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Ohio Players - Discography

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  USA  42
  UK  14
  Germany  4
  Netherlands  3
  Australia  2
  Canada  1
  France  1
  Spain  1
All Records  68
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Ohio Players

A: A Thing Called Love
B: Neighbors
Tangerine USATRC 97819677"17.0
The Ohio Players

A: Trespassin'
B: You Don't Mean It
Compass USACO-7015Dec 19677"0 
The Ohio Players

A: It's A Crying Shame
B: I've Got To Hold On
Compass USACO-7018May 19687"0 
The Ohio Players

A: Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
B: Bad Bargain
Capitol USA2385Jan 19697"0 
The Ohio Players

A: Over The Rainbow
B: Find Someone To Love
Capitol USA2523Jun 19697"010.0
Ohio Players

A: Pain
B: Proud Mary
Top Hit USA2804719717"1 
Ohio Players

A: Pain (Part I)
B: Pain (Part II)
Westbound USAW-188Nov 19717"0 
Ohio Players

A: Got Pleasure
B: I Wanna Hear From You
Westbound USAW-204Jun 19727"0 
Ohio Players

A: Walt's First Trip
B: Varee Is Love
Westbound USAW-208Oct 19727"0 
Ohio Players

A: Funky Worm
B: Paint Me
Westbound USAW 214Jan 19737"210.0
Ohio Players

A: Ecstasy
B: Not So Sad And Lonely
Westbound USAW-216Aug 19737"010.0
Ohio Players

A1: Jive Turkey (Part 1)
B1: Heaven Must Be Like This
B2: Skin Tight
Mercury USADJ-3981974Promo Only 7"0 
Ohio Players

A: Jive Turkey (Part 1)
B: Streakin' Cheek To Cheek
Mercury USA73480Apr 19747"1 
Ohio Players

A: Skin Tight
B: Heaven Must Be Like This
Mercury USA73609Jul 19747"510.0
The Ohio Players

A: Sleep Talk
B: Food Stamps Y'all
Westbound USAW 228Aug 19747"0 
Ohio Players

A: Fire
B: Together
Mercury USA73643Nov 19747"410.0
Ohio Players

A: Happy Holidays Pt. I
B: Happy Holidays Pt. II
Mercury USA7375319757"1 
Ohio Players

A: I Want To Be Free
B: Smoke
Mercury USA73675Mar 19757"0 
Ohio Players

A: Sweet Sticky Thing
B: Alone
Mercury USA73713Sep 19757"410.0
Ohio Players

A: Love Rollercoaster
B: It's All Over
Mercury USA73734Oct 19757"810.0
Ohio Players

A: Love Rollercoaster
B: Love Rollercoaster
Mercury USADJ 436Oct 1975Promo Only 7"110.0
Ohio Players

A: Fopp
B: Let's Love
Mercury USA73775Feb 19767"1 
Ohio Players

A: Rattlesnake
B: Gone Forever
Westbound USAWT-5018Feb 19767"0 
Ohio Players

A: Rattlesnake [Mono]
B: Rattlesnake [Stereo]
Westbound USAWT-5018Feb 1976Promo Only 7"0 
Ohio Players

A: Far East Mississippi
B: Only A Child Can Love
Mercury USA73860May 19767"0 
Ohio Players

A: Who'd She Coo?
B: Bi-Centennial
Mercury USA73814Aug 19767"110.0
Ohio Players

A: Body Vibes
B: Don't Fight My Love
Mercury USA7391319777"0 
Ohio Players

A: Magic Trick
B: Mr. Mean
Mercury USA7398319777"0 
Ohio Players

A: Merry Go Round
B: Merry Go Round
Mercury USADJ-5241977Promo Only 7"0 
Ohio Players

A: Good Luck Charm (Part I)
B: Good Luck Charm (Part I)
Mercury USADJ 5351977Promo Only 7"0 
Ohio Players

A: Feel The Beat (Everybody Disco)
B: Contradiction
Mercury USA73881Jan 19777"09.0
Ohio Players

A: O-H-I-O
B: Can You Still Love Me
Mercury USA73932Jun 19777"0 
Ohio Players

A: Funk-o-nuts (Edited Version)
B: Funk-o-nuts (Edited Version)
Mercury USA740141978Promo Only 7"0 
Ohio Players

A: Funk-O-Nuts
B: Sleepwalkin'
Mercury USA7401419787"2 
The Ohio Players

A: Try A Little Tenderness
B: Try A Little Tenderness
Boardwalk USAAE7 1229Mar 1981Promo Only 7"0 
The Ohio Players

A: Try A Little Tenderness
B: Try To Be A Man
Boardwalk USAWS8 5708Mar 19817"0 
The Ohio Players

A: Skinny
B: Call Me
Boardwalk USAWS8 02063May 19817"0 
Ohio Players

A: Sweat (Radio Version)
B: Vibe Alive
Track USATRK-58811-719887"0 
Ohio Players

A: Fire
B: Love Rollercoaster
Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series USACOL 434719927"1 
Ohio Players

A: Skin Tight
B: Jive Turkey (Part 1)
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-301657"0 
Ohio Players

A: Fire
B: Sweet Sticky Thing
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-301727"0 
Ohio Players

A: Love Rollercoaster
B: Who'd She Coo?
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-301777"1 

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