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Nancy Wilson - Discography

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  USA  53
  UK  21
  Australia  8
  Netherlands  5
  New Zealand  4
  Canada  2
  France  2
  Belgium  1
  Germany  1
  Mexico  1
  Philippines  1
  Spain  1
All Records  100
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Nancy Wilson

Introducing Nancy Wilson

A1: On The Street Where You Live
A2: Passion Flower
B1: Sometime's I'm Happy
B2: You Leave Me Breathless
Capitol USAPRO 15311960EP1 
Nancy Wilson

A: My Foolish Heart
B: The Seventh Son
Capitol USA4509Jan 19617"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Give Him Love
B: The Next Time You See Me
Capitol USA4558Apr 19617"0 
Nancy Wilson And The Julian "Cannonball" Adderley Quintet

A: Save Your Love For Me
B: Never Will I Marry
Capitol USA4693Jan 19627"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: You Don't Know What Love Is
B: Put On A Happy Face
Capitol USA4816Aug 19627"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: The Sweetest Sounds

Lee Evans Trio

B: The Sweetest Sounds
Capitol 33 Compact USAPRO 22861963Special Edition 7"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: My Sweet Thing
B: Tell Me The Truth
Capitol USA499124 Jun 19637"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
B: That's What I Want For Christmas
Capitol USA508411 Nov 19637"2 
Nancy Wilson

A: And Satisfy
B: Take What I Have
Capitol USA531919647"0 
Nancy Wilson

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

A1: Unchain My Heart
A2: Go Away, Little Boy
A3: Wives And Lovers
B1: I Left My Heart In San Francisco
B2: The Good Life
B3: One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So)
C1: What Kind Of Fool Am I?
C2: I Can't Stop Loving You
C3: Call Me Irresponsible
D1: Our Day Will Come
D2: On Broadway
D3: Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life
Capitol USASXB-20821964Double Pack1 
Nancy Wilson

A: Don't Rain On My Parade
B: The Grass Is Greener
Capitol USA513324 Feb 19647"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am
B: Never Less Than Yesterday
Capitol USA51988 Jun 19647"1 
Nancy Wilson

A: It's Time For Me
B: I Wanna Be With You
Capitol USA5254Sep 19647"310.0
Nancy Wilson

Today -- My Way

A1: Reach Out For Me
A2: My Love, Forgive Me
A3: Dear Heart
B1: You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
B2: If I Ruled The World
B3: I'm All Smiles
Capitol USASU-23211965EP1 
Nancy Wilson

Gentle Is My Love

A1: Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
A2: Gentle Is My Love
A3: There Will Never Be Another You
B1: Funnier Than Funny
B2: More
B3: If Ever I Would Leave You
Capitol 33 Compact USASXA 23511965EP0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Don't Come Running Back To Me
B: Love Has Many Faces
Capitol USA5340Jan 19657"110.0
Nancy Wilson

A: The Best Is Yet To Come
B: Welcome, Welcome
Capitol USA5408Apr 19657"1 
Nancy Wilson

A: Gentle Is My Love
B: Where Does That Leave Me
Capitol USA5455Jul 19657"28.0
Nancy Wilson

A: I'll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him
B: Afterthoughts
Capitol USA5515Sep 19657"1 
Nancy Wilson

A: No One Else But You
B: Have A Heart
Capitol USA5564Dec 19657"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Uptight (Everything's Alright)
B: You've Got Your Troubles
Capitol USA567319667"1 
Nancy Wilson

A: I'll Make A Man Of The Man
B: Love Can Do Anything
Capitol USA577119667"0 
Nancy Wilson

From Broadway With Love

A1: Hey There
A2: Young And Foolish
A3: This Dream
B1: I Had A Ball
B2: Makin' Whoopee
B3: I've Got Your Number
Capitol USASU-24331966EP0 
Nancy Wilson

Tender Loving Care

A1: Don't Go To Strangers
A2: Like Someone In Love
A3: Tender Loving Care
B1: Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
B2: Close Your Eyes
B3: As You Desire Me
Capitol USASU-25551966EP0 
Nancy Wilson

A: (You Got) The Power Of Love
B: Rain Sometimes
Capitol USA5639Apr 19667"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: That Special Way
B: Go Away
Capitol USA5720Aug 19667"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: In The Dark
B: Ten Years Of Tears
Capitol USA5841Feb 19677"1 
Nancy Wilson

A: Don't Look Over Your Shoulder
B: But Only Sometimes
Capitol USA5935Jun 19677"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Ode To Billie Joe
B: I'm Always Drunk In San Francisco (And I Don't Drink At All)
Capitol USA2061Dec 19677"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Face It Girl, It's Over
B: The End Of Our Love
Capitol USA2136Mar 19687"18.5
Nancy Wilson

A: Peace Of Mind
B: This Bitter Earth
Capitol USA2283Sep 19687"19.0
Nancy Wilson

A: In A Long White Room
B: Only Love
Capitol USA2361Dec 19687"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: You'd Better Go
B: I'm Your Special Fool
Capitol USA2422Feb 19697"1 
Nancy Wilson

A: Got It Together
B: One Soft Night
Capitol USA2555Jul 19697"1 
Nancy Wilson

A: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
B: Do You Know Why
Capitol USA2644Oct 19697"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: This Girl Is A Woman Now
B: Trip With Me
Capitol USA283119707"0 
Nancy Wilson

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

A1: A Brand New Me
A2: Waitin' For Charlie To Come Home
A3: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
B1: You've Made Me So Very Happy
B2: Words And Music
B3: Mixed Up Girl
Capitol Creative Products USASU-4291970EP0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Waitin' For Charlie To Come Home
B: Words And Music
Capitol USA2749Mar 19707"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Now I'm A Woman
B: The Real Me
Capitol USA293419717"09.0
Nancy Wilson

A: We Can Make It Baby
B: Are We Losin' Touch
Capitol USA3540Feb 19737"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: You're As Right As Rain
B: There'll Always Be Forever
Capitol USA397319747"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: He Called Me Baby
B: Like A Circle Never Stops
Capitol USA4117Jul 19757"08.0
Nancy Wilson

A: Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
B: Happy Tears
Capitol USA418919767"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: In My Loneliness (When We Were One)
B: He Never Had It So Good
Capitol USA435919767"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Light
B: I'm Gonna Let Ya
Capitol USA457819787"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Life, Love And Harmony
B: Open Your Heart And Take Me In
Capitol USA474119797"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Life, Love And Harmony
B: Life, Love And Harmony
Capitol USAP-47411979Promo Only 7"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Never Less Than Yesterday
B: (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am
Capitol Starline USA61007"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: Guess Who I Saw Today
B: The Verdict
Capitol Starline USA61237"0 
Nancy Wilson

A: You Better Go
B: Face It Girl, It's Over
Capitol Starline USA61517"0 

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