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Roy Shirley - Discography

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  UK  60
  Jamaica  52
  USA  4
All Records  116
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Roy Shirley With Lynn Taitt And His Band

A: Hold Them
B: Be Good
Doctor Bird UKDB 106819667"1 
Roy Shirley

A: Paradise
B: Calling
Ska Beat UKJB 25319667"1 
Roy Shirley

A: I'm The Winner
B: Sleeping Beauty
Doctor Bird UKDB 107919677"08.0
Roy Shirley

A: The Prophet
B: What To Do
Doctor Bird UKDB 108819677"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Music Field

Lee Perry And The Dynamites

B: Trial And Crosses
Doctor Bird UKDB 109319677"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Get On The Ball

Johnny Moore [Jamaica]

B: Sound And Soul
Caltone UKTONE 101Sep 19677"09.0
Roy Shirley

A: The World Needs Love
B: Dance The A-Una
Amalgamated UKAMG 81519687"0 
Roy Shirley WIRL All Stars

A: Hush A Bye
B: Musical Dinner
Doctor Bird UKDB 116519687"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Dance The Raggay
B: Agreement
JJ UKDB 116819687"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Crying Time

The Caribbeats

B: Soul Special
Double D [Reggae] UKDD 11619687"19.0
Roy Shirley With Busters All-Stars

A: Golden Festival
B: Think About The Future
Fab UKFAB 5419687"28.7
Roy Shirley

A: Musical War
B: Soul Voice
Island UKWI 3071Jan 19687"0 
Stranger And Glady

A: Seeing Is Knowing

Roy Shirley

B: Music Is The Key
Amalgamated UKAMG 8068 Mar 19687"1 
Roy Shirley

A: Thank You
B: Touch Them
Island UKWI 30988 Mar 19687"0 
Sensations [Reggae]

A: Long Time No See You Girl

Roy Shirley

B: Million Dollar Baby
Island UKWI 311029 Mar 19687"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Warming Up The Scene

Glen Adams

B: Lonely Girl
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 33May 19687"7 
Roy Shirley

A: Dance Arena
B: The Musical Train
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3224 May 19687"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Move All Day
B: Rollin' Rollin'
Island UKWI 31087 Jun 19687"0 
Roy Shirley And The Uniques

A: Facts Of Life

Slim Smith

B: Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Island UKWI 311914 Jun 19687"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Fantastic Lover
B: Good Is Better Than Bad
Island UKWI 311821 Jun 19687"0 
Val Bennett

A: Jumping With Mr. Lee

Roy Shirley

B: Keep Your Eyes On The Road
Island UKWI 311312 Jul 19687"0 
Glen Adams

A: She's So Fine

Roy Shirley

B: Girlie
Island UKWI 312012 Jul 19687"0 
Roy Shirley

A: If I Did Know
B: Good Ambition
Island UKWI-312530 Aug 1968Unreleased5 
Val Bennett

A: Spanish Harlem

Roy Shirley

B: If I Did Know
Trojan UKTR 611Sep 19687"29.0
Untouchables [Jamaica]

A: Tighten Up

Roy Shirley

B: Good Ambition
Trojan UKTR 613Oct 19687"49.0
Roy Shirley

A: Life
B: I Like Your Smile
Duke UKDU 1819697"08.0
Roy Shirley

A: Hold Them One
B: Two Three Four
New Beat UKNB 09019717"29.0
Shirley And Charmers

A: Rum Rhythm

Lloyd Charmers

B: Rhythm (Version)
Bullet UKBU 50219727"3 
Altyman Reid

A: A Sugar

Roy Shirley

B: A Sugar Part 2
Green Door UKGD 402619727"19.0
Roy Shirley

A: Don't Be A Loser
B: Jamaican Girl
Punch UKPH 10319727"0 
Roy Shirley

A: A. Sugar

Altyman Reid

B: Part 2 Sugar
Punch UKPH 10819727"1 
Roy Shirley And The Champions

A: Welcome Home
B: What Am I Loving For
Arrow UKA 00119737"0 
Roy Shirley

A: This World
B: Return To Me
Count Shelly UKCS 00619737"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Send Them Home
B: The People You Are The Greatest
Count Shelly UKCS 01019737"0 
Roy Shirley And Peter Cambell

A: Jingle Bells

Earl George

B: High School Dance
Count Shelly UKCS 04119737"1 
Roy Shirley

A: Dancing Girl
B: Maggie Baggie
Count Shelly UKCS 4019737"0 
Roy Shirley

A: I Fancy You
B: Pretty Brown Eyes
Dip UKDL 500119737"25.0
Roy Shirley

A: Endlessly
B: Put Your Sweet Lips
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00219737"0 
Roy Shirley

A: When You're Young
B: Traitor
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01219737"0 
Denzil Dennis

A: Mama We're All Crazee Now

Roy Shirley

B: A Lady Is A Mans Best Friend
Pama Supreme UKPS 37519737"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Don't Destroy The World
B: Golden Festival
Leroy UKLYW 00119747"18.0
Roy Shirley

A: Ali And Joe In The Ring
B: Get Together
Comedy International Records UKCIR 0619757"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Stay By My Side
B: Its You I Love
Dip UKDL 505119757"0 
Roy Shirley

A: The Greatest Fight
B: Deejay Race
Dip UKDL 505219757"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Heart-Breaking Jepsey

Roy And JJ Orchestra

B: Version
R & JJ UKRJJ 10119757"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Heartbreaking Gypsy
B: Gypsy Version
Torpedo UKTOR 5819757"1 
Roy Shirley

A: Warm Love

Black Star Allstars

B: Loving Version
Black Star Music UKBSM 00119767"1 
Roy Shirley

A: Cryin' Time
B: Time To Dub
Trench Town UKTRE 1119767"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Rasta Love (Is The Greatest Love)
B: The Winner Part 1
Trench Town UKTRE 1319767"0 
Roy Shirley

A: La - La - La
B: La - La Version
Third World UKTW 03319767"0 

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