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Nina Simone - Discography

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  USA  60
  UK  39
  Germany  15
  Netherlands  13
  France  12
  Australia  9
  New Zealand  8
  Ireland  3
  Jamaica  2
  Spain  2
  Denmark  1
  Iran  1
  Italy  1
  Japan  1
  Norway  1
  South Africa  1
  Unknown Country  1
All Records  170
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Nina Simone

A: Little Girl Blue
B: He Needs Me
Bethlehem USA45-1105219597"0 
Nina Simone

A: Solitaire
B: Chilly Winds
Colpix USACP 116May 19597"0 
Nina Simone

A: Porgy
B: Love Me Or Leave Me
Bethlehem USA45-11021Jun 19597"4 
Nina Simone

A: Children Go Where I Send You
B: Willow Weep For Me
Colpix USACP 124Sep 19597"0 
Nina Simone

A: Don't Smoke In Bed
B: African Mailman
Bethlehem USA45-11055Nov 19597"09.0
Nina Simone

A: The Other Woman
B: It Might As Well Be Spring
Colpix USACP 135Nov 19597"2 
Nina Simone

A: If Only For Tonight
B: Under The Lowest (Short Version)
Colpix USACP 15619607"0 
Nina Simone

A: Mood Indigo
B: Central Park Blues
Bethlehem USA45-11057Jan 19607"0 
Nina Simone

A: For All We Know
B: Good Bait
Bethlehem USA45-11087Feb 19607"0 
Nina Simone

A: Summertime
B: Fine And Mellow
Colpix USACP 143Mar 19607"0 
Nina Simone

A: You'll Never Walk Alone
B: Plain Gold Ring
Bethlehem USA45-11088May 19607"0 
Nina Simone

A: Since My Love Has Gone
B: Tomorrow (We Shall Meet Once More)
Colpix USACP 151May 19607"0 
Nina Simone

A: Central Park
B: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Bethlehem USA45-11089Jul 19607"1 
Nina Simone

A: Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
B: Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
Colpix USACP 158Aug 19607"110.0
Nina Simone

A: Trouble In Mind (Short Version)
B: Cotton Eyed Joe
Colpix USACP 175Nov 19607"0 
Nina Simone

A: Work Song
B: Memphis In June
Colpix USACP 197May 19617"2 
Nina Simone

A: Gin House Blues
B: You Can Have Him
Colpix USACP 608Aug 19617"0 
Nina Simone

A: Come On Back, Jack
B: You've Been Gone Too Long
Colpix USACP 614Dec 19617"5 
Nina Simone

A: In The Evening By The Moonlight
B: Chilly Winds Don't Blow
Colpix USACP 63519627"0 
Nina Simone

A: I Got It Bad
B: I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
Colpix USACP 647Jul 19627"2 
Nina Simone

A: My Baby Just Cares For Me
B: He Needs Me
Bethlehem USA45-3031Aug 19627"110.0
Nina Simone

A: Exactly Like You
B: Fine And Mellow
Colpix Torchlite Series USATL-10319637"1 
Nina Simone

A: Merry Mending
B: Something To Live For
Colpix Torchlite Series USATL-10519637"0 
Nina Simone

A: You Better Know It
B: I Like The Sunrise
Colpix Torchlite Series USATL-10619637"0 
Nina Simone

A: I Can't Get Out Of This Mood
B: Willow Weep For Me
Colpix Torchlite Series USATL-11119637"0 
Nina Simone

A: Little Liza Jane
B: Blackbird
Colpix USACP-703Sep 19637"0 
Nina Simone

A: I Loves You Porgy
B: Old Jim Crow
Philips USA40194May 19647"0 
Nina Simone

A: Mississippi *%??**&%
B: Sea Lion Woman
Philips USA40216Jul 19647"1310.0
Nina Simone

A: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
B: A Monster
Philips USA40232Oct 19647"1 
Nina Simone

A: See-Line Woman
B: I Loves You Porgy
Philips Double-Hit Series USA44014Jan 19657"0 
Nina Simone

A: I Am Blessed
B: How Can I
Philips USA40254Feb 19657"0 
Nina Simone

A: I Put A Spell On You
B: Gimme Some
Philips USA40286Apr 19657"2 
Nina Simone

A: Either Way I Lose
B: Break Down And Let It All Out
Philips USA40337Nov 19657"010.0
Nina Simone

A: Why Keep On Breaking My Heart
B: I Love Your Lovin' Ways
Philips USA40359Apr 19667"0 
Nina Simone

A: I Love Your Lovin' Ways
B: See-Line Woman
Philips USA40376Jun 19667"1 
Nina Simone

A: Four Women
B: What More Can I Say
Philips USA40404Oct 19667"110.0
Nina Simone

A: Don't You Pay Them No Mind
B: I'm Gonna Leave You
Philips USA40418Dec 19667"0 
Nina Simone

A: Day And Night
B: Do I Move You?
RCA Victor USA47-9120Feb 19677"29.0
Nina Simone

A: You'll Go To Hell
B: It Be's That Way Sometimes
RCA Victor USA47-9286Aug 19677"19.0
Nina Simone

A: I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)
B: Cherish
RCA Victor USA47-9375Nov 19677"010.0
Nina Simone

A: To Love Somebody
B: I Can't See Nobody
RCA Victor USA47-9447Feb 19687"010.0
Nina Simone

A: Why ? (The King Of Love Is Dead) - Pt. 1
B: Why ? (The King Of Love Is Dead) - Pt. 2
RCA Victor USA47-9532May 19687"210.0
Nina Simone

A: Do What You Gotta Do
B: Peace Of Mind
RCA Victor USA47-9602Aug 19687"010.0
Nina Simone

A: Ain't Got No; I Got Life
B: Real Real
RCA Victor USA47-9686Nov 19687"310.0
Nina Simone

A: Revolution (Part 1)
B: Revolution (Part 2)
RCA Victor USA47-9730Feb 19697"2 
Nina Simone

A: To Be Young, Gifted And Black
B: Save Me
RCA Victor USA74-0269Nov 19697"2 
Nina Simone

A: I Loves You Porgy
B: My Baby Just Cares For Me
Bethlehem USA45-309919707"0 
Nina Simone

A: Who Knows Where The Time Goes
B: Assignment Song (Sequence)
RCA Victor USA74-0311Jan 19707"0 
Nina Simone

A: Whatever I Am (You Made Me)
B: Why Must Your Love Well Be So Dry
RCA Victor USA74-0346Jun 19707"0 
Nina Simone

A: O-O-H Child
B: New World Coming
RCA Victor USA74-047119717"0 

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