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Sue Thompson - Discography

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  USA  54
  UK  26
  Australia  17
  Canada  17
  Netherlands  13
  New Zealand  7
  Denmark  4
  Japan  4
  Germany  3
  Sweden  2
  Philippines  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  149
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Sue Thompson

A: Tadpole
B: Junior's A Big Boy Now
Mercury USA6390-X45Mar 19527"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Red Hot Henrietta Brown
B: Last Night I Heard Somebody Cry
Mercury USA6416X45Aug 19527"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Say It With Your Heart
B: You And Me
Mercury USA70089-X45Jan 19537"0 
Sue Thompson And Hank Penny

A: Walkin' In The Snow

Hank Penny And Sue Thompson

B: Come A Little Bit Closer
Decca USA9-29314Oct 19547"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Walkin' To Missouri
B: Red Hot Henry Brown
Decca USA9-30435Sep 19577"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Angel, Angel
B: Throwin' Kisses
Hickory USA45-1144Apr 19617"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)
B: Nine Little Teardrops
Hickory USA45-1153Aug 19617"68.0
Sue Thompson

A: Norman
B: Never Love Again
Hickory USA45-1159Nov 19617"35.0
Sue Thompson

A: Two Of A Kind
B: It Has To Be
Hickory USA45-1166Mar 19627"1 
Sue Thompson

A1: Two Of A Kind
A2: Bonapart's Retreat
A3: Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding
B1: Bid Daddy
B2: That's Just Too Much
B3: I Can't Help It
Hickory USALP 107Mar 1962EP0 
Sue Thompson

A: Have A Good Time
B: If The Boy Only Knew
Hickory USA45-1174May 19627"1 
Sue Thompson

A: James (Hold The Ladder Steady)
B: My Hero
Hickory USA45-1183Sep 19627"3 
Sue Thompson

A: Willie Can
B: Too Much In Love
Hickory USA45-1196Jan 19637"0 
Sue Thompson

A: What's Wrong Bill
B: I Need A Harbor
Hickory USA45-1204Mar 19637"59.0
Sue Thompson

A: True Confession
B: Suzie
Hickory USA45-1217May 19637"1 
Sue Thompson And Bob Luman

A: Too Hot To Dance

Bob Luman And Sue Thompson

B: I Like Your Kind Of Love
Hickory USA45-1221Aug 19637"13.0
Sue Thompson

A: 'Cause I Ask You Too
B: It's Twelve Thirty-Five
Hickory USA45-1234Nov 19637"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Big Daddy
B: I'd Like To Know You Better
Hickory USA45-1240Jan 19647"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Bad Boy
B: Toys
Hickory USA45-1255Apr 19647"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Paper Tiger
B: Mama, Don't Cry At My Wedding
Hickory USA45-1284Nov 19647"58.8
Sue Thompson

A: Stop Th' Music
B: What I'm Needin' Is You
Hickory USA45-1308Apr 19657"0 
Sue Thompson

A: It's Break-Up Time
B: Afraid
Hickory USA45-1328Aug 19657"19.0
Sue Thompson

A: Just Kiss Me
B: Sweet Hunk Of Misery
Hickory USA45-1340Oct 19657"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Walkin' My Baby
B: I'm Looking (For A World)
Hickory USA45-1359Jan 19667"27.0
Sue Thompson

A: What Should I Do
B: After The Heartache
Hickory USA45-1381Apr 19667"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Put It Back (Where You Found It)
B: I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
Hickory USA45-1403Jul 19667"0 
Sue Thompson

A: The Language Of Love
B: Let Me Down Hard
Hickory USA45-1431Dec 19667"06.0
Sue Thompson

A: The Ferris Wheel
B: Don't Forget To Cry
Hickory USA45-1457Jun 19677"18.0
Sue Thompson

A: Straight To Helen
B: That's Just Too Much
Hickory USA45-P-1469Jul 19677"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Dear Boy
B: Love Has Come My Way
Hickory USA45-1488Nov 19677"0 
Sue Thompson

A: You Deserve Each Other
B: Doin' Nothing
Hickory USA45-P-15128 Aug 19687"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass
B: Tennessee Waltz
Hickory USA45-K-1534May 19697"08.0
Sue Thompson

A: Take A Little Time
B: Because You Love Me
Hickory USA45-K-158719717"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Swiss Cottage Place
B: Thanks To Rumors
Hickory USA45-K-1612S19717"1 
Sue Thompson

A: What You See Is What You Get
B: Here's To Forever
Hickory USA45-K-1596Apr 19717"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Sweet Memories
B: Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)
Hickory USA45-K-164119727"1 
Sue Thompson

A: What A Woman In Love Won't Do
B: Let Your Thoughts Be Sweet
Hickory USA45-K-1622SFeb 19727"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Candy And Roses
B: A Full Time Job
Hickory USA45-K-1652SOct 19727"0 
Don Gibson And Sue Thompson

A: Cause I Love You

Sue Thompson And Don Gibson

B: My Tears Don't Show
Hickory USA45-K-1654Nov 19727"0 
Sue Thompson

A: How I Love Them Old Songs
B: Just Two Young People
Hickory USA45-P-1669SMar 19737"0 
Don Gibson And Sue Thompson

A: Warm Love

Sue Thompson And Don Gibson

B: Fly The Friendly Skies With Jesus
Hickory USAHK 303Aug 19737"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Just Plain Country (Come To Town)
B: Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh
Hickory-MGM USAHK 308Oct 19737"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Making Love To You Is Like Eating Peanuts
B: Sweet Memories
Hickory-MGM USAH 32019747"36.0
Don Gibson And Sue Thompson

A: Good Old Fashioned Country Love
B: Ages And Ages Ago
Hickory-MGM USAH 324Jul 19747"0 
Don Gibson And Sue Thompson

A: Oh, How Love Changes
B: Sweet And Tender Times
Hickory-MGM USAH 350Jun 19757"1 
Sue Thompson

A: Big Mable Murphy
B: Big Daddy
Hickory USAH-354Aug 19757"0 
Sue Thompson

A: He Cheats On Me
B: Never Naughty Rosie
Hickory-MGM USAH 36419767"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)
B: Norman
Gusto USAGT4-212619817"0 
Sue Thompson

A: Paper Tiger
B: Norman
Eric USA3117"3 
Sue Thompson

A: Sad Movies (Always Make Me Cry)
B: James (Hold The Ladder Steady)
Eric USA3127"1 

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