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P. J. Proby - Discography

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  UK  32
  Netherlands  21
  Australia  20
  USA  19
  New Zealand  12
  Germany  8
  Canada  3
  Ireland  3
  Denmark  2
  France  2
  Italy  2
  Rhodesia  2
  Sweden  2
  Finland  1
  Spain  1
All Records  130
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P. J. Proby

A: Hold Me
B: The Tip Of My Fingers
Decca UKF 1190415 May 19647"28.3
P. J. Proby

A: Try To Forget Her
B: There Stands The One
Liberty UKLIB 5536731 Jul 19647"4 
P. J. Proby

A: Together
B: Sweet And Tender Romance
Decca UKF 1196728 Aug 19647"19.3
P. J. Proby

A: Somewhere
B: Just Like Him
Liberty UKLIB 1018227 Nov 19647"08.3
P. J. Proby

P. J. Proby

A1: Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
A2: Linda Lu
B1: Answer Me
B2: Stagger Lee
Liberty UKLEP 2192Dec 1964EP18.0
P. J. Proby

A: I Apologise
B: What's On Your Mind
Liberty UKLIB 10188Feb 19657"18.0
P. J. Proby

A: Let The Water Run Down
B: I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
Liberty UKLIB 1020625 Jun 19657"29.0
P. J. Proby


A1: Hold What You've Got
A2: I Love, Therefore I Am
B1: I Apologise
B2: Somewhere (from "West Side Story")
Liberty UKLEP 2229Aug 1965EP0 
P. J. Proby

A: That Means A Lot
B: My Prayer
Liberty UKLIB 1021517 Sep 19657"1 
P. J. Proby

A: Maria
B: She Cried
Liberty UKLIB 1021819 Nov 19657"29.0
P. J. Proby

Christmas With P.J.

A1: Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
A2: Silent Night
B1: White Christmas
B2: Rain On Snow
Liberty UKLEP 2239Dec 1965EP1 
P. J. Proby

Proby Again

A1: I Can't Make It Alone
A2: Try To Forget Her
B1: Let The Water Run Down
B2: You've Come Back
Liberty UKLEP 2267Jan 1966EP2 
P. J. Proby

A: You've Come Back
B: It Ain't Necessarily So
Liberty UKLIB 102234 Feb 19667"28.5
P. J. Proby

A: You Got Me Cryin'
B: I Need Love
Fab UKFAB 2May 19667"0 
P. J. Proby

A: To Make A Big Man Cry
B: Wicked Woman
Liberty UKLIB 1023627 May 19667"0 
P. J. Proby

P.J.'s Hits

A1: Hold Me
A2: Together
B1: That Means A Lot
B2: Maria
Liberty UKLEP 2251Jul 1966EP0 
P. J. Proby

A: I Can't Make It Alone
B: Sweet Summer Wine
Liberty UKLIB 1025014 Oct 19667"48.0
P. J. Proby

A: Niki Hoeky
B: Good Things Are Coming My Way
Liberty UKLIB 55936Jan 19677"5 
P. J. Proby

A: You Can't Come Home Again (If You Leave Me Now)
B: Work With Me Annie
Liberty UKLIB 5597416 Jun 19677"29.0
P. J. Proby

A: It's Your Day Today
B: I Apologise Baby
Liberty UKLBF 15046Jan 19687"1 
P. J. Proby

A: What's Wrong With My World
B: Why, Baby Why
Liberty UKLBF 1508510 May 19687"0 
P. J. Proby

A: The Day That Lorraine Came Down
B: Mery Hoppkins Never Had Days Like These
Liberty UKLBF 15152Nov 19687"5 
P. J. Proby

A: Hanging From Your Loving Tree
B: Empty Bottles
Liberty UKLBF 1524519697"15 
P. J. Proby

A: Today I Killed A Man
B: It's Too Good To Last
Liberty UKLBF 15280Dec 19697"0 
P. J. Proby

A: It's Goodbye
B: It's Too Good To Last
Liberty UKLBF 1538614 Aug 19707"0 
P. J. Proby

A: We'll Meet Again
B: Clown Shoes
Columbia UKDB 887424 Mar 19727"18.0
P. J. Proby

A: Put Your Head On My Shoulder
B: Momma Married A Preacher
Ember UKEMBS 32829 Jun 19737"1 
P. J. Proby


A1: Hold Me
A2: Together
B1: Maria
B2: Somewhere
United Artists UKREM 404Nov 1973EP07.0
P. J. Proby

A: The Champ
B: The Champ (Part 2)
Seven Sun UKSSUN 1318 Oct 19747"0 
P. J. Proby

A: Somewhere
B: Together
United Artists UKUP 360992 Apr 19767"0 
P. J. Proby

A: You've Got It All
B: Starting All Over Again
Rooster UKROO 101Oct 19817"1 
P. J. Proby

A: Love Will Tear Us Apart [Studio Take]
B: Love Will Tear Us Apart [Live Take]
Savoy UKPJS 219857"0 

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