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Sarah Vaughan - Discography

  Australia  :  27 Records  :  Latest Updates  :​  Gallery  :​    
  USA  86
  UK  65
  Australia  27
  New Zealand  13
  France  12
  Netherlands  10
  Sweden  10
  Italy  7
  Canada  5
  Norway  4
  Germany  2
  Denmark  1
  Israel  1
  Japan  1
All Records  244
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Sarah Vaughan

A: Johnny, Be Smart
B: Hey, Naughty Papa
Mercury Australia45026Mar 19567"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Hot And Cold Running Tears
B: That's Not The Kind Of Love I Want
Mercury Australia45059Jul 19567"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Fabulous Character
B: The Other Woman
Mercury Australia45073Oct 19567"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: The Banana Boat Song
B: I've Got A New Heartache
Mercury Australia45128Apr 19577"2 
Sarah Vaughan

A: It Happened Again
B: I Wanna Play House
Mercury Australia45106May 19577"1 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Leave It To Love
B: The Bashful Matador
Mercury Australia45136May 19577"1 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Poor Butterfly
B: April Give Me One More Day
Mercury Australia45169Aug 19577"0 
Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine

A: Passing Strangers
B: The Door Is Open
Mercury Australia45173Aug 19577"010.0
Sarah Vaughan

A: Whatever Lola Wants
B: Oh, Yeah
Mercury Australia4521319587"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Padre
B: Spin Little Bottle
Mercury Australia4523619587"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Please Mr. Brown
B: Band Of Angels
Mercury Australia45180Mar 19587"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Cool Baby
B: Are You Certain
Mercury Australia4527619597"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Separate Ways
B: Careless
Mercury Australia4529019597"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Broken-Hearted Melody
B: Misty
Mercury Australia4530719597"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Smooth Operator
B: Maybe It's Because [I Love You Too Much]
Mercury Australia4532019597"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Eternally
B: You're My Baby
Mercury Australia4532919607"1 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Our Waltz
B: Some Other Spring
Mercury Australia4534419607"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Close To You
B: Out Of This World
Mercury Australia4536019607"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: My Dear Little Sweetheart
B: Ooh! What A Day!
Roulette AustraliaR-425619607"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Serenata
B: Let's
Roulette AustraliaR-4285Nov 19607"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Mary Contrary
B: If You Are But A Dream
Mercury Australia4538419617"0 
Sarah Vaughan

Her Greatest Songs

A1: Broken Hearted Melody
A2: Poor Butterfly
B1: Misty
B2: Make Yourself Comfortable
Philips AustraliaPE-221965EP0 
Passing Strangers

Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan

A1: Passing Strangers
A2: The Door Is Open

Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine

B1: Remember
B2: Always
Philips AustraliaPE-61965EP0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: A Taste Of Honey
B: The Good Life
Roulette AustraliaR-01619657"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A Lover's Concerto

A1: A Lover's Concerto
A2: What The World Needs Now Is Love
B1: Yesterday
B2: I Know A Place
Philips AustraliaPE-321966EP0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: The Time For Love Is Anytime ("Cactus Flower" Theme)

Quincy Jones

B: The Time For Love Is Anytime ("Cactus Flower" Theme)(Piano Version - Instr.)
Bell AustraliaBLL-909519707"0 
Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine

A: Passing Strangers
B: Always
Philips Australia6168 02119777"0 

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