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Red Sovine - Discography

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  USA  80
  Australia  6
  Canada  5
  UK  5
  Netherlands  3
  New Zealand  2
All Records  101
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Red Sovine

A: Outlaw
B: Which One Should I Choose
Decca USA9-2933519547"0 
Red Sovine

A: Don't Drop It
B: Don't Be The One
Decca USA9-29211Jul 19547"0 
Goldie Hill - Red Sovine

A: Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)

Red Sovine - Goldie Hill

B: Are You Mine
Decca USA9-29411Jan 19557"1 
Red Sovine

A: I Hope You Don't Care
B: I'm Glad You Found A Place For Me
Decca USA9-29529Jun 19557"0 
Red Sovine And Webb Pierce

A: Why Baby Why

Red Sovine

B: Sixteen Tons
Decca USA9-29739Nov 19557"1 
Red Sovine And Webb Pierce

A: Why Baby Why

Red Sovine

B: Missing You
Decca USA9-29755Dec 19557"0 
Red Sovine

A: Poor Man's Riches
B: Down On The Corner Of Love
Decca USA9-3016219567"0 
Red Sovine

Red Sovine Vol. 1

A1: If You'll Be A Baby (To Me)
A2: Don't Worry
B1: The Intoxicated Rat
B2: Till Today
MGM USAX13671956EP0 
Red Sovine

Red Sovine Vol. 2

A1: It'd Surprise You
A2: Billy Goat Boogie
B1: I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key)
B2: Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
MGM USAX13681956EP0 
Red Sovine

A: If Jesus Came To Your House
B: I Got Religion (The Old Time Way)
Decca USA9-29825Feb 19567"0 
Red Sovine And Webb Pierce

A: Little Rosa

Red Sovine

B: Hold Everything (Till I Get Home)
Decca USA9-29876Mar 19567"3 
Red Sovine

A: My Little Rat
B: Best Years Of Your Life
Decca USA9-30018Jul 19567"5 
Red Sovine

A: Juke Joint Johnny
B: No Thanks Bartender
Decca USA9-30239Mar 19577"2 
Red Sovine

A: Wrong
B: Who Knows Better Than You And I
Decca USA9-30458Aug 19577"0 
Red Sovine

A: Where Will Mommie Go
B: Courtin' Time In Tennessee
Decca USA9-30715Aug 19587"0 
Red Sovine And The Gadabouts

A: A Lot Like You
B: Oooh How I Love You
Decca USA9-31028Nov 19597"1 
Red Sovine

A: One Is A Lonely Number
B: Burna The School
Starday USA45-510Jul 19607"0 
Red Sovine

A: No Money In This Deal
B: If I Could Come Back
Starday USA45-521Nov 19607"0 
Red Sovine

A: The Cajun Queen
B: Big Dreams
RCA Victor USA47-7981Jan 19627"1 
Red Sovine

A: East Of West Berlin
B: Thanks For Nothing
Starday USA579Feb 19627"0 
Red Sovine

A: She Can't Read My Writing
B: Rose Of Love
Starday USA598Jul 19627"0 
Red Sovine

A: Waltzing With Sin
B: I Forgot To Keep Her With Me
Starday USA632Jul 19637"0 
Red Sovine

A: King Of The Open Road
B: Dream House For Sale
Starday USA650Nov 19637"2 
Red Sovine

A: Hiding Out
B: Big Old Ugly Fool
RIC [Nashville] USAS 131-64Oct 19647"0 
Wayne Walker, Ruby Wright, Mel Tillis

A: A Medley From The RIC Album “43 Country Hits"

Ruby Wright, Red Sovine, Mel Tillis

B: A Medley From The RIC Album “43 Country Hits"
RIC [Nashville] USAS-143Nov 1964Promo Only 7"0 
Red Sovine

A: Losing My Grip
B: The Star Of The Show (Won't Be On Tonight)
RIC [Nashville] USAS-15419657"0 
Red Sovine

A: Giddyup Go
B: Kiss And The Keys
Starday USA737Oct 19657"2 
Red Sovine

A: He'll Have To Go
B: I'll Step Aside
Starday USA703719667"0 
Red Sovine

Giddyup Go

A1: I'll Step Aside
A2: I'm The Man
A3: Giddyup Go
B1: More From Habit Than Desire
B2: The Last Foxhole
B3: I Think I Can Sleep Tonight
Starday USASJB-3631966EP0 
Red Sovine

A: You Used To Be My Baby
B: Leave Me Alone
Decca USA31903Feb 19667"0 
Red Sovine

A: Long Night
B: Too Much
Starday USA757Mar 19667"1 
Red Sovine

A: I'm The Man
B: I Think I Can Sleep Tonight
Starday USA766May 19667"0 
Minnie Pearl And Red Sovine

A: Nobody's Business
B: Alabam
Starday USA774Aug 19667"0 
Red Sovine

A: Class Of '49
B: I Hope My Wife Don't Find Out
Starday USA779Sep 19667"4 
Johnny Bond And Red Sovine With The Giddyup Go Boys

A: The Gear Jammer And The Hobo

The Giddyup Go Boys Featuring Joe “Red” Hayes And Little Hank Singer

B: Sweet Nellie
Starday USA790Dec 19667"2 
Red Sovine

A: Not Like It Was With You
B: Tell Maude I Slipped
Starday USA82319677"0 
Red Sovine

A: I Didn't Jump The Fence
B: Don't Let My Glass Run Dry
Starday USA794Jan 19677"1 
Red Sovine

A: Phantom 309
B: In Your Heart
Starday USA811May 19677"18.0
Red Sovine

A: Loser Making Good
B: Good Enough For Nothing
Starday USA842Jun 19687"0 
Red Sovine

A: The Pledge Of Allegiance
B: I Know You're Not An Angel
Starday USA45-86719697"0 
Red Sovine

A: Whiskey Flavored Kisses
B: Blues Stay Away From Me
Starday USA45-864Apr 19697"0 
Red Sovine

A: Who Am I
B: Three Hearts In A Tangle
Starday USA45-872Jul 19697"0 
Red Sovine

A: Truck Driver's Prayer
B: Chairman Of The Board
Starday USA45-882Oct 19697"0 
Red Sovine And Lois Williams

A: Castle Of Shame
B: Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
Starday USA45-885Dec 19697"0 
Red Sovine

A: I Know You're Married But I Love You Still
B: Money, Marbles And Chalk
Starday USA45-889Feb 19707"0 
Red Sovine

A: Freightliner Fever
B: Mr. Sunday Sun
Starday USA45-896Jun 19707"09.0
Red Sovine

A: Happy Birthday, My Darlin'
B: I'll Sail My Ship Alone
Starday USA45-93319717"0 
Red Sovine

A: Violets Blue
B: Get In Touch
Starday USA45-926Mar 19717"0 
Red Sovine

A: The Old Pine Tree
B: Two Hearts On A Post Card
Chart USACH-51428 Sep 19717"0 
Red Sovine

A: Go Hide John
B: Tear Stained Guitar
Starday USA45-96019727"0 

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