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Paul Anka - Discography

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  USA  125
  Germany  87
  UK  70
  Netherlands  56
  Canada  49
  Australia  47
  Italy  31
  New Zealand  30
  Sweden  24
  France  23
  Finland  12
  Israel  9
  Japan  9
  Spain  9
More Countries (28 Total)All Records  614
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Paul Anka

A: I Confess
B: Blau-Wile-Deveest-Fontaine
RPM USA45X472Sep 19567"11 
Paul Anka

A: Diana
B: Don't Gamble With Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-9831Jun 19577"49.0
Paul Anka

A: I Confess
B: Blau-Wile-Deveest-Fontaine
RPM USA45X499Jul 19577"0 
Paul Anka

A: I Love You, Baby
B: Tell Me That You Love Me
ABC-Paramount USA45-9855Sep 19577"3 
Paul Anka

A: You Are My Destiny
B: When I Stop Loving You (That'll Be The Day)
ABC-Paramount USA45-9880Dec 19577"2 
Paul Anka

A1: Down By The Riverside
A2: You Belong To Me
B1: Waiting For You
B2: Walking My Baby Back Home
ABC-Paramount USAA-2401958EP0 
Paul Anka

Paul Anka - Volume 3

A1: You Are My Destiny
A2: Jambalaya
B1: I've Heard That Song Before
B2: Side By Side
ABC-Paramount USAC 2401958EP0 
Paul Anka

A: Crazy Love
B: Let The Bells Keep Ringing
ABC-Paramount USA45-9907Mar 19587"1 
Paul Anka

A: Midnight
B: Verboten ! ( Forbidden)
ABC-Paramount USA45-9937Jun 19587"1 
Paul Anka

A: Just Young
B: So It's Goodbye
ABC-Paramount USA45-9956Sep 19587"0 
Paul Anka, George Hamilton IV And Johnny Nash

A: The Teen Commandments

Don Costa's Orchestra And Chorus

B: If You Learn To Pray
ABC-Paramount USA45-9974Nov 19587"2 
Paul Anka

A: (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
B: That's Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-9987Nov 19587"1 
Paul Anka

A: (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
B: That's Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9987Nov 19587"0 
Paul Anka

A: I Miss You So
B: Late Last Night
ABC-Paramount USA45-10011Mar 19597"010.0
Paul Anka

A: Late Last Night
B: I Miss You So
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-10,011Mar 19597"0 
Paul Anka

A: Lonely Boy
B: Your Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-10022May 19597"1 
Paul Anka

A: Put Your Head On My Shoulder
B: Don't Ever Leave Me
ABC-Paramount USA45-10,040Aug 19597"29.0
Paul Anka

A: It's Time To Cry
B: Something Has Changed Me
ABC-Paramount USA45-10064Nov 19597"2 
Paul Anka

Paul Anka Sings His Big 15

A1: Diana
A2: Puppy Love
B1: Put Your Head On My Shoulder
B2: Lonely Boy
ABC-Paramount USAA3231960EP0 
Paul Anka

A: Puppy Love
B: Adam And Eve
ABC-Paramount USA45-10082Feb 19607"3 
Paul Anka

A: My Home Town
B: Something Happened
ABC-Paramount USA45-10106Apr 19607"1 
Paul Anka

A: Hello Young Lovers
B: I Love You In The Same Old Way
ABC-Paramount USA45-10,132Jul 19607"0 
Paul Anka

A: Summer's Gone
B: I'd Have To Share
ABC-Paramount USA45-10147Sep 19607"0 
Paul Anka

A: Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer
B: I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus
ABC-Paramount USA45-10163Nov 19607"0 
Paul Anka

A: The Story Of My Love
B: Don't Say You're Sorry
ABC-Paramount USA45-10168Nov 19607"36.0
Paul Anka

A: It's Christmas Everywhere
B: Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer
ABC-Paramount USA45-10169Nov 19607"0 
Paul Anka

Paul Anka Sings

A1: Hello Young Lovers
A2: I Love You In The Same Old Way
B1: My Home Town
B2: Something Happened
ABC-Paramount USAEP-161961EP1 
Rockin' On Fifth Avenue

Paul Anka

A1: Late Last Night
A2: That's Love

Lloyd Price

B1: You Need Love
B2: Yakety Yak, Bing Bang
ABC-Paramount USAEPP-141961EP0 
Paul Anka

A: (You Can) Share Your Love
B: I Talk To You (On The Telephone)
ABC-Paramount USAPRO-10419617"0 
Paul Anka

A: Tonight My Love, Tonight
B: I'm Just A Fool Anyway
ABC-Paramount USA45-10194Feb 19617"3 
Paul Anka

A: Dance On Little Girl
B: I Talk To You (On The Telephone)
ABC-Paramount USA45-10220May 19617"1 
Paul Anka

A: Cinderella
B: Kissin' On The Phone
ABC-Paramount USA45-10239Aug 19617"0 
Paul Anka

A: Loveland
B: The Bells At My Wedding
ABC-Paramount USA45-10279Nov 19617"0 
Paul Anka

A: All Of Me
B: I'm Coming Home
ABC-Paramount USA45-409/119627"0 
Paul Anka

A: The Fool's Hall Of Fame
B: Far From The Lights Of Town
ABC-Paramount USA45-10282Jan 19627"0 
Paul Anka

A: Love Me Warm And Tender
B: I'd Like To Know
RCA Victor USA47-7977Feb 19627"09.0
Paul Anka

A: I'd Never Find Another You
B: Uh Huh
ABC-Paramount USA45-10311Mar 19627"07.0
Paul Anka

A: I Never Knew Your Name
B: A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine
RCA Victor USA47-8030May 19627"1 
Paul Anka

A: I'm Coming Home
B: Cry
ABC-Paramount USA45-10338Jul 19627"0 
Paul Anka

A: Every Night (Without You)
B: There You Go
RCA Victor USA47-8068Aug 19627"1 
Paul Anka

A: Eso Beso (That Kiss!)
B: Give Me Back My Heart
RCA Victor USA47-8097Nov 19627"1 
Paul Anka

A: Love (Makes The World Go 'Round)
B: Crying In The Wind
RCA Victor USA47-8115Dec 19627"0 
Paul Anka

A: Remember Diana
B: At Night
RCA Victor USA47-8170Apr 19637"3 
Paul Anka

A: Hello Jim
B: You've Got The Nerve To Call This Love
RCA Victor USA47-8195Jun 19637"0 
Paul Anka

A: Hurry Up And Tell Me
B: Wondrous Are The Ways Of Love
RCA Victor USA47-8237Sep 19637"0 
Paul Anka

A: Did You Have A Happy Birthday?
B: For No Good Reason At All
RCA Victor USA47-8272Dec 19637"0 
Paul Anka

A: From Rocking Horse To Rocking Chair
B: Cheer Up
RCA Victor USA47-8311Feb 19647"1 
Paul Anka

A: My Baby's Comin' Home
B: No, No
RCA Victor USA47-8349Apr 19647"2 
Paul Anka

A: In My Imagination
B: It's Easy To Say
RCA Victor USA47-8396Jul 19647"2 
Paul Anka

A: Ogni Volta (Every Time)
B: Cindy Go Home
RCA Victor USA47-8441Oct 19647"0 

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