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Mitchell Torok - Discography

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  USA  38
  UK  11
  Canada  5
  Australia  4
  New Zealand  3
  Germany  2
All Records  63
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Mitchell Torok

A: Little Hoo-Wee
B: Judalina
Abbott USA136-45Mar 19537"2 
Mitchell Torok

A: Carribean
B: Weep Away
Abbott USA140-45Aug 19537"5 
Mitchell Torok

A: Hootchy Kootchy Henry (From Hawaii)
B: Gigolo
Abbott USA150-45Nov 19537"4 
Mitchell Torok And Sally Lee

A: Someday When Someone Hurts You

Mitchell Torok

B: Sober Up
Imperial USA45-8224Jan 19547"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: Edgar The Eager Easter Bunny
B: Living On Love
Abbott USA156-45Mar 19547"2 
Mitchell Torok

A: The Haunting Waterfall
B: Dancerette
Abbott USA162-45Jun 19547"2 
Mitchell Torok

A: Roulette
B: Havana Huddle
Decca USA9-29326Nov 19547"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: The World Keeps Turning Around
B: A Peasant's Guitar
Decca USA9-2940819557"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: Too Late Now
B: Smooth Talk
Decca USA9-29576May 19557"1 
Mitchell Torok

A: Marching My Blues Away
B: Country And Western (That's For Me)
Decca USA9-29661Oct 19557"0 
Mitchell Torok And The Tulane Sisters

A: Red Light, Green Light

Mitchell Torok

B: No Money Down
Decca USA9-29863Mar 19567"8 
Mitchell Torok

A: When Mexico Gave Up The Rhumba (To Do The Rock And Roll)
B: I Wish I Was A Little Bit Younger (And Know What I Know Now)
Decca USA9-29986Jun 19567"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: Drink Up And Go Home
B: Take This Heart
Decca USA9-30134Nov 19567"1 
Mitchell Torok

A: These Things I Hold Dear
B: A Date With A Teardrop
Decca USA9-3047219577"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: Pledge Of Love
B: What's Behind That Strange Door
Decca USA9-30230Apr 19577"1 
Mitchell Torok

A: Two Words (True Love)
B: You're Tempting Me
Decca USA9-30424Aug 19577"2 
Mitchell Torok

A: Be Kind To Me
B: How Much (Do I Love You)
Decca USA9-30599Mar 19587"1 
Mitchell Torok

A: Sweet Revenge
B: Love Me Like You Mean It
Decca USA9-30661May 19587"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: Memories Of You Haunting Me Night And Day
B: Go Ahead And Be A Fool
Decca USA9-30859Mar 19597"1 
The Great Pretender With The Tennessee Two And A Half

A: All Over Again, Again

The Great Pretender

B: You Can't Get There From Here
Columbia USA4-4135816 Mar 19597"2 
Mitchell Torok

A: The P.T.A. Rock And Roll
B: Teenie Weenie Bikini
Decca USA9-30901May 19597"3 
Mitchell Torok

A: Caribbean
B: Hootchy Kootchy Henry
Guyden USA2018Jul 19597"108.0
Mitchell Torok

A: Mexican Joe
B: You Are The One
Guyden USA2028Oct 19597"1 
Mitchell Torok

A: I Want To Know Ev'rything
B: Guardian Angel
Guyden USA2032Jan 19607"1 
Mitchell Torok

A: Pink Chiffon
B: What You Don't Know (Won't Hurt You)
Guyden USA2034Apr 19607"2 
Mitchell Torok

A: El Tigre
B: Eating My Heart Out
Mercury USA71816Apr 19617"1 
Mitchell Torok

A: Rio Grande
B: Fool's Disguise
Capitol USA484624 Sep 19627"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: A Mighty, Mighty Man
B: For Somebody's Who's Supposed To Be Hurtin'(You Sure Are Having Lots Of Fun)
Capitol USA494625 Mar 19637"0 
Mitch Torok And The Matches

A: (The Land Of) Bobby Beeble
B: Are You Trying To Tell Me Somethin'
Inette USA105Oct 19637"2 
Mitch Torok

A: Louisiana Woman
B: I Can Stand It (As Long As She Can)
Gayla USA100819647"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: The Man With The Golden Hand
B: I Need All The Help I Can Get
RCA Victor USA47-8646Aug 19657"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: Caribbean
B: Witch Woman
RCA Victor USA47-8703Oct 19657"0 
Mitchell Torok

A: Instant Love
B: I Let The Hurts Put Me In The Drivers Seat
Reprise USA0541Dec 19667"0 
The Great Pretender

A: Really Big Country Go-Go Shew
B: What's The World Comin' To?
Reprise USA0555Feb 19677"1 
Mitchell Torok

A: Fallin' In Love Again
B: Baby, Baby, Baby
Reprise USA0568Mar 19677"0 
The Talking Juke Box

A: The Talking Juke Box - Part 1
B: The Talking Juke Box - Part II
Republican USAR-197419747"3 
Mitch Torok

A: Madam President
B: Star Spangled Banner
Delta [Texas 1980s] USAD-45-325019847"0 

Appears On

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Jim Reeves

A1: Bimbo

Mitchell Torok

A2: Hootchy Kootchy Henry

Ginny Wright And Jim Reeves

A3: I Love You

Wade Holmes

B1: Wake Up Irene

Sun Valley Trio

B2: The Hokey Pokey

Paul Westmoreland

B3: I'm Walking The Dog
Blue Ribbon USA3S-36EP0 

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