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Riot/Clone - Discography

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There's No Government Like NO GOVERNMENT

A1: Death To Humanity
A2: Bottled Oi
B1: Neu-Vastation
B2: Work
Riot/Clone UKRC 0011982EP1 

Destroy The Myth Of Musical Destruction

A1: Lucrative Lies
A2: Sick Games
B1: H-Block
B2: Stereotypes
Riot/Clone UKRCR 0021982EP0 

Blood On Your Hands?

A1: Why Do You Have To Eat Me?
B1: Running
B2: Society (live)
Riot/Clone UKRCR 00419837"0 

Acts Of Floccinaucinihilipilification

A1: Collapse (It's On It's Way)
B1: H-Block (Work Or Die)
B2: Alanis, Look And Learn
Catchphraze UK2000Unreleased0 

Mad Sheep Disease

A1: Non Plus Bellum
A2: Not With A Whimper
B1: Flight 77
B2: Ashford
Alternative USAAR 00220047"0 

Appears On

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Bare Faced Hypocrisy... ...Sells Records


A1: Chumbawanka

Anxiety Society

A2: Always Tell The Punter

Oi Polloi

B1: Shhh-it

The Bus Station Loonies

B2: Give Me Charlie Harper
Ruptured Ambitions UKPROPA-GIT 519987"1 

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