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Ralph McTell - Discography

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  UK  28
  Germany  9
  Australia  7
  Netherlands  6
  France  3
  USA  3
  Denmark  2
  Italy  2
  Spain  2
  Ireland  1
  New Zealand  1
  Thailand  1
All Records  65
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Ralph McTell

A: Summer Come Along
B: Girl On A Bicycle
Big T UKBIG 12511 Jul 19697"0 
Ralph McTell

A: Kew Gardens
B: Father Forgive Them
Big T UKBIG 13119707"1 
Ralph McTell

A: Spiral Staircase
B: Terminus
Big T UKBIG 1349 Oct 19707"39.0
Ralph McTell

A: First And Last Man
B: In Some Way I Loved You
Famous UKFAM 10520 Aug 19717"2 
Ralph McTell

A: Teacher, Teacher
B: Truckin' Little Baby
Famous UKFAM 11112 May 19727"0 
Ralph McTell

A: When I Was A Cowboy
B: Small Voice Calling
Reprise UKK 142143 Nov 19727"2 
Ralph McTell

A: Zimmerman Blues
B: First Song
Reprise UKK 142252 Feb 19737"1 
Ralph McTell

A: Take It Easy
B: Sweet Mystery
Reprise UKK 1432529 Mar 19747"1 
Ralph McTell

A: Streets Of London
B: Summer Lightning
Reprise UKK 14380Nov 19747"78.4
Ralph McTell

A: El Progresso
B: Grande Affaire
Warner Bros. UKK 1653725 Apr 19757"1 
Ralph McTell

A: Let Me Down Easy
B: Would I Lie To You
Warner Bros. UKK 1663324 Oct 19757"0 
Ralph McTell

A: Dreams Of You
B: Sweet Forgiveness (Seeds Of Heaven)
Warner Bros. UKK 1664821 Nov 19757"07.0
Ralph McTell

A: Weather The Storm
B: First Song
Warner Bros. UKK 1684319767"0 
Ralph McTell

A: From Clare To Here
B: Promises
Warner Bros. UKK 1758419777"0 
Ralph McTell

A: Naomi
B: Tequila Sunset
Warner Bros. UKK 1688411 Feb 19777"1 
Ralph McTell

Ralph, Albert & Sidney

A1: Maginot Waltz
A2: Winnie's Rag
B1: Streets Of London
B2: Sweet Mystery
Warner Bros. UKK 1700816 Sep 1977EP0 
Ralph McTell

A: Heroes And Villains
B: Sweet Girl On My Mind
Warner Bros. UKK1727417 Nov 19787"0 
Ralph McTell

A: Love Grows
B: Banjo Man
Warner Bros. UKK 1730426 Jan 19797"0 
Ralph McTell

A: Streets Of London
B: Summer Lightning
Reprise UKK 1438019807"1 
Ralph McTell

A: England
B: Grey Sea Strand (Live Belfast 1980)
Mays UKING 1Jul 19817"0 
Ralph McTell

A: England
B: Grey Sea Strand
EMI UKEMI 5315Jun 19827"08.0
Ralph McTell

Songs From Alphabet Zoo

A1: Kenny The Kangaroo
A2: Holly The Hedgehog
B1: Camilla The Camel
B2: Nellie The Newt
Mays UKING 3Dec 1982EP3 
Ralph McTell

A: Kenny The Kangaroo
B: The Parrot Song
Mays UKING 4Jun 19837"1 
Ralph McTell

A: Stranger To The Seasons
B: Mr. Connaughton
Mays UKING 7Oct 19837"0 
Ralph McTell

A: The Wind In The Willows Theme

Members Of The Hallé Orchestra Conducted By Brian Ibbetson

B: The Open Road
Red Bus UKRBUS 94May 19847"1 
Ralph McTell

A: The Winners Song
B: Geordie's On The Road
Mays UKING 11Nov 19847"0 
Billy Connolly

A: Super Gran

Billy Connolly And Ralph McTell

B: Yootha's Song
Stiff UKBUY 218Feb 19857"2 
Noel Murphy

A1: Murphy And The Bricks

Ralph McTell

B1: Kenny The Kangaroo Introduction
B2: Kenny The Kangaroo
Funny UKSTACK 119907"2 

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