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Slim Smith - Discography

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  UK  55
  Jamaica  16
  USA  2
All Records  73
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Hugh Roy And Slim Smith

A: Love I Bring


B: Version
Mego-Ann Jamaica19717"0 
Slim Smith

A: We Must Be In Love

[unknown artist]

B: [unknown Title]
Triumphant Disc Jamaica19717"1 
Slim Smith

A: We Must Be In Love

All Tone All Stars

B: Sound Of Joy
All-Tone Jamaica19717"1 
Slim Smith

A: Just A Dream
B: Send Me Some Loving
Jaguar JamaicaJ 3519727"0 
Slim Smith

A: The Time Has Come
B: It's Alright
High Note JamaicaS 5419727"1 
Slim Smith

A: Stand Up And Fight
B: Sitting In The Park
Jackpot Jamaica19737"0 
Slim Smith

A: Hurrah
B: Please Don't Go
Federal JamaicaFRM 29119737"0 
Dennis Alcapone

A: Cassius Clay

Slim Smith

B: Love And Affection
Channel One Jamaica7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Rougher Yeat

Slim And The Soul Vendors

B: Rougher Version
Coxsone Jamaica7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Let Me Go Girl

Dawn Penn

B: Let Me Go Boy
Jackpot Jamaica7"1 
Slim Smith And The Uniques

A: People Rocksteady
B: Trying Hard To Find A Home
Lee's Jamaica7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Stand Up And Fight
B: The Time Has Come
Jackpot Jamaica7"0 

A: Why Must I

Slim Smith

B: Try Again
Coxsone Jamaica7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Rougher Yet

Slim And The Soul Vendors

B: Rougher Version
Studio 1 Jamaica7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Build My World
B: Give Me Some More
Jackpot Jamaica7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Mafia And Fluxy

B: Version
Jaguar JamaicaJ 1887"0 
Slim Smith

A: I've Got Your Number
B: The New Boss
Island UKWI 30233 Feb 19677"1 
Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Venders

A: Ba-Ba-Boom (Jamaica 1967 Festival Tune)

Slim Smith And The Freedom Singers

B: Mercy Mercy
Coxsone UKCS 7009Sep 19677"0 
Slim Smith

A: Hip Hug

Freedom Singers

B: I Want Money
Coxsone UKCS 701627 Oct 19677"1 
Slim Smith

A: On Broadway

Lester Sterling

B: Unity Is Strength
Unity UKUN 5001968Promo Only 7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Everybody Needs Love

Junior Smith

B: Come Back Girl
Unity UKUN 50419687"0 
Slim Smith

A: Rougher Yet
B: I'll Never Let Go
Coxsone UKCS 7034Jan 19687"0 
Roy Shirley And The Uniques

A: Facts Of Life

Slim Smith

B: Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Island UKWI 3119Jun 19687"0 
Uniques [Jamaica]

A: My Conversation

Slim Smith

B: Love One Another
Island UKWI 3122Jun 19687"2 
The Melodians

A: When There Is You

Slim Smith And The Uniques

B: My Woman's Love
Crab UKCRAB 1519697"1 
Slim Smith And Doreen

A: The Vow

James Nephew

B: Why Didn't You Say
Gas UKGAS 13219697"0 
Slim Smith

A: For Once In My Life
B: Burning Desire
Unity UKUN 50819697"0 
Slim Smith

A: Zip-A-Di-Do-Da
B: On Broadway
Unity UKUN 51019697"0 
Slim Smith And Paulette

A: Let It Be Me
B: Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things
Unity UKUN 51319697"0 
Slim Smith

A: Somebody To Love
B: Confusion
Unity UKUN 51519697"08.0
Slim Smith

A: Slipaway
B: Spanish Harlem
Unity UKUN 52019697"0 
Slim Smith

A: The New Boss
B: Love Power
Unity UKUN 5231969Promo Only 7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Sunny Side Of The Sea
B: Place In The Sun
Unity UKUN 52419697"0 
Slim Smith And The Uniques

A: The Beautitude
B: My Conversation
Unity UKUN 5271969Promo Only 7"0 
Slim Smith

A: Keep That Light Shining On Me
B: Build My World Around You
Unity UKUN 53719697"1 
Slim Smith

A: Love Me Tender
B: This Feeling
Unity UKUN 5391969Promo Only 7"0 
David Isaacs

A: Good Father

Slim Smith

B: What A Situation
Upsetter UKUS 30219697"0 
Slim Smith

A: What Kind Of Life

Martin Riley

B: It's All In The Game
Gas UKGAS 15019707"0 
Winston Williams

A: D. J. Choice

Slim Smith

B: Can't Do Without It
Jackpot UKJP 73319707"110.0
Slim Smith

A: Strong Love
B: Strange World
S&S UKSC 00119707"0 
Slim Smith

A: Honey
B: There Is A Light
Unity UKUN 54219707"0 
Slim Smith And Dave Barker

A: Blessed Are The Meek

The Whip [Reggae]

B: People's Voice
Unity UKUN 56719707"0 
Slim Smith

A: Jenny
B: The Race
Unity UKUN 57019707"0 
Slim Smith

A: Spanish Harlem
B: Slipaway
Camel UKCA 8119717"0 
Slim Smith

A: Life Keeps Turning
B: My Conversation
Escort UKERT 85219717"1 
Slim Smith

A: Send Me Some Loving
B: I Am Lost
Pama Supreme UKPS 33419717"0 
Slim Smith

A: Stay
B: You're My Everything
Supreme UKSUP 21919717"0 
Slim Keith Smith

A: Keep Walking
B: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Jackpot UKJP 77912 Nov 19717"0 
Count Ossie With Mudies All Stars

A: Whispering Drums

Slim Smith And The Uniques With Mudies All Stars

B: Give Me Some More Loving
Moodisc UKHM 10326 Nov 19717"0 

A: Tropical Land

Hugh Roy And Slim Smith

B: Love I Bring
Bullet UKBU 49619727"210.0

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