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Roy Head - Discography

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  USA  57
  UK  11
  Germany  4
  Australia  3
  New Zealand  3
  Canada  2
  France  2
  Iran  1
  Netherlands  1
  Portugal  1
  South Africa  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  87
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Roy Head And The Traits

A: One More Time
B: Don't Be Blue
TNT [Texas] USATNT-19419637"0 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: Teen-Age Letter
B: Pain
Back Beat USA54319647"0 
Roy - Sarah And The Traits

A: Get Back
B: You´ll Never Make Me Blue
Lori USANO. 955119647"1 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: Treat Her Right
B: So Long, My Love
Back Beat USA546Apr 19657"39.5
Roy Head

A: Just A Little Bit
B: Treat Me Right
Scepter USASCE 12116Oct 19657"2 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: Apple Of My Eye
B: I Pass The Day
Back Beat USA555Nov 19657"0 
Roy Head

A: Get Back (Vocal)
B: Get Back (Instrumental)
Scepter USASCE 12124Dec 19657"1 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: My Babe
B: Pain
Back Beat USA560Feb 19667"1 
Roy Head

A: Wigglin' And Gigglin'
B: Driving Wheel
Back Beat USA563May 19667"2 
Roy Head

A: To Make A Big Man Cry
B: Don't Cry No More
Back Beat USA571Nov 19667"0 
Roy Head

A: You´re (Almost) Tuff

The Roy Head Trio

B: Tush Hog
Back Beat USA576Jan 19677"1 
Roy Head

A: A Good Man Is Hard To Find
B: Nobody But Me (Tells My Eagle When To Fly)
Back Beat USA582May 19677"0 
Roy Head

A: Got Down On Saturday (Sunday In The Rain)
B: Then The Grass Was Green
Mercury USA72750Nov 19677"0 
Roy Head

A: Broadway Walk
B: Turn Out The Lights
Mercury USA72799May 19687"1 
Roy Head

A: Ain`t Goin` Down Right
B: Loven' Man On Your Hands
Mercury USA72848Sep 19687"1 
Roy Head

A: I Miss You Baby
B: I Want Some Action
Mercury USA72922May 19697"1 
Roy Head

A: Mama Mama
B: I'm Not A Fool Anymore
Dunhill USAD-4240Jun 19707"0 
Roy Head

A: Puff Of Smoke [Stereo]
B: Puff Of Smoke [Mono]
TMI USAZS7 9000Apr 1971Promo Only 7"0 
Roy Head

A: Puff Of Smoke
B: Lord Take A Bow
TMI USAZS7 9000Apr 19717"0 
Roy Head

A: Rock And Roll Mood
B: You Got The Power
TMI USA75- 010319727"0 
Roy Head

A: Bit By Bit
B: Wait Till I Arrive
TMI USAZS7 901019727"0 
Roy Head

A: Why Don't We Go Somwhere And Love
B: Smell-A-Woman
TMI USA75-0106May 19727"0 
Roy Head

A: Carol
B: Clyde O'Riley
TMI USA75-011319737"0 
Roy Head

A: Carol [Stereo]
B: Carol [Mono]
TMI USA75-01131973Promo Only 7"0 
Roy Head

A: Small Town Girl
B: Chug All Night
TMI USABTBO- 011119737"0 
Roy Head

A: Small Town Girl [Mono]
B: Small Town Girl [Stereo]
TMI USADJH0- 01111973Promo Only 7"0 
Roy Head

A: You Got The Power [Mono]
B: You Got The Power [Stereo]
TMI USASPS- 45-3081973Promo Only 7"0 
Roy Head

A: The Most Wanted Woman In Town
B: Gingers Breade Man
Shannon USASH 829Apr 19757"0 
Roy Head

A: Help Yourself To Me
B: To Make A Big Man Cry
Shannon USASH 833Jul 19757"0 
Roy Head

A: Help Yourself To Me
B: Help Yourself To Me
Shannon USASH 833Jul 1975Promo Only 7"0 
Roy Head

A: I'll Take It
B: The One That Got Away
Shannon USA838Oct 19757"0 
Roy Head

A: One Night
B: One Night
ABC Dot USADOA-17650Aug 19767"0 
Roy Head

A: One Night
B: Deep Elem Blues
ABC Dot USADOA-17650Sep 19767"0 
Roy Head

A: Angel With A Broken Wing
B: Just Because
ABC Dot USADOA-17669Dec 19767"0 
Roy Head

A: Julianne
B: Velvet Strings
ABC Dot USADO-17706May 19777"0 
Roy Head

A: Come To Me
B: Georgia On My Mind
ABC Dot USADO-17722Sep 19777"0 
Roy Head

A: Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't
B: Smooth Whiskey
ABC USAAB-12346Mar 19787"0 
Roy Head

A: Kiss And Make It Better
B: Do It Again
ABC USAAB-12462Mar 19797"0 
Roy Head

A: In Our Room
B: Things I Never Could Leave Behind
Elektra USAE-46549Oct 19797"0 
Roy Head

A: The Fire Of Two Old Flames
B: Under Suspicion
Elektra USAE-46582Dec 19797"0 
Roy Head

A: Long Drop
B: Gonna Save It For My Baby
Elektra USAE-46653Jun 19807"0 
Roy Head

A: Drinkin' Them Long Necks
B: Baby's Found Another Way To Love Me
Elektra USAE-47029Aug 19807"0 
Roy Head

A: I've Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Woman
B: All Night Long Is Gone
Elektra USAE-47081Nov 19807"0 
Roy Head

A: After Texas
B: California Day
Churchill [Midwest] USACR 777819817"0 
Roy Head

A: Play Another Gettin' Drunk And Take Somebody Home Song
B: Your Next One And Only
NSD USANSD 129Mar 19827"0 
Roy Head

A: The Trouble With Hearts
B: Naughty Smile
NSD USANSD 146Aug 19827"0 
Roy Head

A: Your Mama Don't Dance
B: Party Time
NSD USANSD 156Nov 19827"0 
Roy Head

A: Where Did He Go Right
B: Doctor's Orders
Avion USAAVS 10519837"0 
Roy Head

A: There Is Something On Your Mind (4:34)
B: There Is Something On Your Mind (4:12)
Atlantic America USA7-9952919867"0 
Roy Head

A: There Is Something On Your Mind (4:34)
B: Everything A Man Can Do (And I Love You)
Atlantic America USA7-9952919867"0 

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