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Shocking Blue - Discography

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  Netherlands  30
  USA  20
  Germany  17
  UK  16
  Belgium  15
  Japan  14
  France  11
  Australia  9
  New Zealand  8
  Italy  5
  Sweden  5
  Norway  4
  Spain  4
  Turkey  4
+ More Countries (35 Total)All Records  193
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The Shocking Blue

A: Venus
B: Hot Sand
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 2201519697"39.0
The Shocking Blue

A: Mighty Joe
B: Wild Wind
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.029Y19697"09.0
Shocking Blue

A: Never Marry A Railroad Man
B: Roll Engine Roll
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.040-Y19707"0 
Shocking Blue

A: Hello Darkness
B: Pinckin' Tomatoes
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.045Y19707"0 
Shocking Blue

A: Shocking You
B: Waterloo
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.050 Y19717"0 
Shocking Blue

A: Blossom Lady
B: Is This A Dream
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.053Y19717"0 
Shocking Blue

A: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
B: I Like You
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.055 Y19717"1 
Shocking Blue

A: Rock In The Sea
B: Broken Heart
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.059 Y19727"1 
Shocking Blue

A: Eve And The Apple
B: When I Was A Girl
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.066 Y19727"0 
Shocking Blue

A: Inkpot
B: Give My Love To The Sunrise
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.604Y19727"19.0
Shocking Blue

A: Let Me Carry Your Bag
B: I Saw You In June
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.068 Y19737"0 
Shocking Blue

A: Oh Lord
B: Everything That's Mine
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.741 Y19737"0 
Shocking Blue

A: This America
B: I Won't Be Lonely Long
Pink Elephant BelgiumPE 22.812Y19747"09.0
Shocking Blue

Golden Hit Parade

A: Venus
B: Hot Sand
Pink Elephant Belgium125/79.648Y19797"0 
The Shocking Blue

Golden Hit Parade

A: Venus
B: Inkpot
Pink Elephant Belgium79.733 Y19797"0 

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