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Stevie Wonder - Discography

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  USA  140
  UK  99
  Australia  56
  Germany  53
  Netherlands  52
  Canada  49
  France  48
  New Zealand  44
  Japan  43
  Spain  20
  Ireland  19
  Italy  18
  Portugal  14
  South Africa  10
More Countries (37 Total)All Records  725
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Little Stevie Wonder

A: Fingerstips (Part 1)
B: Fingerstips (Part 2)
Barclay France60319637"0 
Little Stevie Wonder

A1: La La La La
A2: Drown In My Own Tears
B1: Hallelujah I Love Her So
B2: Soul Bongo
707 France700 0021963EP0 
Little Stevie Wonder

A1: Fingertips - 1ère Partie
A2: Fingertips - 2ème Partie
B1: Sunset
B2: Contract On Love
707 France7021963EP0 
Little Stevie Wonder

A1: Workout Stevie Workout
A2: Monkey Talk
B1: I Call It Pretty Music - Part 1 (But Old People Call It The Blues)
B2: I Call It Pretty Music - Part 2 (But Old People Call It The Blues)
707 FranceE. 45011963EP0 
Little Stevie Wonder

A1: Hey Harmonica Man
A2: Beachstomp
B1: The Party At The Beach House
B2: Happy Street
Riviera France2310141964EP0 
Little Stevie Wonder

A1: Tears In Vain
A2: Beyond The Sea
B1: Kiss Me Baby
B2: Castles In The Sand
Riviera France231 0801965EP0 
Stevie Wonder

A1: High Heel Sneakers
A2: Music Talk
B1: Uptight
B2: Purple Rain Drops
Tamla Motown FranceTMEF 5231966EP0 
Stevie Wonder

A1: Nothing's Too Good For My Baby
A2: I Want My Baby Back
B1: Ain't That Asking For Trouble
B2: With A Child's Heart
Tamla Motown FranceTMEF 5291966EP0 
Stevie Wonder

Blowin' In The Wind

A1: Blowin' In The Wind
A2: Contract On Love
B1: Love A Go Go
B2: Teach Me Tonight
Tamla Motown FranceTMEF 5341966EP1 
Stevie Wonder

A: Nothing's Too Good For My Baby
B: Ain't That Asking For Trouble
Tamla Motown FranceFT 10119677"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: I Was Made To Love Her
B: Hold Me
Tamla Motown FranceFT 10219677"1 
Stevie Wonder

A: I'm Wondering
B: Every Time I See You I Go Wild
Tamla Motown FranceFT 10919677"0 
Stevie Wonder

A1: A Place In The Sun
A2: Be Cool, Be Calm (And Keep Yourself Together)
B1: Thank You Love
B2: Down To Earth
Tamla Motown FranceTMEF 5431967EP0 
Stevie Wonder

Travlin' Man

A1: Trav'lin Man
A2: Hey Love
B1: Mr. Tambourine Man
B2: Sixteen Tons
Tamla Motown FranceTMEF 5481967EP0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Dah-Day
B: Why Don't You Lead Me To Love
Tamla Motown FranceFT 12619687"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: You Met Your Match
B: My Girl
Tamla Motown FranceFT 14019687"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: For Once In My Life
B: Angie Girl
Tamla Motown FranceFT 15219687"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: I Don't Know Why
B: My Cherie Amour
Tamla Motown France2C 006-90.07519697"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
B: I Wanna Make Her Love Me
Tamla Motown France2C 006-90.79219697"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Send Me Some Lovin'
B: Travlin' Man
Tamla Motown France2C 006-91.07819707"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Never Had A Dream Come True
B: Somebody Knows, Somebody Cares
Tamla Motown France2C 006-91.11919707"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Signed, Sealed, Delivered
B: Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day
Tamla Motown France2C 006-91.67719707"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Heaven Help Us All
B: I Gotta Have A Song
Tamla Motown France2C 006-91.95319707"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: We Can Work It Out
B: Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer
Tamla Motown France2C 006-92.357Apr 19717"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
B: Tuesday Heartbreak
Tamla Motown France2C 006-94.30719737"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Fingertips - Pt. 2
B: I Was Made To Love Her
Tamla Motown France2C 008-9500919737"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
B: All In Love Is Fair
Tamla Motown France2C 008-95.36019737"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Superstition
B: You've Got It Bad Girl
Tamla Motown France2C 006-94.013Jan 19737"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Higher Ground
B: Too High
Tamla Motown France2C 006-94.696Sep 19737"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Living For The City
B: Visions
Tamla Motown France2C 008-94.895Nov 19737"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Boogie On Reggae Woman
B: Seems So Long
Tamla Motown France2C 004-96.08319747"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: You Haven't Done Nothin'
B: Big Brother
Tamla Motown France2C 008-95.81619747"0 
Stevie Wonder

Bonus Record For "Songs In The Key Of Life"

A1: Saturn
A2: Ebony Eyes
B1: All Day Sucker
B2: Easy Goin' Evening (My Mama's Call)
Motown France428003 C1976Bonus 7"2 
Stevie Wonder

Special Record For "Songs In The Key Of Life"

A1: Saturn
A2: Ebony Eyes
B1: All Day Sucker
B2: Easy Goin' Evening (My Mama's Call)
Motown FranceT 340 EP1976EP0 
Stevie Wonder

A: I Wish
B: You And I
Tamla Motown France2C 006-98.49019777"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Send One Your Love
B: Send One Your Love (Instrumental)
Motown France2C 008-63.40019797"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: I Ain't Gonna Stand For It
B: Knocks Me Off My Feet
Motown France10141019807"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Lately
B: If It's Magic
Motown France10144719817"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Superstition
B: For Once In My Life
Motown France10148719817"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Happy Birthday
B: Happy Birthday (Sing Along)
Motown France10153119817"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: That Girl
B: All I Do
Motown France10159919817"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Do I Do
B: Rocket Love
Motown France10165819827"18.0
Charlene and Stevie Wonder

A: Used To Be


B: I Want To Come Back As A Song
Motown France10170819827"07.0
Stevie Wonder

A: Front Line (Vocal)
B: Front Line (Instrumental)
Motown France10173019827"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: I Just Called To Say I Love You
B: I Just Called To Say I Love You (Instrumental)
Motown FranceZB 6145119847"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: I Just Called To Say I Love You
B: I Just Called To Say I Love You (Instrumental)
Motown FranceZB 6145119847"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Free
B: Happy Birthday
Motown FranceZB 4232119887"3 
Stevie Wonder And Michael Jackson

A: Get It
B: Get It (Instrumental)
Motown FranceZB 41883May 19887"0 

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