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Primal Scream - Discography

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  UK  29
  Germany  3
  Australia  1
  France  1
  Spain  1
  USA  1
All Records  36
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Primal Scream

A: All Fall Down
B: It Happens
Creation UKCRE 017May 19857"18.0
Primal Scream

A: Crystal Crescent
B: Velocity Girl
Creation UKCRE 026Apr 19867"09.0
Primal Scream

A: Gentle Tuesday
B: Black Star Carnival
Elevation UKACID 313 Jun 19877"09.0
Primal Scream

A: Imperial
B: Star Fruit Surf Rider
Elevation UKACID 5Sep 19877"0 
Primal Scream

A: Ivy Ivy Ivy
B: You're Just Too Dark To Care
Creation UKCRE 06731 Jul 19897"0 
Primal Scream

A: Lone Star Girl #1
B: Split Wide Open #1
Creation UKCREFRE 6Sep 1989Bonus 7"13.0
Primal Scream

A: Loaded
B: I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
Creation UKCRE 07019 Feb 19907"18.3
Primal Scream

A: Come Together (4.23)
B: Come Together (4.45)
Creation UKCRE 0786 Aug 19907"27.0
Primal Scream

A: Higher Than The Sun
B: Higher Than The Sun (American Spring Mix)
Creation UKCRE 09610 Jun 19917"2 
Primal Scream Featuring Denise Johnson

A: Don't Fight It, Feel It (7" Edit)
B: Don't Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix)
Creation UKCRE 11012 Aug 19917"0 
Primal Scream

A: Movin' On Up
B: Loaded
Creation UKCRE 117 D1992Promo Only 7"210.0
Primal Scream

Dixie-Narco EP

A1: Movin' On Up
A2: Carry Me Home
B1: Screamadelica
Creation UKCRE 11727 Jan 1992EP2 
Primal Scream

Dixie-Narco EP

A: Movin' On Up
B: Screamadelica
Creation UKCRE 117PFeb 19927"1 
Primal Scream

A: Rocks
A: Funky Jam (Hot Ass Mix)
Creation UKCRE 12928 Feb 19947"1 
Primal Scream

A: Jailbird (Original Mix)
B: Jailbird (The Dust Brothers Mix)
Creation UKCRE 1456 Jun 19947"0 
Primal Scream

A: (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind
B: Rocks (Live)
Creation UKCRE 18328 Nov 19947"0 
P. P. And The Primes

A: Understanding

Stevie's Buzz

B: Autumn Stone
Nice UK19967"28.0
Primal Scream

A: Kowalski
B: 96 Tears
Creation UKCRE 2455 May 19977"1 
Primal Scream

A: Star
B: Jesus
Creation UKCRE 26323 Jun 19977"39.0
Primal Scream

A: Burning Wheel
B: Hammond Connection
Creation UKCRE 27213 Oct 19977"2 
Primal Scream

Echo Dek

A: Duffed Up
B: Living Dub
C: JU-87
D: Revolutionary
E: First Name Unknown
F: Vanishing Dub
G: Last Train
H: Wise Blood
I: Dub In Vain
Creation UKCREL7 22427 Oct 1997Box Set 7"08.0
Primal Scream

A: If They Move Kill 'Em - My Bloody Valentine Arkestra
B: Darklands
Creation UKCRE 28416 Feb 19987"0 
Primal Scream

A: Revenge Of The Hammond Connection
Creation UKCRE332PFeb 2000Promo Only 7"0 
Primal Scream

A: Kill All Hippies
B: The Revenge Of The Hammond Connection
Creation UKCRE 33220 Mar 20007"2 
Primal Scream

A: Country Girl
B: Gimme Some Truth
Columbia [Sony] UK82876 834277 722 May 20067"19.0
Primal Scream

A: Dolls
B: Suicide Sally And Johnny Guitar (Live @ XFM)
Columbia [Sony] UK82876 87162 77 Aug 20067"1 
Primal Scream

A: Sometimes I Feel So Lonely
B: Gamblin' Bar Room Blues
Columbia [Sony] UK8869704429718 Dec 20067"4 
Primal Scream

A: Can't Go Back
B: Urban Guerilla
B-Unique UKBUN 140 714 Jul 20087"0 

Appears On

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Rough Trade Shops : Indiepop 1

Primal Scream

A1: All Fall Down


A2: Vegetarian Restaurant

Josef K

B1: Sorry For Laughing

Juniper Moon

B2: El Resto De Mi Vada
Mute UKMUTE 33818 Oct 2004EP18.0

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