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Patti Page - Discography

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  USA  130
  Australia  35
  UK  30
  Canada  15
  New Zealand  14
  Netherlands  11
  Denmark  2
  Germany  2
  South Africa  2
  Hong Kong  1
  Israel  1
  Japan  1
  Norway  1
  Rhodesia  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  247
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Patti Page

A: With Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
B: Oklahoma Blues
Mercury USA5344-X4519507"0 
Patti Page

A: All My Love (Bolero)
B: Roses Remind Me Of You
Mercury USA5455-X4519507"0 
Dinah Washington

A: Why Can't You Behave

Patti Page

B: So In Love
Mercury USA5521-X45Oct 19507"410.0
Patti Page

A: The Tennessee Waltz
B: Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
Mercury USA5534-X45Nov 19507"29.0
Patti Page

A: Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)
B: Sentimental Music
Mercury USA5571-X4519517"0 
Patti Page

A: Mockin' Bird Hill
B: I Love You Because
Mercury USA5595-X4519517"37.0
Patti Page

A: Mister And Mississippi
B: These Things I Offer You
Mercury USA5645-X4519517"1 
Patti Page

A: Detour
B: Who's Gonna Shoe My Pretty Little Feet
Mercury USA5682-X4519517"0 
Patti Page

A: Down In The Valley
B: I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Mercury USA5751-X4519517"0 
Patti Page

A: The Tennessee Waltz
B: Long Long Ago
Mercury USA5534-X45Jan 19517"48.0
Patti Page

A: One Sweet Letter
B: And So To Sleep Again
Mercury USA5706-X45Sep 19517"1 
Patti Page

A: Whispering Winds
B: Love, Where Are You Now
Mercury USA5816-X4519527"2 
Patti Page

A: Once In Awhile
B: I'm Glad You're Happy With Someone Else (But I'm Sorry It Couldn't Be Me)
Mercury USA5867-X4519527"0 
Patti Page

A: Come What May
B: Retreat (Cries My Heart)
Mercury USA5772-X45Jan 19527"0 
Patti Page

A: You Belong To Me
B: I Went To Your Wedding
Mercury USA5899-X45Aug 19527"0 
Patti Page

A: Why Don't You Believe Me
B: Conquest
Mercury USA70025X45Nov 19527"0 
Patti Page

A: Oo! What You Do To Me
B: Now That I'm In Love
Mercury USA70127X4519537"2 
Patti Page

A: Butterflies
B: This Is My Song (Patti's Theme)
Mercury USA70183X4519537"2 
Patti Page

A: Father, Father
B: The Lord's Prayer
Mercury USA70222-X4519537"0 
Patti Page

I Miss You So

A1: I Miss You So
A2: It's Been So Long
B1: Ding Dong Boogie
B2: It All Depends On You
Mercury USAEP-1-30601953EP0 
Patti Page

I Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart

A1: I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
A2: Down In The Valley
B1: Prisoner's Song
B2: San Antonio Rose
Mercury USAEP-1-30631953EP0 
Patti Page

Patti Sings The Duke

A1: I've Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
A2: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
B1: Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
B2: I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
Mercury USAEP-1-30891953EP0 
Patti Page

A: The Doggie In The Window
B: My Jealous Eyes
Mercury USA70070X45Jan 19537"110.0
Patti Page

A: Changing Partners
B: Where Did My Snowman Go
Mercury USA70260X4528 Nov 19537"2 
Patti Page

A: Changing Partners
B: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Mercury USA70295X4519547"0 
Patti Page

A: Cross Over The Bridge
B: Johnny Guitar
Mercury USA70302-X4519547"0 
Patti Page

A: Steam Heat
B: Lonely Days
Mercury USA70380X4519547"1 
Patti Page

A: What A Dream
B: I Cried
Mercury USA70416X4519547"1 
Patti Page

A: I Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango
B: The Mama Doll Song
Mercury USA70458X4519547"4 
Patti Page

A: I Love To Dance With You
B: Near To You
Mercury USA70607-X4519547"010.0
Patti Page

A: Cross Over The Bridge
B: My Restless Lover
Mercury USA70302X45Mar 19547"2 
Patti Page

A: Let Me Go, Lover!
B: Hocus-Pocus
Mercury USA70511-X45Nov 19547"1 
Patti Page

A: I Got It Bad
B: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Mercury USA70532-X4519557"0 
Patti Page

A: You Too Can Be A Dreamer
B: Everlovin' (A One Way Love)
Mercury USA70528X45Jan 19557"0 
Patti Page

A: Keep Me In Mind
B: Little Crazy Quilt
Mercury USA70579-X45Mar 19557"2 
Patti Page

A: Piddily Patter Patter
B: Piddily Patter Patter
Mercury USA70657X45Jun 1955Promo Only 7"0 
Patti Page

A: Piddily Patter Patter
B: Every Day
Mercury USA70657X45Jul 19557"1 
Patti Page

A: Croce Di Oro (Cross Of Gold)
B: Search My Heart
Mercury USA70713X45Oct 19557"1 
Patti Page

A: Go On With The Wedding
B: The Voice Inside
Mercury USA70766X451 Dec 19557"1 
Patti Page

A: Too Young To Go Steady
B: My First Formal Gown
Mercury USA70820X4520 Feb 19567"0 
Patti Page

A: Allegheny Moon
B: The Strangest Romance
Mercury USA70878X4514 May 19567"3 
Patti Page

A: Mama From The Train
B: Every Time (I Feel His Spirit)
Mercury USA70971X4517 Sep 19567"1 
Patti Page

A: Learnin' My Latin
B: Repeat After Me
Mercury USA71015X4523 Nov 19567"0 
Patti Page

A1: Married I Can Always Get
A2: New York's My Home
B1: Learnin' My Latin
B2: Repeat After Me
Mercury USAEP-1-33421957EP0 
Patti Page

More Selections From Manhattan Tower

A1: Once Upon A Dream
A2: Never Leave Me
B1: Indian Giver
B2: The Party (Noah)
Mercury USAEP-1-33461957EP0 
Patti Page

A: A Poor Man's Roses (Or A Rich Man's Gold)
B: The Wall
Mercury USA71059X454 Feb 19577"1 
Patti Page

A: Old Cape Cod
B: Wondering
Mercury USA71101X4523 Apr 19577"38.5
Patti Page

A: No One To Cry To
B: Money, Marbles And Chalk
Mercury USA71177X458 Aug 19577"0 
Patti Page

A: My How The Time Goes By
B: I'll Remember Today
Mercury USA71189X453 Sep 19577"1 
Patti Page

A: The Tennessee Waltz
B: With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-30025X453 Oct 19577"0 

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