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Rusty Draper - Discography

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  USA  66
  Australia  24
  UK  18
  New Zealand  9
  Canada  7
  Sweden  4
  Germany  2
  Israel  1
  Norway  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  133
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Rusty Draper

A: I Gotta Have My Baby Back
B: Sing Baby Sing
Mercury USA5894X4519527"17.0
Patti Page And Rusty Draper

A: Release Me
B: Wedding Bells
Mercury USA5895X4519527"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Texarkana Baby
B: No Help Wanted
Mercury USA70077X45Jan 19537"17.5
Rusty Draper

A: Big Mamou
B: Why, Why, Why
Mercury USA70137-X45Apr 19537"1 
Rusty Draper

A: Free Home Demonstration
B: Gambler's Guitar
Mercury USA70167-X45May 19537"2 
Rusty Draper

A: Lazy River
B: Bummin' Around
Mercury USA70178-X45Jun 19537"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Lighthouse
B: I Love To Jump
Mercury USA70188X45Jul 19537"18.0
Rusty Draper

A: Native Dancer
B: Lonesome Song
Mercury USA70256X45Oct 19537"28.0
Rusty Draper

A: Melancholy Baby
B: The Train With The Rhumba Beat
Mercury USA70327X4519547"19.0
Rusty Draper

A: Please, Please
B: The Workshop Of The Lord
Mercury USA70415-X4519547"0 
Rusty Draper

A: The Magic Circle
B: Muskrat Ramble
Mercury USA70446X4519547"1 
Rusty Draper

A: Peter Rabbit
B: Easter Mornin'
Mercury USA70300-X45Jan 19547"1 
Rusty Draper And The Laurie Sisters

A: I Got A Hole In My Sole
B: Watch Your Language
Mercury USA70481-X45Oct 19547"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Lookin' Back To See
B: Shame On You
Mercury USA70526-X4519557"0 
Rusty Draper

A: The Ballad Of Davy Crockett
B: I've Been Thinkin'
Mercury USA70555X45Feb 19557"0 
Rusty Draper

A: That's All I Need
B: Eating Goober Peas
Mercury USA70619May 19557"1 
Rusty Draper

A: Seventeen
B: Can't Live Without Them Anymore
Mercury USA70651X45Jul 19557"0 
Rusty Draper

A: The Shifting, Whispering Sands
B: Time
Mercury USA70696X45Aug 19557"1 
Rusty Draper

A: Are You Satisfied
B: Wabash Cannonball
Mercury USA70757X457 Nov 19557"3 
Rusty Draper

A: Held For Questioning
B: Forty-Two
Mercury USA70818X4520 Feb 19567"1 
Rusty Draper

A: The Gun Of Billy The Kid
B: Sometimes You Gotta Lose To Win
Mercury USA70853X4510 Apr 19567"1 
Rusty Draper

A: House Of Cards
B: Rock And Roll Ruby
Mercury USA70879X4514 May 19567"0 
Rusty Draper

A: In The Middle Of The House
B: Pink Cadillac
Mercury USA70921X4513 Jul 19567"18.0
Lola Dee And Rusty Draper

A: Scratch My Back
B: Behind Those Swingin' Doors
Mercury USA70923X4513 Jul 19567"18.0
Rusty Draper

A: Tiger Lily
B: Confidential
Mercury USA70989X4518 Oct 19567"2 
Rusty Draper

A: Let's Go Calypso
B: Should I Ever Love Again
Mercury USA71039X4510 Jan 19577"27.0
Rusty Draper

A: Freight Train
B: Seven Come Eleven
Mercury USA71102X4523 Apr 19577"39.0
Rusty Draper

A: Good Golly (Pretty Molly)
B: No Huhu (Don't Be Mad)
Mercury USA71162X4512 Jul 19577"0 
Rusty Draper

A: No Help Wanted
B: The Shifting, Whispering Sands
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-30008X453 Oct 19577"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Gambler's Guitar
B: Angry
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-30009X453 Oct 19577"1 
Rusty Draper

A: Buzz Buzz Buzz
B: I Get The Blues When It Rains
Mercury USA71221X4516 Oct 19577"18.0
Rusty Draper

A: Gamblin' Gal
B: That's My Doll
Mercury USA71298Apr 19587"0 
Rusty Draper

A: June, July And August
B: Chicken-Pickin' Hawk
Mercury USA71336x45Jun 19587"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Hip Monkey
B: You Can Depend On Me
Mercury USA71351X45Aug 19587"0 
Rusty Draper

A: With This Ring
B: Shoppin' Around
Mercury USA71388X45Nov 19587"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Hey Li Lee Li Lee Li
B: The Sun Will Always Shine
Mercury USA71418Feb 19597"010.0
Rusty Draper

A: I Get So Jealous
B: All For The Love Of Flo
Mercury USA71545X45Nov 19597"0 
Rusty Draper

A: That Lucky Old Sun
B: Anytime
Mercury USA71581X45Jan 19607"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Please Help Me I'm Falling
B: Mule Skinner Blues
Mercury USA71634X45Jun 19607"1 
Rusty Draper

A: Luck Of The Irish
B: It's A Little More Like Heaven
Mercury USA71664X45Aug 19607"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Jealous Heart
B: Ten Thousand Years Ago
Mercury USA71706Nov 19607"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Another
B: The Meadow
Mercury USA7178419617"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Beggar To A King
B: Deep Roots
Mercury USA71976May 19627"0 
Rusty Draper

Rusty Draper's Greatest Hits (Vol 1)

A1: Shifting Whispering Sands
A2: Are You Satisfied?
A3: Freight Train
B1: Blue Eyes (How Could You)
B2: I've Been Thinking
B3: Middle Of The House
Monument USAMSP-0051963EP0 
Rusty Draper

A: Night Life
B: That's Why I Love You Like I Do
Monument USA45-823Aug 19637"1 
Rusty Draper

A: My Baby's Not Here (In Town Tonight)
B: Puppeteer
Monument USA45-84319647"0 
Rusty Draper

A: I'm Worried About Me
B: When I've Learned
Monument USA45-85819647"0 
Rusty Draper

A: The Lady Of The House
B: It Should Be Easier Now
Monument USA45-832Feb 19647"3 
Rusty Draper

A: I Got What I Wanted
B: Love Don't Grow On Trees
Monument USA45-871Feb 19657"0 
Rusty Draper

A: You Can't Be True Dear
B: Folsom Prison Blues
Monument USA45-894Jul 19657"0 

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