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Phil Flowers - Discography

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  USA  28
  UK  3
  Germany  2
  Australia  1
  Canada  1
  France  1
  Netherlands  1
  New Zealand  1
  Bootleg  1
All Records  39
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Phil Flowers

A: Honey Chile

Joe Lyons And His Arrows

B: What's New With You
Hollywood USA45-1065Aug 19567"0 
Phil Flowers

A: You Stole My Heart
B: Rosa-Lee
Hollywood USA45-108919587"0 
Phil Flowers

A: Lose
B: Sadie From Haiti
Empire [Washington DC] USA45-504 / 45-50519607"0 
Phil Flowers

A: Bingo
B: What Did I Do
United Artists USAUA 257Sep 19607"0 
Phil Flowers And TNT Tribble

A: No More Tossin' And Turnin'
B: The Dances
Sway USA45-90319617"0 
Phil Flowers

A: Twistin' Beat
B: I Need You Baby
Domino [Washington DC] USA45-50019627"1 
Ray Charles

A: Walkin' And Talkin'

Phil Flowers

B: I Can't Stop Loving You
Bonus [New Jersey] USA701919627"1 
Phil Flowers

A: The Cleopatra
B: You Little Devil
Josie USA45-90919637"0 
Bill Haley And The Comets

A: ABC Boogie

Phil Flowers

B: Rock Around The Clock
Kasey USA700619647"3 
Phil Flowers

A: How Can I Forget Her
B: If I Could Have My Way
Almanac USA81219657"1 
Phil Flower

A: Got To Have Her For My Own
B: Comin' Home To You
Columbia USA4-4339713 Sep 19657"2 
Phil Flowers And The Underdogs

A: Underdog
B: Discontented
Loft USAL-10219677"0 
Phil Flowers

A: One More Hurt (And I'm Gone)
B: Where Did I Go Wrong
Dot USA45-17043Sep 19677"0 
Phil Flowers

A: Cry On My Shoulder
B: Discontented
Dot USA45-17058Dec 19677"19.0
Phil Flowers

A: The Alligator
B: The Judge And The Alligator
Dot USA45-17113Jun 19687"0 
Phil Flowers

A: I Saw Her Standing There
B: Nobody Knows
Dot USA45-17154Nov 19687"0 
Phil Flowers

A: Son Of Mine
B: What Could I Do Girl
Dot USA45-17220Mar 19697"0 
Phil Flowers And The Flower Shop

A: Like A Rolling Stone
B: Keep On Socking It Children
A&M USA1122Sep 19697"0 
Phil Flowers

A: Every Day I Have To Cry
B: If It Feels Good, Do It
A&M USA1168Feb 19707"0 
Phil Flowers

A: The Man, The Wife And The Little Baby Daughter
B: Nothing Lasts Forever
Bell USA928Oct 19707"0 
Phil Flowers

A: The Man, The Wife And The Little Baby Daughter [Mono]
B: The Man, The Wife And The Little Baby Daughter [Stereo]
Bell USAB-928Oct 1970Promo Only 7"0 
Phil Flowers

A: I Just Walked By
B: How 'bout A Little Hand For Jesus
Bell USA993Apr 19717"1 
Fun House (Starring Phil Flowers)

A: In Whose Eyes (Areyouwhoyouwannabe?) [Mono]
B: In Whose Eyes (Areyouwhoyouwannabe?) [Stereo]
Epic USA5-10956Mar 1973Promo Only 7"0 
Fun House (Starring Phil Flowers)

A: In Whose Eyes (Areyouwhoyouwannabe?)
B: Dead Skunk
Epic USA5-10956Mar 19737"0 
Phil Flowers

A: Stay Awhile
B: If You Really Love Him
ICI Industries USAICI 180619857"0 
Phil Flowers

A: Love, Sweet Love
B: Little Bitty Pretty One
Ripete USAR45-301119917"0 
Hollywood Argyles

A: Alley Oop

Phil Flowers

B: C C Rider
Wham USA70377"1 
Phil Flowers

A: Chapel On The Hill

Poontang Perkins

B: Put De Pot On Mary
Norton USA8647"1 

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