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Nicky James - Discography

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Nicky James

A: My Colour Is Blue
B: Take Me Back
Pye UK7N 1556010 Sep 19637"47.3
Nicky James Movement

A: Stagger Lee
B: I'm Hurtin' Inside
Columbia UKDB 77475 Nov 19657"27.0
Nicky James

A: I Need To Be Needed
B: So Glad We Made It
Philips UKBF 1566Apr 19677"1 
Nicky James

A: Would You Believe
B: Silver Butterfly
Philips UKBF 1635Jan 19687"410.0
Nicky James

A: Looking Through Windows
B: Nobody But Me
Philips UKBF 169430 Aug 19687"28.0
Nicky James

A: Time
B: A Little Bit Of Paper
Philips UKBF 175528 Mar 19697"0 
Nicky James

A: Reaching For The Sun
B: No Life At All
Philips UKBF 18048 Aug 19697"18.0
Nicky James

A: All Or Nothing
B: Dusty City
Philips UK6006 06030 Oct 19707"0 
Nicky James

A: Why
B: Foreign Shore
Threshold UKTH 121 Dec 19727"2 
Nicky James

A: Black Dream
B: She Came To Me
Threshold UKTH 162 Mar 19737"1 
Nicky James

A: I Guess I've Always Loved You
B: My Style
Threshold UKTH 1713 Jul 19737"1 
Nicky James

A: Maggie
B: Bottle Of Cheap Red Wine
Threshold UKTH 2515 Oct 19767"3 
Mickie Most And The Gear

A: That's Alright

Nicky James And The Breakaways

B: My Colour Is Blue
Blakey UKBL 0197"09.0

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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Nicky James

A: Looking Through Windows
B: No Life At All
Philips UKJul 1968Acetate0 

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