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Sam Cooke - Discography

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  USA  87
  UK  44
  Germany  35
  Australia  30
  New Zealand  21
  Netherlands  11
  Canada  10
  South Africa  3
  Italy  2
  Finland  1
  Israel  1
  Jamaica  1
  Japan  1
  Norway  1
  Sweden  1
  Unknown Country  1
All Records  250
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Sam Cooke

A: You Send Me
B: Summertime
London GermanyDL 20 133Oct 19577"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Only Sixteen
B: Ol' Man River
Electrola GermanyE 21 26219597"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Teenage Sonata
B: If You Were The Only Girl
RCA Germany47-770119607"0 
Sam Cooke

Cooke's Tour

A1: Chain Gang
A2: The Coffee Song (They've Got An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Brazil)
B1: Far Away Places
B2: South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
RCA GermanyEPA 976219607"0 
Sam Cooke

A: I Belong To Your Heart
B: You understand me
RCA Germany47-7730Jun 19607"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Chain Gang
B: I Fall In Love Every Day
RCA Germany47-7783Sep 19607"1 
Sam Cooke

A: Sad Mood
B: Love Me
RCA Germany47-7816Feb 19617"0 
Sam Cooke

A: That's It - I Quit - I'm Movin' On
B: What Do You Say
RCA Germany47-7853Apr 19617"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Cupid
B: Farewell, My Darling
RCA Germany47-7883Jul 19617"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Feel It
B: It's All Right
RCA Germany47-7927Nov 19617"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Twistin' The Night Away
B: One More Time
RCA Germany47-7983May 19627"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Having A Party
B: Bring It On Home To Me
RCA Germany47-8036Sep 19627"3 
Sam Cooke

A: Nothing Can Change This Love
B: Somebody Have Mercy
RCA Germany47-8088Dec 19627"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Twistin' In The Kitchen With Dinah
B: Movin' And A'Groovin'
RCA Germany47-942819637"0 
Sam Cooke

Mr. Soul

A1: Send Me Some Lovin'
A2: Driftin' Blues
B1: Cry Me A River
B2: Nothing Can Change This Love
RCA GermanyEPA 26731963EP0 
Sam Cooke

Night Beat

A1: Shake Rattle And Roll
A2: You Gotta Move
B1: Little Red Rooster
B2: The Trouble I've Seen
RCA Victor GermanyEPA 27091963EP0 
Sam Cooke

A: Baby, Baby, Baby
B: Send Me Some Lovin'
RCA Germany47-8129Feb 19637"3 
Sam Cooke

A: Another Saturday Night
B: Love Will Find A Way
RCA Germany47-8164Jun 19637"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Frankie And Johnny
B: Cool Train
RCA Victor Germany47-8215Oct 19637"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Little Red Rooster
B: You Gotta Move
RCA Victor Germany47-8247Dec 19637"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Basin Street Blues
B: Ain't That Good News
RCA Victor Germany47-8299Mar 19647"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Good Times
B: Tennessee Waltz
RCA Victor Germany47-8368Aug 19647"0 
Sam Cooke

A: That's Where It's At
B: Cousin Of Mine
RCA Victor Germany47-8426Nov 19647"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Shake
B: A Change Is Gonna Come
RCA Victor Germany47-8486Feb 19657"0 
Sam Cooke

A: It's Got The Whole World Shakin'
B: (Somebody) Ease My Troublin' Mind
RCA Victor Germany47-8539Apr 19657"18.0
Sam Cooke

A: When A Boy Falls In Love
B: The Piper
RCA Victor Germany47-8586Aug 19657"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Sugar Dumpling
B: Bridge Of Tears
RCA Victor Germany47-8631Sep 19657"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Meet Me At Mary's Place
B: If I Had A Hammer (The Hammer Song)
RCA Victor Germany47-8934Dec 19667"1 
Sam Cooke

The Golden Era Of Hits Vol.4

A: Cupid
B: Good Times
RCA Victor Germany47-15123May 19697"19.0
Sam Cooke


A: Twistin' The Night Away
B: Chain Gang
RCA Victor Germany74-16 22219727"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Twistin' The Night Away
B: Shake
RCA Victor GermanyPPBO-410719757"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Only Sixteen
B: Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha
EMI Germany1C 006-20 1373 719867"1 
Sam Cooke

A: Another Saturday Night
B: You Send Me
RCA GermanyPB4984919867"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Wonderful World
B: Chain Gang
RCA GermanyPB4987119867"0 

Appears On

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RCA GermanyEPA 90601962EP69.0

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