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O. V. Wright - Discography

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  UK  8
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O. V. Wright With The Keys

A: There Goes My Used To Be
B: That's How Strong My Love Is
Goldwax USA10619647"1 
O. V. Wright

A: I Don't Want To Sit Down
B: Can't Find True Love
Back Beat USA544Mar 19657"0 
O. V. Wright

A: You're Gonna Make Me Cry
B: Monkey Dog
Back Beat USA548Jun 19657"2 
O. V. Wright

A: Poor Boy
B: I'm In Your Corner
Back Beat USA551Oct 19657"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Gone For Good
B: How Long Baby
Back Beat USA558Feb 19667"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Eight Men, Four Women
B: Fed Up With The Blues
Back Beat USA580Mar 19677"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Heartaches - Heartaches
B: Treasured Moments
Back Beat USA583Jun 19677"0 
O. V. Wright

A: What About You
B: What Did You Tell This Girl Of Mine
Back Beat USA586Nov 19677"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Oh Baby Mine
B: Working Your Game
Back Beat USA591Apr 19687"0 
O. V. Wright

A: I Want Everyone To Know
B: I'm Gonna Forget About You
Back Beat USA597Jul 19687"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Missing You
B: This Hurt Is Real
Back Beat USA604Mar 19697"0 
O. V. Wright

A: I'll Take Care Of You
B: Why Not Give Me A Chance
Back Beat USA607Jun 19697"59.0
O. V. Wright

A: Love The Way You Love
B: Blowing In The Wind
Back Beat USA61119707"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Ace Of Spade
B: Afflicted
Back Beat USA615Sep 19707"2 
O. V. Wright

A: When You Took Your Love From Me
B: I Was Born All Over
Back Beat USA620Feb 19717"1 
O. V. Wright

A: A Nickel And A Nail
B: Pledging My Love
Back Beat USA622Jul 19717"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Drowning On Dry Land
B: I'm Gonna Forget About You
Back Beat USA62619727"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Don't Let My Baby Ride
B: He Made Woman For Man
Back Beat USA625Apr 19727"1 
O. V. Wright

A: I'd Rather Be (Blind, Cripple And Crazy)
B: Please Forgive Me
Back Beat USA628Nov 19737"0 
O. V. Wright

A: I've Been Searching
B: I'm Going Home To Live With God
Back Beat USA631May 19747"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Rhymes
B: Without You
Hi USA5N-2315Aug 19767"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Into Something (Can't Shake Loose)
B: The Time We Have
Hi USAH 7750119777"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Precious, Precious
B: You Gotta Have Love
Hi USAH 7750619777"1 
O. V. Wright

A: I Don't Do Windows
B: I Feel Love Growin'
Hi USAH 7851419787"0 
O. V. Wright

A: No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
B: The Bottom Line
Hi USAH 7852119787"0 
O. V. Wright

A: We're Still Together
B: I Don't Know Why
Hi USAH 79531May 19797"1 

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