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Roy Hamilton - Discography

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  USA  69
  UK  15
  Canada  3
  Australia  2
  New Zealand  2
  France  1
  Ireland  1
  Netherlands  1
  Bootleg  1
All Records  95
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Roy Hamilton

You'll Never Walk Alone

A1: You'll Never Walk Alone
A2: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
B1: If I Loved You
B2: So Let There Be Love
Epic USAEG 70651954EP1 
Roy Hamilton

A: You'll Never Walk Alone
B: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
Epic USA5-90154 Jan 19547"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: If I Loved You
B: So Let There Be Love
Epic USA5-90473 May 19547"6 
Roy Hamilton

A: Ebb Tide
B: Beware
Epic USA5-90689 Aug 19547"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: Hurt
B: Star Of Love
Epic USA5-90868 Nov 19547"1 
Roy Hamilton

A1: Ebb Tide
A2: Beware
B1: If You Are But A Dreamer
B2: From Here To Eternity
Epic USAEG-70791955EP0 
Roy Hamilton

A1: Everybody's Got A Home
A2: Take Me With You
B1: Misty Valley
B2: All This Is Mine
Epic USAEG 71591955EP0 
Roy Hamilton

A: I Believe
B: If You Are But A Dream
Epic USA5-909224 Jan 19557"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Unchained Melody
B: From Here To Eternity
Epic USA5-910221 Mar 19557"110.0
Roy Hamilton

A: Forgive This Fool
B: You Wanted To Change Me
Epic USA5-911120 Jun 19557"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: A Little Voice
B: All This Is Mine (To Have And To Hold)
Epic USA5-911829 Aug 19557"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Cuban Love Song
B: Without A Song
Epic USA5-912524 Oct 19557"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Everybody's Got A Home
B: Take Me With You
Epic USA5-913221 Nov 19557"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Walk Along With Kings
B: There Goes My Heart
Epic USA5-91476 Feb 19567"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Somebody Somewhere
B: Since I Fell For You
Epic USA5-916027 Aug 19567"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: I Took My Grief To Him
B: Chained
Epic USA5-918027 Aug 19567"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: A Simple Prayer
B: A Mother's Love
Epic USA5-92034 Feb 19577"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: My Faith, My Hope, My Love
B: So Long
Epic USA5-921225 Mar 19577"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: The Aisle
B: That Old Feeling
Epic USA5-922417 Jun 19577"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: Don't Let Go
B: The Right To Love
Epic USA5-92572 Dec 19577"89.5
Roy Hamilton

A: Crazy FeelinĀ“
B: In A Dream
Epic USA5-92687 Apr 19587"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Lips
B: Jungle Fever
Epic USA5-927426 May 19587"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Wait For Me
B: Everything
Epic USA5-928228 Jul 19587"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Pledging My Love
B: My One And Only Love
Epic USA5-929429 Sep 19587"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: It's Never Too Late
B: Somewhere Along The Way
Epic USA5-93015 Jan 19597"2 
Roy Hamilton

A: I Need Your Lovin'
B: Blue Prelude
Epic USA5-93072 Mar 19597"010.0
Roy Hamilton

A: Time Marches On
B: Take It Easy, Joe
Epic USA5-932322 Jun 19597"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: On My Way Back Home
B: A Great Romance
Epic USA5-934228 Sep 19597"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: The Ten Commandments
B: Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Epic USA5-935411 Jan 19607"4 
Roy Hamilton

A: The Ten Commandments
B: Down By The Riverside
Epic USA5-93541 Feb 19607"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: The Clock
B: I Get The Blues When It Rains
Epic USA5-939018 Apr 19607"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Never Let Me Go
B: A Lover's Prayer
Epic USA5-93984 Jul 19607"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Lonely Hands
B: Your Love
Epic USA5-94075 Sep 19607"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: You Can Have Her
B: Abide With Me
Epic USA5-94343 Jan 19617"37.0
Roy Hamilton

A: To The One I Love
B: You're Gonna Need Magic
Epic USA5-944310 Apr 19617"17.0
Roy Hamilton

A: No Substitute For Love
B: Please Louise
Epic USA5-94495 Jun 19617"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: There We Were
B: If
Epic USA5-946618 Aug 19617"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: I'll Never Be Free
B: Jungle Fever
Epic USAEA-218 Aug 1961Special Edition 7"78.0
Roy Hamilton

A: Don't Let Go
B: I'll Live True To You
Epic USAS 3046418 Aug 1961Special Edition 7"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Don't Come Cryin' To Me
B: If Only I Had Known
Epic USA5-949212 Jan 19627"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: I'll Come Running Back To You
B: Climb Every Mountain
Epic USA5-95208 Jun 19627"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: I Am
B: Earthquake
Epic USA5-953814 Sep 19627"18.0
Roy Hamilton

A: I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night
B: Angel Eyes
Epic USAS 7058615 Feb 1963Special Edition 7"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Let Go
B: You Still Love Him
MGM USAK 13138Apr 19637"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Midnight Town-Daybreak City
B: Intermezzo
MGM USAK13157Jul 19637"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: Don't Let Go
B: You'll Never Walk Alone
Memory Lane / Epic USA5-2201Aug 19637"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: You Can Have Her
B: Ebb Tide
Memory Lane / Epic USA5-2213Aug 19637"1 
Roy Hamilton

A: The Sinner (El Pecador)
B: Theme From "The V.I.P.s" (The Willow)
MGM USAK13175Oct 19637"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: The Panic Is On
B: There She Is
MGM USAK 13217Feb 19647"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Unchained Melody
B: Answer Me, My Love
MGM USAK 13247Jun 19647"0 

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