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Rick Nelson - Discography

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  USA  120
  UK  75
  Australia  47
  Germany  37
  Netherlands  27
  New Zealand  26
  Canada  16
  Norway  11
  Sweden  11
  Denmark  10
  Israel  9
  Japan  8
  France  7
  Hong Kong  5
  South Africa  2
  Finland  1
  Italy  1
  Thailand  1
All Records  414
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Ricky Nelson

A: I'm Walkin'
B: A Teenager's Romance
Verve USAV-10047X45Apr 19577"3 
Ricky Nelson

A1: A Teenagers Romance
A2: I'm Walkin'
B1: You're My One And Only Love

Barney Kessel

B2: Honey Rock
Verve USAEPV-5048Aug 1957EP0 
Ricky Nelson

A: You're My One And Only Love

Barney Kessel

B: Honey Rock
Verve USAV-10070X45Aug 19577"610.0
Ricky Nelson

A: Be-Bop Baby
B: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
Imperial USA5463Sep 19577"410.0
Ricky Nelson


A1: Honeycomb
A2: Boppin' The Blues
B1: Be-Bop Baby
B2: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Imperial USAIMP-153Oct 1957EP1 
Ricky Nelson

If You Can't Rock Me

A1: Teenage Doll
A2: If You Can't Rock Me
B1: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
B2: Baby I'm Sorry
Imperial USAIMP-154Oct 1957EP0 
Ricky Nelson

True Love

A1: Am I Blue
A2: I'm Confessing
B1: Your True Love
B2: True Love
Imperial USAIMP-155Oct 1957EP0 
Ricky Nelson

A: Stood Up
B: Waitin' In School
Imperial USA5483Dec 19577"610.0
Ricky Nelson

A: Believe What You Say
B: My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Imperial USA5503Mar 19587"210.0
Ricky Nelson

A: Poor Little Fool
B: Don't Leave Me This Way
Imperial USAX5528Jun 19587"29.3
Ricky Nelson


A1: Shirley Lee
A2: There's Good Rockin' Tonight
B1: Someday
B2: I'm Feelin' Sorry
Imperial USAIMP-156Jul 1958EP1 
Ricky Nelson

Down The Line

A1: Down The Line
A2: Don't Leave Me This Way
B1: I'm In Love Again
B2: My Babe
Imperial USAIMP-157Jul 1958EP2 
Ricky Nelson

Unchained Melody

A1: Unchained Melody
A2: I'll Walk Alone
B1: There Goes My Baby
B2: Poor Little Fool
Imperial USAIMP-158Jul 1958EP1 
Ricky Nelson

A: I Got A Feeling
B: Lonesome Town
Imperial USAX5545Aug 19587"49.0
Ricky Nelson

Ricky Sings Again / Be True To Me

A1: Be True To Me
A2: One Of These Mornings
B1: Lonesome Town
B2: It´s Late
Imperial USAIMP-159Jan 1959EP0 
Ricky Nelson

Ricky Sings Again / Restless Kid

A1: Restless Kid
A2: Believe What You Say
B1: Its All In The Game
B2: You Tear Me Up
Imperial USAIMP-160Jan 1959EP110.0
Ricky Nelson

Ricky Sings Again / Old Enough To Love

A1: Old Enough To Love
A2: Tryin' To Get To You
B1: Never Be Anyone Else But You
B2: I Can't Help It
Imperial USAIMP-161Jan 1959EP0 
Ricky Nelson

A: Never Be Anyone Else But You
B: It's Late
Imperial USAX5565Feb 19597"6 
Ricky Nelson

A: Just A Little Too Much
B: Sweeter Than You
Imperial USAX5595Jun 19597"69.0
Ricky Nelson

Songs By Ricky, You'll Never Know What You're Missing

A1: You'll Never Know What You're Missin'
A2: I've Been Thinkin'
B1: So Long
B2: You're So Fine
Imperial USAIMP-162Sep 1959EP0 
Ricky Nelson

Songs By Ricky: One Minute To One

A1: One Minute To One
A2: Blood From A Stone
B1: Half Breed
B2: Just A Little Too Much
Imperial USAIMP-163Sep 1959EP3 
Ricky Nelson

Songs By Ricky: Don't Leave Me

A1: Don't Leave Me
A2: That's All
B1: A Long Vacation
B2: Sweeter Than You
Imperial USAIMP-164Sep 1959EP0 
Ricky Nelson

A: I Wanna Be Loved
B: Mighty Good
Imperial USA5614Nov 19597"2 
Ricky Nelson

Ricky Sings Spirituals

A1: Glory Train
A2: I Bowed My Head In Shame
B1: If You Believe It
B2: March With The Band Of The Lord
Imperial USAIMP-165Feb 1960EP3 
Ricky Nelson

A: Young Emotions
B: Right By My Side
Imperial USA5663Apr 19607"09.0
Ricky Nelson

A: I'm Not Afraid
B: Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Imperial USAX5685Aug 19607"59.0
Ricky Nelson

A: You Are The Only One
B: Milk Cow Blues
Imperial USAX5707Dec 19607"1 
Ricky Nelson

A: Travelin' Man
B: Hello Mary Lou
Imperial USAX5741Apr 19617"410.0
Rick Nelson

A: A Wonder Like You
B: Everlovin'
Imperial USAX5770Sep 19617"310.0
Rick Nelson

A: Young World
B: Summertime
Imperial USA5805Feb 19627"2 
Rick Nelson

A: Teen Age Idol
B: I've Got My Eyes On You (And I Like What I See)
Imperial USA5864Aug 19627"29.5
Rick Nelson

A: It's Up To You
B: I Need You
Imperial USA5901Nov 19627"4 
Rick Nelson

A: That's All
B: I'm In Love Again
Imperial USA5910Feb 19637"2 
Rick Nelson

A: You Don't Love Me Anymore (And I Can Tell)
B: I Got A Woman
Decca USA31475Mar 19637"2 
Rick Nelson

A: Old Enough To Love
B: If You Can't Rock Me
Imperial USA5935Apr 19637"1 
Rick Nelson

A: Let's Talk The Whole Thing Over
B: I Got A Woman
Decca USA7-34196Apr 19637"2 
Rick Nelson

A: Gypsy Woman
B: String Along
Decca USA31495May 19637"210.0
Rick Nelson

A: A Long Vacation
B: Mad Mad World
Imperial USA5958Jun 19637"1 
Rick Nelson

A: There's Not A Minute
B: Time After Time
Imperial USA5985Aug 19637"1 
Rick Nelson

A: Fools Rush In
B: Down Home
Decca USA31533Sep 19637"18.5
Rick Nelson

A: Today's Teardrops
B: Thank You Darlin'
Imperial USA66004Sep 19637"07.5
Rick Nelson

A: For You
B: That's All She Wrote
Decca USA31574Dec 19637"38.5
Rick Nelson

A: Congratulations
B: One Minute To One
Imperial USA66017Feb 19647"1 
Rick Nelson

A: The Very Thought Of You
B: I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me)
Decca USA31612Apr 19647"3 
Rick Nelson

A: Lucky Star
B: Everybody But Me
Imperial USA66039May 19647"0 
Rick Nelson

A: There's Nothing I Can Say
B: Lonely Corner
Decca USA31656Aug 19647"09.5
Rick Nelson

A: A Happy Guy
B: Don't Breathe A Word
Decca USA31703Nov 19647"0 
Rick Nelson

A: It's Late
B: Never Be Anyone Else But You
Imperial Golden Series USA03119657"1 
Rick Nelson

Best Always, Rick Nelson

A1: I'm Not Ready For You Yet
A2: Lonely Corner
A3: Mean Old World
B1: I Know A Place
B2: It's Beginning To Hurt
B3: When The Chips Are Down
Decca USA7-343191965EP0 
Rick Nelson

A: Mean Old World
B: When The Chips Are Down
Decca USA31756Mar 19657"2 

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