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Sandy Nelson - Discography

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  USA  45
  UK  20
  Netherlands  19
  Australia  16
  Germany  10
  Japan  10
  Canada  9
  New Zealand  9
  France  6
  Sweden  4
  Denmark  3
  Hong Kong  2
  Ireland  2
  Norway  2
  Belgium  1
  Greece  1
  India  1
  Iran  1
All Records  161
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Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat
B: Big Jump
Era [Back To Back Hits Series] USA0107"2 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat
B: Big Jump
Original Sound USAOR-5Aug 19597"139.0
Sandy Nelson

A: Drum Party
B: Big Noise From Winnetka
Imperial USAX5630Oct 19597"1 
Sandy Nelson

A: The Wiggle
B: Party Time
Imperial USAX5648Feb 19607"2 
Sandy Nelson

A: Bouncy
B: Lost Dreams
Imperial USAX5672Jun 19607"1 
Sandy Nelson

A: Cool Operator
B: Jive Talk
Imperial USAX5708Nov 19607"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Big Noise From The Jungle
B: Get With It
Imperial USAX5745Apr 19617"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Let There Be Drums
B: Quite A Beat!
Imperial USAX5775Sep 19617"69.5
Sandy Nelson

A: Drums Are My Beat
B: The Birth Of The Beat
Imperial USA5809Jan 19627"2 
Sandy Nelson

A: Drummin' Up A Storm
B: Drum Stomp
Imperial USA5829Apr 19627"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: All Night Long
B: Rompin' And Stompin'
Imperial USA5860Jul 19627"2 
Sandy Nelson

A: . . . And Then There Were Drums
B: Live It Up
Imperial USA5870Aug 19627"29.0
Sandy Nelson

A: Day Train
B: Teenage House Party
Imperial USA5884Oct 19627"2 
Sandy Nelson

A: Let The Four Winds Blow
B: Be Bop Baby
Imperial USA5904Dec 19627"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Alexes
B: You Name It
Imperial USA5940Apr 19637"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Just Bull
B: Here We Go
Imperial USA5965Jun 19637"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Caravan
B: Sandy
Imperial USA5988Aug 19637"0 
Sandy Nelson

A1: Drums A Go-Go
A2: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction)
A3: I Like It Like That
B1: Wooly Bully
B2: You Turn Me On
B3: Soul Drums
Imperial USALP-4-22871964EP0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat

The Spaniels

B: Baby Come Along With Me
Oldies 45 USAOL 121Jan 19647"1 
Sandy Nelson

A: Drum Shack
B: Kitty's Theme
Imperial USA66019Feb 19647"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Castle Rock
B: You Don't Say
Imperial USA66034May 19647"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat '65
B: Kitty's Theme
Imperial USA66060Sep 19647"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Reach For A Star
B: Chop-Chop
Imperial USA66093Feb 19657"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Let There Be Drums '66
B: Land Of A Thousand Dances
Imperial USA66107May 19657"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Drums A Go-Go
B: Casbah
Imperial USA66127Aug 19657"010.0
Sandy Nelson

A: A Lover's Concerto
B: Treat Her Right
Imperial USA66146Dec 19657"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Sock It To 'em J.B.
B: The Charge
Imperial USA66193Jul 19667"79.0
Sandy Nelson

A: Pipeline
B: Let's Go Trippin'
Imperial USA66209Sep 19667"2 
Sandy Nelson

A: Peter Gunn
B: You Got Me Hummin'
Imperial USA66253Aug 19677"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Alligator Boogaloo
B: Midnight Magic
Imperial USA66284Feb 19687"1 
Sandy Nelson

A: The Lion In Winter
B: Rebirth Of The Beat
Imperial USA66350Jan 19697"1 
Sandy Nelson

A: Manhattan Spiritual
B: The Stripper
Imperial USA66375May 19697"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Let There Be Drums
B: Leap Frog
Imperial USA66402Aug 19697"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat

Preston Epps

B: Bongo Rock
Era [Back To Back Hits Series] USA010Oct 19727"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat
B: Let There Be Drums
United Artists Silver Spotlight Series USAXW082Jan 19737"3 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat
B: Let There Be Drums
Silver Spotlight Series USAXW08219797"4 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat

Hollywood Persuaders

B: Drums A-Go-Go
Original Sound Oldies But Goodies USAOBG 450819847"3 
Sandy Nelson

A: A Drum Is A Woman
B: Dick Leslie's Boogie No. 5
Veebltronics USAVT-119847"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Hunk Of Drums (Drum Song Medley)
B: Witch Hunt
Veebltronics USAVT-219847"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat
B: Let There Be Drums
Imperial Golden Series USA0367"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: Teen Beat
B: Big Jump
Era : Golden Era Series USA50167"0 
The Flares

A: Foot Stomping (Pt. 1)

Sandy Nelson

B: Teen Beat
Collectables USACOL 30427"1 
Sandy Nelson

A: Let There Be Drums
B: Teen Beat '65 (Live)
Collectables USACOL. 63597"3 
Sandy Nelson

A: Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
B: Time Won't Let Me
Drum Beat USADB 2617"1 
Coca-Cola It's The Real Thing. Coke.

The Skyliners

A: Since I Don't Have You

Sandy Nelson

B: Teen Beat
KRTH-101 USAKR102Promo Only 7"0 

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