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Rod McKuen - Discography

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  USA  29
  UK  21
  Netherlands  8
  Australia  5
  New Zealand  3
  France  2
  Canada  1
  Germany  1
  Japan  1
  Rhodesia  1
  Spain  1
All Records  73
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Rod McKuen

A: Jaydee
B: Happy Is A Boy Named Me
Liberty USA55034Oct 19567"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Two Brothers
B: Jump Up (In A Field Of Clover)
Decca USA9-30660May 19587"0 
Bob McFadden And Dor

A: Frankie And Igor At A Rock And Roll Party
B: The Children Cross The Bridge / Colonel Bogey March
Brunswick USA55120Mar 19597"0 
Bob McFadden And Dor

A: The Mummy
B: The Beat Generation
Brunswick USA9-55140Jul 19597"810.0
Dor And The Confederates

A: The 4-D Man
B: The South Shall Rise Again
Brunswick USA9-55159Nov 19597"3 
Rod McKuen

A: I Walk A Little Faster
B: Time After Time
Decca USA9-31081Feb 19607"0 
Rod McKuen

A: In A Lonely Place
B: Marie, Marie
Kapp USAK-366 X19617"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Oliver Twist Meets The Duke Of Oil
B: Steel Men
Jubilee USA45-542019627"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Oliver Twist
B: Celebrity Twist
Spiral [New York] USA1407Jan 19627"4 
Rod McKuen

A: Miss American Teen-Ager
B: I Dig Her Wig
Spiral [New York] USA1408Jun 19627"1 
Rod McKuen

A: Ballad Of Hollywood
B: Hi Lonesome!
A&M USA712Jun 19637"1 
Rod McKuen

A: Some Trust In Chariots
B: So Long San Francisco
RCA Victor USA47-877219657"0 
Glenn Yarbrough

A: A Hand To Hold At Christmas

Rod McKuen

B: Simple Gifts
Stanyan Music Co. USAST34-119657"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Summer In My Eye
B: So Many Others
RCA Victor USA47-8613Jun 19657"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Listen To The Warm
B: A Cat Named Sloopy
RCA Victor USA47-937619677"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Baby Be My Love
B: The Ever Constant Sea
RCA Victor USA47-9139Mar 19677"5 
Rod McKuen

Lonesome Cities

A1: A Personal Message From Rod McKuen
B1: The Language Of Hello
B2: Concerto For Four Hands
B3: Boat Ride
Warner Bros. USAPRO 298Nov 1968Promo Only 7"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Mr. Kelly/Mr. Kelly And Me [Mono]
B: Mr. Kelly/Mr. Kelly And Me [Stereo]
Warner Bros. USAPRO 3861969Promo Only 7"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Kaleidoscope
B: Ivy That Clings To The Wall
Warner Bros. USA7259Jan 19697"0 
Rod McKuen

A: The Time It Takes To Love You
B: The Things Men Do
Warner Bros. USA7332Sep 19697"0 
Rod McKuen

A: I Think It's Going To Rain Today
B: London
Warner Bros. USA7389Apr 19707"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Pastures Green (Theme From Scandalous John)
B: Theme From Scandalous John (Pastures Green)
Buena Vista USAF-48219717"1 
Rod McKuen

A: The Carols Of Christmas
B: So My Sheep May Safely Graze
Warner Bros. USA7542Dec 19717"0 
Rod McKuen

A: The Time To Sing My Song
B: The Minute-thirty-second Waltz
Warner Bros. USAWB 7620Aug 19727"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Guess I'd Rather Be In Colorado
B: And To Each Season (Part II)
Warner Bros. USAWB 7636Oct 19727"0 
Rod McKuen

A: Seasons In The Sun [Mono]
B: Seasons In The Sun [Stereo]
Buddah USABDA 4011973Promo Only 7"1 
Rod McKuen With The Stanyan Strings

A: The World I Used To Know

Rod McKuen With The Stanyan Rhythm Section

B: Good For Nothin' Bill
Warner Bros. USAWB 7699Apr 19737"0 
Rod McKuen With The Stanyan Strings

A: We
ABC Record And Tape Sales Corp. USA#161976Flexi0 
Rod McKuen

A: Advice To Folksingers
B: There's A Hoot Tonight
Horizon [dist. Vee Jay] USA37"0 

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