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Paul Petersen - Discography

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  USA  18
  Canada  8
  New Zealand  7
  UK  6
  Australia  5
  Netherlands  3
  Japan  2
  Germany  1
  Spain  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  52
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Paul Petersen

A: She Can't Find Her Keys

Paul Petersen And Shelley Fabares

B: Very Unlikely
Colpix USACP 620Jan 19627"28.0
Shelley Fabares And Paul Petersen

A: What Did They Do Before Rock N' Roll
B: Very Unlikely
Colpix USACP 631Apr 19627"610.0
Paul Petersen

A: Keep Your Love Locked (Deep In Your Heart)
B: Be Everything To Anyone You Love
Colpix USACP 632Apr 19627"29.0
Paul Petersen

A: Lollipops And Roses
B: Please Mr. Sun
Colpix USACP 649Aug 19627"38.0
Paul Petersen

A: My Dad
B: Little Boy Sad
Colpix USACP 663Oct 19627"48.5
Paul Petersen

A: Amy
B: Goody Goody
Colpix USACP 676Feb 19637"77.0
Paul Petersen

A: Amy
B: I Only Have Eyes For You (Bossa Nova)
Colpix USACP 676Feb 19637"2 
Paul Petersen

A: Girls In The Summertime
B: Mama, Your Little Boy Fell
Colpix USACP 697Aug 19637"2 
Paul Petersen

A: The Cheer Leader
B: Polka Dots And Moonbeams
Colpix USACP-707Oct 19637"4 
Paul Petersen

A: She Rides With Me
B: Poorest Boy In Town
Colpix USACP-720Feb 19647"510.0
Paul Petersen

A: Hey There Beautiful
B: Where Is She
Colpix USACP 730Jun 19647"1 
Paul Petersen

A: Little Dreamer
B: Happy
Colpix USACP 763Feb 19657"2 
Paul Petersen

A: The Ring
B: You Don't Need Money
Colpix USACP-785Aug 19657"1 
Paul Petersen

A: Chained
B: Don't Let It Happen To Us
Motown USAM 110811 May 19677"310.0
Paul Peterson

A: A Little Bit For Sandy
B: Your Love's Got Me Burning Alive
Motown USAM11298 Aug 19687"610.0
Paul Petersen

A: My Dad
B: Little Boy Sad
Goldies 45 USAD-268219747"0 
Paul Petersen

A: My Dad
B: She Can't Find Her Keys
Eric USA1507"0 
Paul Petersen

A: My Dad
B: She Can't Find Her Keys
Collectables USACOL 02987"0 

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