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Soul Syndicate - Discography

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  Jamaica  39
  UK  21
  USA  4
All Records  64
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Keith Hudson

A: Smoke Without Fire

Soul Syndicate

B: Riot
Rebind Jamaica19717"0 
Max Romeo

A: Life Is Beautiful

Soul Syndicates

B: Version
The Truth Jamaica19727"1 
Max Romeo

A: Jailer, Bring Me Water

Soul Syndicate

B: Sound Of The Syndicate
Panther JamaicaP. 5319727"0 
Max Romeo

A: Hola Zion

Soul Syndicate Band

B: Zion Version
Romax Jamaica19737"0 
Romax And Elaine

A: I'm Leaving

Soul Syndicates

B: I'm Leaving Version
[none] Jamaica19737"1 
Gladston Murray

A: I Love You Darling

Soul Syndicate

B: Version Butter
Carib-Dis-Co. Jamaica19747"0 
The Interns [Reggae]

A: Consider Yourself

Soul Syndicate

B: Consider Yourself Part Two
Deliver I Jamaica19747"0 
Adolfus Dulfile

A: Shitn Off The Dock

Soul Syndicates

B: Version On The Dock
Romax Jamaica19747"5 
Bill And Dicky

A: I've Been In Love

Soul Syndicates

B: Syndicates In Dub
Queen Jamaica19747"0 
Leonard Dillon With The Soul Syndicate

A: Weekend Cowhead

The Soul Syndicate

B: Cowhead Version
Jaguar JamaicaJ. 11619747"0 
Soul Syndicate

A: Ali
B: Jane And Louise
Pep JamaicaS 819747"0 
Jimmy London

A: The Jocker

Soul Syndicate

B: Instrumental
Starapple JamaicaSTAR 00319747"0 
Cornell Campbell And The Soul Syndicate

A: A World Crises

King Tubby And The Soul Syndicate

B: This A The Greatest Version
Jackpot Jamaica19757"0 
Jah Lloyd

A: Psalm Two

Soul Syndicates

B: Chapter Two
Teem Jamaica19757"0 
Groovy And The Tidals

A: Botherration

Soul Syndicates

B: Musical Power
Combination Jamaica19757"0 
Bill And Dicky

A: Darling It's You

Soul Syndicate

B: Darling It's You Version
Queen Jamaica19757"8 
Ken Boothe

A: My Reward

Soul Syndicate

B: Reward Version Instrumental
Hot Shot ! Jamaica19757"1 
The Shade [Reggae]

A: Big Boy

Soul Syndicate

B: Untouchable Dub
Riley Inc. Jamaica19757"0 
Carl Dobson

A: Real Natty Dread Lock

Soul Syndicate

B: Version
Jaguar JamaicaJ 12119757"0 
The Melodians

A: All In The Family

Soul Syndicate

B: Society Dub
High Note JamaicaS 9919757"0 
Devon Irons

A: Last None Stop Train

The Soul Syndicate Band

B: Train Version
Cannon Ball JamaicaFeb 19757"0 
Sang Hugh

A: No Call Dread Name

The Soul Syndicates

B: Syndicate In Dub
The Thing Jamaica19767"18.0
The Chantells

A: Eva

Soul Syndicate

B: Eva Dub Version
Tomorrow Jamaica19767"0 
Rising Stars

A: Roots Session

Soul Syndicate

B: Session Dub
Weed Beat JamaicaWB 01319767"0 
Gregory Isaacs

A: Slave Master

Soul Syndicate

B: Master Piece Version
The Thing Jamaica19777"0 
Soul Syndicate Band

A: Stumbling Block

King Tubbys

B: Page One
Black & White Jamaica19777"19.0
Karen Mark

A: World Wide Love

Soul Syndicate

B: World Wide Dub
High Note Jamaica19777"0 
Leroy Brown And The Black Traps

A: Blood A Go Run

Soul Syndicate Band

B: Drunken Master
Root Out Jamaica19797"1 
Frankie Jones And The Nazarines

A: Company

Soul Syndicate

B: Version 11
Freedom Sounds International Jamaica19797"0 
Jackie Bernard

A: Music Man

Soul Syndicate Band

B: Rocking Sensation
Double RR Jamaica19797"0 
Leroy Sibbles

A: Now You're Gone

Soul Syndicate

B: Version
Wackie's Jamaica10019797"0 
African Brothers

A: Practice What You Preach

Soul Syndicate

B: Drummer Lee 18
Top Ten Records JamaicaDH 5026/27 A/B19807"1 
Triston Palma

A: Bad Boys

Soul Syndicate

B: Good Dub
She Get Up And Scank JamaicaG.T.S. 00119807"2 
Sammy Dread

A: Righteous Dread

Soul Syndicate

B: Version
Black Solidarity Jamaica19817"0 
Triston Palma

A: Collie Man

Soul Syndicate

B: Version
Black Solidarity Jamaica19817"0 
African Brothers

A: Party Night

Soul Syndicate

B: Delamere Ave Rock
Dukie's Jamaica7"1 
Peter Ranking And Papa Lucky

A: Easies And Squeeiss

Soul Syndicate

B: Version
Roots Tradition Jamaica7"0 
Michael Palmer

A: Mr. Landlord

Soul Syndicate Band

B: Rent-A-Dub
Ganja Farm JamaicaGFM. INC. 0047"1 
Cordells [Reggae]

A: Misery

Soul Syndicate

B: Version
Lion JamaicaL 147"0 

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