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Nappy Brown - Discography

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  USA  29
  UK  6
  Canada  3
  Australia  1
  France  1
  Unknown Country  1
All Records  41
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Nappy Brown

A: I Wonder (What's Wrong With Me)
B: That Man
Savoy USA45-1129May 19547"1 
Nappy Brown

A: Don't Be Angry
B: It's Really You
Savoy USA45-1155Mar 19557"98.0
Nappy Brown

A: Pitter Patter
B: There'll Come A Day
Savoy USA45-1162Jun 19557"6 
Nappy Brown

A: Just A Little Love
B: Well, Well, Well, Baby-La
Savoy USA45-1167Aug 19557"110.0
Nappy Brown

A: Doodle I Love You
B: Sittin' In The Dark
Savoy USA45-1176Nov 19557"1 
Nappy Brown

A: Open Up That Door (And Walk Right In My Heart)
B: Pleasin' You
Savoy USA45-1187Mar 19567"09.0
Nappy Brown

A: Love, Baby
B: Am I
Savoy USA45-1196Jun 19567"0 
Nappy Brown

A: Little By Little
B: I'm Getting Lonesome
Savoy USA45-1506Nov 19567"310.0
Nappy Brown

A: Pretty Girl (Yea - Yea - Yea)
B: I'm Gonna Get You (Get You Some Day)
Savoy USA45-1511Mar 19577"0 
Nappy Brown

A: Bye Bye Baby
B: Goody-Goody-Gum Drop
Savoy USA45-1514Jun 19577"08.0
Nappy Brown

A: The Right Time
B: Oh You Don't Know
Savoy USA45-1525Oct 19577"0 
Nappy Brown

A: If You Need Some Lovin'
B: I'm In The Mood
Savoy USA45-1530Feb 19587"0 
Nappy Brown

A: It Don't Hurt No More
B: My Baby
Savoy USA45-1551Oct 19587"1 
Nappy Brown

A: You're Going To Need Someone
B: Skidy Woe
Savoy USA45-1555Dec 19587"0 
Nappy Brown

A: Allright Now
B: A Long Time
Savoy USA45-1562Mar 19597"0 
Nappy Brown

A: This Is My Confession
B: For Those Who Love
Savoy USA45-1569Jun 19597"0 
Nappy Brown

A: I Cried Like A Baby
B: So Deep
Savoy USA1575Aug 19597"1 
Nappy Brown

A: Too Shy
B: Give Me Your Love
Savoy USA45-1579Nov 19597"2 
Nappy Brown And The Gibraltars

A: My Baby Knows
B: Down In The Alley
Savoy USA45-1582Mar 19607"2 
Nappy Brown

A: Baby-Cry-Cry-Cry-Baby
B: What's Come Over You, Baby
Savoy USA45-1587May 19607"0 
Nappy Brown

A: Apple Of My Eye
B: Baby I Got News For You
Savoy USA45-1588Jul 19607"0 
Nappy Brown

A: Nobody Can Say
B: The Hole I'm In
Savoy USA45-1592Oct 19607"0 
Nappy Brown

A: Coal Miner
B: Hoonie-Boonie
Savoy USA1594Jan 19617"19.5
Nappy Brown

A: I've Had My Fun
B: Didn't You Know
Savoy USA161619627"0 
Napoleon Brown

A: Yes, I Know The Man
B: Take Care Of Me
Jewel USAJ-19819727"3 
Nappy Brown

A: Don't Be Angry
B: Little By Little
Collectables USACOL 317319827"1 
Nappy Brown

A: Lemon Squeezin' Daddy
B: Small Red Apples
Ichiban USA90-20619907"1 
Nappy Brown

Jive With Nappy Brown

A1: Apple Of My Eye
A2: Little By Little
B1: Deedle I Do
B2: Just A Little Love
Alabama USAAL EP 003EP49.0

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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Nappy Brown

A: Don't Be Angry
B: Love Locks
Savoy USA45-1155Bootleg / Repro 7"0 

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