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Paul McCartney - Discography

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  UK  112
  USA  112
  Japan  56
  France  48
  Netherlands  46
  Germany  43
  Australia  37
  Ireland  33
  Brazil  32
  Canada  32
  Belgium  23
  New Zealand  22
  Italy  19
  Spain  17
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Paul McCartney

A: Another Day
B: Oh Women, Oh Why
Apple AustraliaA-944519717"39.0
Paul And Linda McCartney

A: Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
B: Too Many People
Apple AustraliaA-966919717"0 
Paul And Linda McCartney

A: Eat At Home
B: Smile Away
Apple AustraliaA-95925 Aug 19717"1 

A: Hi, Hi, Hi
B: C Moon
Apple AustraliaA. 1009919727"0 

A: Mary Had A Little Lamb
B: Little Woman Love
Apple AustraliaA992419727"4 

A: Give Ireland Back To The Irish
B: Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Version)
Apple AustraliaA-986616 Mar 19727"010.0
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: My Love
B: The Mess
Apple AustraliaA-1020019737"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Helen Wheels
B: Country Dreamer
Apple AustraliaA-1035919737"0 

A: Live And Let Die
B: I Lie Around
Apple AustraliaA-1027016 Aug 19737"09.0
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Mrs Vandebilt
B: Bluebird
Apple AustraliaA-1042419747"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Junior's Farm
B: Sally G
Apple AustraliaA-10626Oct 19747"0 

A: Listen To What The Man Said
B: Love In Song
Capitol AustraliaA-1081819757"1 

A: Letting Go
B: You Gave Me The Answer
Capitol AustraliaA-10940Oct 19757"0 

A: Magneto And Titanium Man
B: Venus And Mars / Rock Show
Capitol AustraliaA-11008Jan 19767"0 

A: Silly Love Song
B: Cook Of The House
Capitol AustraliaA-11120Apr 19767"0 

A: Let 'Em In
B: Beware, My Love
Capitol AustraliaA-11204Aug 19767"010.0

A: Maybe I'm Amazed
B: Soily
Capitol AustraliaA-1136319777"0 

A: Mull Of Kintyre
B: Girl's School
Capitol AustraliaA-11607Nov 19777"59.0

A: With A Little Luck
B: Backwards Traveller / Cuff Link
Capitol AustraliaA-11687Mar 19787"1 

A: Goodnight Tonight
B: Daytime Nightime Suffering
Parlophone AustraliaA-1191819797"0 

A: Getting Closer
B: Spin It On
MPL AustraliaA-1195919797"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Wonderful Christmastime
B: Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reggae
Parlophone AustraliaA-15719797"0 
Paul McCartney

A1: Coming Up

Paul McCartney And Wings

B1: Coming Up (Live)
B2: Lunch Box/Odd Sox
Parlophone AustraliaA-23319807"4 
Paul McCartney

A: Waterfalls
B: Check My Machine
Parlophone AustraliaA-27919807"1 

A: Mull Of Kintyre
B: Girl's School
Parlophone AustraliaA-1160719827"1 
Paul McCartney With Additional Vocals By Stevie Wonder

A: Ebony And Ivory

Paul McCartney

B: Rainclouds
Parlophone AustraliaA-69819827"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Take It Away
B: I'll Give You A Ring
Parlophone AustraliaA-76419827"0 
Michael Jackson / Paul McCartney

A: The Girl Is Mine
B: Can't Get Outta The Rain
Epic AustraliaES 79119827"4 
Paul McCartney And Michael Jackson

A: Say Say Say

Paul McCartney

B: Ode To A Koala Bear
Parlophone AustraliaA-1124Oct 19837"0 
Paul McCartney

A: No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)
B: No More Lonely Nights (Playout Version)
Parlophone AustraliaA-136619847"0 
Paul McCartney And The Frog Chorus

A: We All Stand Together

Paul McCartney And The Finchley Frogettes

B: We All Stand Together (Humming Version)
Parlophone AustraliaA-144919847"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Pipes Of Peace
B: So Bad
Parlophone AustraliaA-1167Jan 19847"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Spies Like Us

Paul McCartney And Wings

B: My Carnival
Parlophone AustraliaA-165119857"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Press (Video Edit)
B: Its Not True
Parlophone AustraliaA-180919867"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Stranglehold
B: Write Away
Parlophone AustraliaA-188919867"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Once Upon A Long Ago
B: Back On My Feet
Parlophone AustraliaA202719877"0 
Paul McCartney

A: My Brave Face
B: Flying To My Home
Parlophone AustraliaA 2224May 19897"0 

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