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Roy Drusky - Discography

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b. June 22, 1930 Atlanta, GA
d. Sep 23, 2004
  USA  49
  UK  7
  Canada  3
  Netherlands  2
  New Zealand  1
All Records  62
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Roy Drusky

A: Come On Back And Love Me
B: What Am I Worth
Columbia USA4-21478Dec 19557"0 
Roy Drusky

A: I Just Can't Help My Lovin' You
B: So In Love Again
Columbia USA4-21516Apr 19567"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Just About That Time
B: Wait And See
Decca USA9-30793Dec 19587"0 
Roy Drusky

A: I'm So Helpless
B: Anymore
Decca USA9-31109Jun 19607"0 
Kitty Wells And Roy Drusky

A: I Can't Tell My Heart That
B: When Do You Love Me
Decca USA9-31164Oct 19607"0 
Roy Drusky

A1: Three Hearts In A Tangle
A2: Anymore
B1: Wait And See
B2: Such A Fool
Decca USAED 27011961EP0 
Roy Drusky

A: Three Hearts In A Tangle
B: I'd Rather Loan You Out
Decca USA31193Jan 19617"0 
Roy Drusky

A: I Went Out Of My Way
B: I've Got Some
Decca USA31297Aug 19617"0 
Roy Drusky

A: After You Turn Out The Light
B: I'm Not Getting Over You
Decca USA31411Jul 19627"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Second Hand Rose
B: It Worries Me
Decca USA31443Nov 19627"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Tender Years
B: It Was Fun While It Lasted
Mercury USAC-710119637"1 
Roy Drusky

A: She Never Cried When She Was Mine
B: Divided Love
Decca USA31486Apr 19637"1 
Roy Drusky

A: Peel Me A Nanner
B: The Room Across The Hall
Mercury USA72204Nov 19637"1 
Roy Drusky

A: All For The Love Of A Girl
B: So Much Got Lost
Mercury USA72335Sep 19647"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Summer, Winter, Spring And Fall
B: Almost Can't
Decca USA31717Dec 19647"0 
Roy Drusky And Priscilla Mitchell

A: Yes, Mr. Peters
B: More Than We Deserve
Mercury USA7241619657"0 
Roy Drusky

A: (From Now On All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers
B: Birmingham Jail
Mercury USA72376Jan 19657"0 
Roy Drusky

A: White Lightnin' Express
B: Lonely Thing Called Me
Mercury USA72471Aug 19657"1 
Roy Drusky And Priscilla Mitchell

A: Trouble On Our Line
B: Slippin' Around
Mercury USA72497Oct 19657"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Rainbows And Roses
B: A Thing Called Sadness
Mercury USA72532Jan 19667"0 
Roy Drusky

A: The World Is Round
B: Unless You Make Him Set You Free
Mercury USA72586Jun 19667"1 
Roy Drusky And Priscilla Mitchell

A: I'll Never Tell On You
B: Bed Of Roses
Mercury USA72650Jan 19677"0 
Roy Drusky

A: New Lips
B: Now
Mercury USA72689May 19677"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Weakness In A Man
B: I've Got A Right To The Blues
Mercury USA72742Oct 19677"1 
Roy Drusky

A: You Better Sit Down Kids
B: Let's Put Our World Back Together
Mercury USA72784Mar 19687"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Jody And The Kid
B: Your Little Deeds Of Kindness (And Your Little Words Of Love)
Mercury USA72823Jul 19687"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Memphis Morning
B: I Wouldn't Be Alone
Mercury USA72865Nov 19687"0 
Roy Drusky

A: My Grass Is Green
B: Alone With You
Mercury USA72928May 19697"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Such A Fool
B: All Over My Mind
Mercury USA72964Sep 19697"0 
Roy Drusky

A: I'll Make Amends
B: Our Everlasting Love Has Died
Mercury USA73007Dec 19697"0 
Roy Drusky

A: I Love The Way That You've Been Lovin' Me
B: (My Love For You Goes) On And On And On
Mercury USA7317819707"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Long Long Texas Road
B: Emotion - Devotion
Mercury USA73056Apr 19707"0 
Roy Drusky

A: All My Hard Times
B: At Times Everybody's Blind
Mercury USA73111Sep 19707"0 
Roy Drusky

A: All My Hard Times [Mono Version]
B: All My Hard Times [Stereo Version]
Mercury USADJ-269Sep 1970Promo Only 7"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Red Red Wine
B: Without You Baby
Mercury USA73252Nov 19717"1 
Roy Drusky

A: The Last Time I Called Somebody Darlin'
B: A Long Way Back To Love
Mercury USA73314Jul 19727"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Satisfied Mind
B: I'll Take Care Of You
Mercury USA73405Jul 19737"0 
Roy Drusky

A: The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
B: I'm Knee Deep In Loving You
Capitol USA402819747"1 
Roy Drusky

A: Dixie Lily
B: Dixie Lily
Capitol USAP-3942Aug 1974Promo Only 7"0 
Roy Drusky

A: The Battle For Daddy's Soul
B: Never Before
Capitol USAP-4281Jun 19767"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Night Flying
B: Lifetime In A Week
Scorpion [Nashville] USASC 0521Dec 19767"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Lovers, Friends And Strangers
B: Five String Hero
Scorpion [Nashville] USASC 052719777"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Betty's Song
B: Naked Truth
Scorpion [Nashville] USASC 0540Jul 19777"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Don't Touch Me
B: I Used To Be A Cowboy
Scorpion [Nashville] USAGRT-15419787"0 
Roy Drusky

A: Another
B: The Same Corner
Decca USA9-310247"0 
Roy Drusky And Priscilla Mitchell

A: Yes, Mr. Peters
B: Slippin' Around
Mercury Celebrity Country Series USACC-350107"0 

Appears On

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C&W Special

Roy Drusky

A1: Burning Bridges

Leon McAuliff And His Cimarron Boys

A2: I'll Fly Away

Darrell McCall

B1: Don't Wait Till Tomorrow

Johnny Horton

B2: Out In New Mexico
SESAC Repertory Recording USAAD-821963EP0 
The Original Hit Performances! All-Time Country And Western, Volume V

Bobby Helms

A1: My Special Angel

Jimmie Davis

A2: Taller Than Trees

Roy Drusky

A3: Another

Bill Anderson

B1: Still

Bill Monroe And His Blue Grass Boys

B2: Footprints In The Snow

Ernest Tubb

B3: Slipping Around
Decca USA7-342501964EP2 
Eddy Arnold

A1: Turn The World Around

Duane Dee

A2: Before The Next Teardrop Falls

Margaret Whiting

B1: Almost Called Your Name

Roy Drusky

B2: If The World Stopped Lovin'
SSS [Shelby Singleton] USAPromo Only 7"0 

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