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Normie Rowe - Discography

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  Australia  37
  New Zealand  9
  UK  4
  Netherlands  1
  USA  1
All Records  52
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Normie Rowe And The Playboys

A: It Ain't Necessarily So
B: Gonna Leave This Town
Sunshine AustraliaQK-95119657"1 
Normie Rowe And The Playboys

It Ain't Necessarily Rowe

A1: It Ain't Necessarily So
A2: Gonna Leave This Town
B1: Lindy Lou
B2: Shakin' All Over
Sunshine AustraliaQX-11,0561965EP2 
Normie Rowe

A1: I (Who Have Nothing)
A2: Just Don't Understand
B1: Let Me Tell You
B2: That's Why I Cry
Sunshine AustraliaQX-11,0681965EP2 
Normie Rowe

A: I (Who Have Nothing)
B: I Just Don't Understand
Sunshine AustraliaQK-1069Jun 19657"08.0
Normie Rowe And The Playboys

A: Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
B: Shakin' All Over
Sunshine AustraliaQK-1103Sep 19657"410.0
Normie Rowe

A: Call On Me
B: Tell Him I'm Not Home
Sunshine AustraliaQK-1158Nov 19657"37.0
Normie Rowe

Shakin' All Over

A1: Lindy Lou
A2: Shakin' All Over
B1: Unchain My Heart
B2: Bald Headed Lena
Sunshine AustraliaAMX-11,1311966EP0 
Normie Rowe

Que Sera, Sera

A1: Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
A2: Everything's All Right
B1: Unchain My Heart
B2: Let Me Tell You
Sunshine AustraliaQX-11,1101966EP0 
Normie Rowe

Tell Him I'm Not Home

A1: Tell Him I'm Not Home
A2: Ya Ya
B1: Too Bad You Don't Want Me
B2: I Keep Forgetting
Sunshine AustraliaQX-11,1381966EP0 
Normie Rowe

Pride And Joy

A1: Pride And Joy
A2: Rat Race
B1: What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)
B2: Ain't That Good News
Sunshine AustraliaQX-11,1821966EP0 
Normie Rowe

A: The Breaking Point
B: Ya Ya
Sunshine AustraliaQK-1238Mar 19667"010.0
Normie Rowe And The Playboys

A: Pride And Joy
B: The Stones I Throw
Sunshine AustraliaQK-1344Jun 19667"3 
Normie Rowe

A: Ooh La La
B: Ain't Nobody Home
International Sunshine AustraliaQIK-1565Nov 19667"3 
Normie Rowe

A: It's Not Easy
B: Mary, Mary
International Sunshine AustraliaQIK-1605Dec 19667"19.0
Normie Rowe

Ooh La La! It's Not Easy!

A1: Ooh La La
A2: Ain't Nobody Home
B1: It's Not Easy
B2: Mary, Mary
Sunshine AustraliaQIX-11,2501967EP0 
Normie Rowe

A: Turn Down Day
B: Stop To Think It Over
Sunshine AustraliaQK-200819677"1 
Normie Rowe

A: Going Home
B: I Don't Care
International Sunshine AustraliaQIK-1731Apr 19677"110.0
Normie Rowe

A: But I Know
B: Sunshine Secret
International Sunshine AustraliaQIK-1820Jun 19677"2 
Normie Rowe

A: Penelope
B: Lucinda
Sunshine AustraliaQK-223819687"1 
Normie Rowe

A: Walking On New Grass
B: Open Up The Skies
Sunshine AustraliaQK-259619687"0 
Normie Rowe

Turn Down Day

A1: Turn Down Day
A2: Stop To Think It Over
B1: So Much Love
B2: Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
Sunshine AustraliaQX-11,4061968EP0 
Normie Rowe


A1: Penelope
A2: Lucinda
B1: Baby Call On Me
B2: You Can't Stop Loving Me
Sunshine AustraliaQX-11,4881968EP0 
Normie Rowe

A: Born To Be By Your Side
B: Break Out
Sunshine AustraliaQK-2493Aug 19687"0 
Normie Rowe

A: Just To Satisfy You
B: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
Sunshine AustraliaQK-281919697"0 
Normie Rowe

A: You Got Style
B: Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)
Sunshine AustraliaQK-298019697"0 
Normie Rowe

A: Hello
B: Home To Stay
Festival AustraliaFK-361419707"0 
Normie Rowe

A: Glory Road
B: Over You Now
Festival AustraliaFK-463319737"2 
Normie Rowe

A: Higher And Higher
B: Willie And Laura Mae Jones
Festival AustraliaK-557519747"0 
Normie Rowe

A: It's Not Easy
B: See My Fingers Fly
Festival AustraliaK-5714Nov 19747"0 
Normie Rowe

A: Harbour For My Soul
B: That's The Way I Am
Astor AustraliaA-7253Jul 19757"0 
Normie Rowe

A: Elizabeth
B: Little Ray Of Sunshine
Astor AustraliaA-7265Feb 19767"0 
Normie Rowe

A: Mother's Boy
B: Can I Get A Witness
Rainbird AustraliaRB-279Jun 19767"210.0
Normie Rowe

A: Maybe Tomorrow
B: Help Yourselves To Each Other
Avenue AustraliaK-8203Jan 19817"0 
Normie Rowe

A: Rock And Roll You're Beautiful
B: Does She Have A Friend
Avenue AustraliaBA 223120Jan 19847"2 
Normie Rowe And The Playboys

Festival Hall Frenzy!

A1: Everything's Alright
A2: Que Sera Sera
A3: Shakin' All Over
B1: I (Who Have Nothing)
B2: I Just Don't Understand
Raven AustraliaRV-131985EP0 
Normie Rowe

A: Somewhere Tonight
B: Help Yourselves To Each Other
[none] AustraliaNOR00119877"0 
Normie Rowe

A: Bring Him Home
B: Do You Hear The People Sing?
Festival AustraliaK 454Nov 19877"0 

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