mothers
B3: Telegrams
B4: Christ And Moses
United Artists USASP-1121975EP21 
Miles Davis

A: Red China Blues
B: Maiysha
Columbia USA3-10110Mar 19757"0 
Miles Davis

A: Red China Blues [Mono]
B: Red China Blues [Stereo]
Columbia USA3-10110Mar 1975Promo Only 7"0 
Miles Davis

A: Shout
B: Fat Time
Columbia USA18-02467Aug 19817"0 
Miles Davis

A: Star On Cicely
B: It Gets Better
Columbia USA38-03605Feb 19837"0 
Miles Davis

A: Star On Cicely
B: Star On Cicely
Columbia USA38-03605Feb 1983Promo Only 7"1 
Miles Davis

A: Code M.D.
B: Decoy
Columbia USA38-04564Aug 19847"0 
Miles Davis

A: Code M.D.
B: Code M.D.
Columbia USA38-04564Aug 1984Promo Only 7"0 
Miles Davis

A: Time After Time
B: Katia
Columbia USA38-04829Mar 19857"0 
Miles Davis

A: Tutu
B: Portia
Warner Bros. USA7-2850119867"0 
Miles Davis

A: Backyard Ritual
B: Tomaas
Warner Bros. USA7-2830919877"0 

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