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Norman Brooks - Discography

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b. Aug 19, 1928 Montreal, Canada
d. Sept 14, 2006
  UK  10
  USA  10
  Canada  2
All Records  22
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Norman Brooks

A: I'd Like To Be In Your Shoes, Baby
B: I'm Kinda Crazy
London UKHL 8015Oct 19547"3 
Norman Brooks

A: I Can't Give You Anything But Love

The Go-Boys

B: Johnny's Tune
London UKHL 8041Oct 19547"1 
Norman Brooks

A: My 3-D Sweetie
B: Candy Moon
London UKHL 8051Oct 19547"16.0
Norman Brooks

A: Hello Sunshine
B: You're My Baby
London UKL 1166Oct 19547"010.0
Norman Brooks

A: You Shouldn't Have Kissed Me The First Time
B: Somebody Wonderful
London UKL 1202Oct 19547"09.0
Norman Brooks

A: A Sky-Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie
B: This Waltz With You
London UKL 1228Oct 19547"38.0
Norman Brooks

Presenting Norman Brooks Volume 1

A1: Hello Sunshine
A2: Somebody Wonderful
B1: A Sky Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie
B2: My 3-D Sweetie
London UKREP 1004Nov 1954EP6 
Norman Brooks

Baby Mine

A1: I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
A2: I'm Kinda Crazy
B1: I'd Like To Be In Your Shoes, Baby
B2: You're My Baby
London UKREP1021Jan 1955EP2 
Norman Brooks

A: Back In Circulation
B: Lou Lou Louisiana
London UKHL 8115Feb 19557"0 
Norman Brooks With The Al Goodman Orchestra

Norman Brooks With The Al Goodman Orchestra Give You Jolson

A1: Rock-A-Bye Your Baby
A2: There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder
B1: Blue Skies
B2: Easter Parade
Gala UKXP 1009EP25.0

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