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Solomon Burke - Discography

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  USA  71
  UK  28
  Australia  15
  Netherlands  15
  Germany  12
  France  8
  Canada  7
  New Zealand  4
  Ireland  3
  Spain  3
  Sweden  3
  Turkey  3
  Italy  2
  Jamaica  2
  Japan  2
  Belgium  1
  Portugal  1
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  181
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Solomon Burke

A: I'm In Love
B: Why Do Me That Way
Apollo USA487-4519567"0 
Solomon Burke

A: To Thee
B: I'm All Alone
Apollo USA491-4519567"0 
Solomon Burke

A: No Man Walks Alone
B: Walking In A Dream
Apollo USA500-4519567"0 
Solomon Burke

A: You Can Run But You Can't Hide
B: A Picture Of You
Apollo USA505-4519567"17.0
Solomon Burke

A: I Need You Tonight
B: This Is It
Apollo USA511-4519577"0 
Solomon Burke

A: You Are My One Love
B: For You And You Alone
Apollo USA512-4519577"0 
Solomon Burke

A: My Heart Is A Chapel
B: This Is It
Apollo USA527-4519587"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Doodle Dee Doo
B: It's All Right
Singular USA1314 SG19597"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Keep The Magic Working
B: How Many Times
Atlantic USA45-2089Jan 19617"06.0
Solomon Burke

A: Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)
B: Be-Bop Grandma
Atlantic USA45-2114Aug 19617"218.0
Solomon Burke

A: Cry To Me
B: I Almost Lost My Mind
Atlantic USA45-2131Jan 19627"49.0
Solomon Burke

A: Down In The Valley
B: I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You
Atlantic USA45-2147May 19627"0 
Solomon Burke

A: I Really Don't Want To Know
B: Tonight My Heart She Is Crying (Love Is A Bird)
Atlantic USA45-2157Aug 19627"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Go On Back To Him
B: I Said I Was Sorry
Atlantic USA45-2170Dec 19627"2 
Solomon Burke

A: Words
B: Home In Your Heart
Atlantic USA45-2180Feb 19637"1 
Solomon Burke

A: If You Need Me
B: You Can Make It If You Try
Atlantic USA45-2185Apr 19637"19.0
Solomon Burke

A: Can't Nobody Love You
B: Stupidity
Atlantic USA45-2196Jul 19637"2 
Solomon Burke

A: You're Good For Me
B: Beautiful Brown Eyes
Atlantic USA45-2205Oct 19637"0 
Solomon Burke

A: He'll Have To Go

Solomon Burke And His Orchestra

B: Rockin' Soul
Atlantic USA45-2218Jan 19647"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
B: Someone To Love Me
Atlantic USA45-2226Apr 19647"1 
Solomon Burke

A: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
B: Looking For My Baby
Atlantic USA45-2241Jul 19647"3 
Solomon Burke

A: Yes I Do
B: Won't You Give Him (One More Chance)
Atlantic USA45-2254Sep 19647"0 
Solomon Burke

A: The Price
B: More Rockin' Soul
Atlantic USA45-2259Nov 19647"1 
Solomon Burke

A: Got To Get You Off My Mind
B: Peepin'
Atlantic USA45-2276Feb 19657"3 
Solomon Burke

A: Tonight's The Night
B: Maggie's Farm
Atlantic USA45-2288May 19657"5 
Solomon Burke

A: Someone Is Watching
B: Dance, Dance, Dance
Atlantic USA45-2299Aug 19657"1 
Solomon Burke

A: Only Love (Can Save Me Now)
B: Little Girl That Loves Me
Atlantic USA45-2308Nov 19657"1 
Solomon Burke

A: Baby Come On Home
B: (No, No, No) Can't Stop Lovin' You Now
Atlantic USA45-2314Dec 19657"18.0
Solomon Burke

A: I Feel A Sin Coming On
B: Mountain Of Pride
Atlantic USA45-2327Mar 19667"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Suddenly
B: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Atlantic USA45-2345Jul 19667"2 
Solomon Burke

A: Keep Looking
B: I Don't Want You No More
Atlantic USA45-2349Aug 19667"29.0
Solomon Burke

A: When She Touches Me
B: Woman How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do
Atlantic USA45-2359Oct 19667"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Presents For Christmas
B: A Tear Fell
Atlantic USA45-2369Dec 19667"1 
Solomon Burke

A: Keep A Light In The Window Until I Get Home
B: Time Is A Thief
Atlantic USA45-2378Jan 19677"09.0
Solomon Burke

A: Take Me (Just As I Am)
B: I Stayed Away Too Long
Atlantic USA45-2416Jun 19677"48.0
Solomon Burke

A: Detroit City
B: It's Been A Change
Atlantic USA45-2459Nov 19677"4 
Solomon Burke

A: Party People
B: Need Your Love So Bad
Atlantic USA45-2483Feb 19687"3 
Solomon Burke

A: I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)
B: It's Just A Matter Of Time
Atlantic USA45-2507Apr 19687"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Save It
B: Meet Me In Church
Atlantic USA45-2527Jun 19687"0 
The Soul Clan

A: Soul Meeting
B: That's How It Feels
Atlantic USA45-2530Jun 19687"8 
Solomon Burke

A: Get Out Of My Life Woman
B: What'd I Say
Atlantic USA45-2566Oct 19687"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Uptight Good Woman
B: I Can't Stop
Bell USA759Jan 19697"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Proud Mary
B: What Am I Living For
Bell USA783Apr 19697"410.0
Solomon Burke

A: That Lucky Old Sun
B: How Big A Fool (Can A Fool Be)
Bell USA806Jun 19697"1 
Solomon Burke

A: The Generation Of Revelations
B: I'm Gonna Stay Right Here
Bell USA829Oct 19697"010.0
Solomon Burke

A: Proud Mary
B: What Am I Living For
Flashback USA4819707"0 
Solomon Burke

A: In The Ghetto
B: God Knows I Love You
Bell USA891May 19707"110.0
Solomon Burke

A: All For The Love Of Sunshine
B: Lookin' Out My Back Door
MGM USAK 14185Nov 19707"0 
Solomon Burke

A: The Electronic Magnetism (That's Heavy Baby)
B: Bridge Of Life
MGM USAK-14221Feb 19717"2 
Solomon Burke And The Mississippi Sunshine Band

A: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
B: PRS 1983
MGM USAK-14302Sep 19717"010.0

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