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Sandy Coast - Discography

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See The Sandy Coast for main discography.
  Netherlands  15
  Belgium  2
  UK  2
  Germany  1
  Greece  1
  Norway  1
  USA  1
All Records  23
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Sandy Coast

A: Capital Punishment (Death By Hanging)
B: My Friend Abdullah
Relax Netherlands45.129Feb 19697"15.0
Sandy Coast

A: Advice
B: North Canadian Paradise
Page One NetherlandsPOF 15329 Aug 19697"0 
Sandy Coast

A: Deep Down Down
B: Back To The City
Page One NetherlandsPOF 16115 Dec 19697"39.0
Sandy Coast

A: Pretty Clothes
B: The Way I Feel About You
C&A NetherlandsSL 10011970Special Edition 7"1 
Sandy Coast

A: Eleanor Rigby
B: In My Opinion
Page One NetherlandsPOF 16623 Feb 19707"0 
Sandy Coast

A: True Love, That's A Wonder
B: If
Polydor Netherlands2050 08319717"0 
Sandy Coast

A: Just Two Little Creatures
B: What Kind Of Freedom
Polydor Netherlands2050 16819727"0 
Sandy Coast

A: Summertrain
B: A Place Near The Sea
Polydor Netherlands2050 18719727"0 
Sandy Coast

A: Capital Punishment
B: I See Your Face Again
Imperial Netherlands5C 006-2460419727"0 
Sandy Coast

Terug In De Tijd

A1: Subject Of My Thoughts
B1: We'll Meet Again
B2: Milk And Tranquilisers
Negram NetherlandsNG 29319727"0 
Sandy Coast

A: Blackboard Jungle Lady
B: Don't Get Me Wrong
Polydor Netherlands2050 24519737"09.0
Sandy Coast

A: The Eyes Of Jenny
B: It's My Time Now
A&R NetherlandsANR 943019807"0 
Sandy Coast

Do You Remember?

A: Capital Punishment
B: I See Your Face Again
EMI Netherlands1A 006-2670119817"0 
Sandy Coast

A: Hollywood
B: Yosemite Park
A&R NetherlandsANRA 166719817"07.0
Sandy Coast

A: Rainydays
B: Giles
A&R NetherlandsANRA 219719827"0 

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