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Ronnie Carroll - Discography

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  UK  32
  Australia  2
  New Zealand  2
  Norway  2
  Canada  1
  Finland  1
  France  1
  Germany  1
  Ireland  1
  Netherlands  1
  USA  1
All Records  45
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Ronnie Carroll

Ronnie Carroll

A1: Sweet Heartaches
A2: Walk Hand In Hand
B1: Last Love
B2: This Same Heart
Philips UKBBE 120741957EP0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Desire Me (Embrasse-Moi, Oh Mon Amour)
B: Each Little Thing That Happens
Philips UKPB 841Jun 19587"1 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Women In Love
B: Dormi-Dormi-Dormi
Philips UKPB 856Sep 19587"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Walk With Faith In Your Heart
B: Sweet Music
Philips UKPB 904Feb 19597"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: The Wonder Of You
B: Wonderful You
Philips UKPB 944Jul 19597"0 
Ronnie Carroll With Wally Stott And His Orchestra And Chorus

A: I Must Have Done Something Wonderful
B: Someone Somewhere
Philips UKPB 973Nov 19597"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Footsteps
B: Where Walks My True Love
Philips UKPB 1004Mar 19607"1 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Chain Gang
B: (You've Got To) Move Two Mountains
Philips UKPB 1060Sep 19607"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Runaway
B: That's When You'll Know
Philips UKPB 1112Feb 19617"3 
Ronnie Carroll

A: My Own
B: Try Again
Philips UKPB 1143Apr 19617"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Ring-A-Ding Girl
B: The Girls In Their Summer Dresses
Philips UKPB 1222Feb 19627"18.0
Ronnie Carroll

A: Roses Are Red (My Love)
B: Wishing Star
Philips UK326532 BFJul 19627"18.0
Ronnie Carroll

A: If Only Tomorrow (Could Be Like Today)
B: Think Of Her
Philips UK326550 BFNov 19627"28.0
Ronnie Carroll

Roses Are Red

A1: Wishing Star
A2: Roses Are Red (My Love)
B1: Ring-A-Ding Girl
B2: The Girls In Their Summer Dresses
Philips UK433 630 BENov 1962EP1 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Say Wonderful Things
B: Please Tell Me Your Name
Philips UK326574 BFFeb 19637"34.0
Ronnie Carroll

A: Mary Rose
B: Speak Once
Philips UKBF 1262Aug 19637"19.0
Ronnie Carroll

A: I Am
B: When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
Philips UKBF 12881 Nov 19637"05.0
Ronnie Carroll

A: Tell Me All About It
B: Where Are You
Philips UKBF 13291 May 19647"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Tears And Roses
B: About You
Philips UKBF 1343Jun 19647"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Clinging Vine
B: The Shifting Sands Of Time
Philips UKBF 13594 Sep 19647"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Dear Heart
B: We Almost Made It
Philips UKBF 1386Jan 19657"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Without Love
B: Endlessly
Philips UKBF 1426Aug 19657"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Wait For Me
B: Tomorrow
Philips UKBF 14796 May 19667"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: The Minstrel Boy
B: Tower Tall
Philips UKBF 1549Feb 19677"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: All I Need
B: The Hawkmoth And The Flame
Philips UKBF 1583Jun 19677"1 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Time
B: Loving
Philips UKBF 1623Nov 19677"0 
Ronnie Carroll

A: Lonely Afternoon
B: Wait Until Dark
Philips UKBF 1720Nov 19687"1 
Ronnie Carroll

A: My Heart Cries For You
B: Nothing To Lose
Philips UKBF 1767Apr 19697"0 

Appears On

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The Big Four No 3

Shirley Bassey

A1: The Wayward Wind

Ronnie Carroll

A2: Walk Hand In Hand

Anne Shelton

B1: Daydreams

David Hughes

B2: By The Fountains Of Rome
Philips UKBBE 12088Sep 1956EP1 
The Big Four No. 5

Shirley Bassey

A1: The Banana Boat Song

Frankie Vaughan

A2: The Garden Of Eden

Ronnie Carroll

B1: The Wisdom Of A Fool

Anne Shelton

B2: Give Her My Love (When You Meet Her)
Philips UKBBE 12114Apr 1957EP07.0
The Big Four No. 6

The Kaye Sisters

A1: Dark Moon

Ronnie Carroll

A2: Around The World

Frankie Vaughan

B1: Cold, Cold Shower

Shirley Bassey

B2: Fire Down Below
Philips UKBBE 12139Sep 1957EP0 
Spring Fever

The Polka Dots!

A1: Spring, Spring, Spring

Ronnie Carroll

A2: It Might As Well Be Spring

Robert Earl

B1: Paris In The Spring

Anne Shelton

B2: Come Next Spring
Philips UKBBE 125261962EP0 

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