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Tanya Tucker - Discography

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  USA  60
  UK  17
  Canada  12
  Germany  4
  Australia  3
  Japan  1
All Records  97
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Tanya Tucker

A: Delta Dawn
B: I Love The Way He Loves Me
Columbia USA4-4558814 Jun 19727"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Love's The Answer
B: The Jamestown Ferry
Columbia USA4-4572120 Oct 19727"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: What's Your Mama's Name
B: Blood Red And Goin' Down
Columbia Hall Of Fame USA4-3324519737"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: What's Your Mama's Name
B: Rainy Girl
Columbia USA4-4579916 Feb 19737"05.0
Tanya Tucker

A: Blood Red And Goin' Down
B: The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle
Columbia USA4-4589229 Jun 19737"3 
Tanya Tucker

A: Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
B: No Man's Land
Columbia USA4-4599111 Dec 19737"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: I Believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again
B: Old Dan Tucker's Daughter
Columbia USA3-1006919747"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: The Man That Turned My Mama On
B: Satisfied With Missing You
Columbia USA4-4604714 May 19747"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Depend On You
B: Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You
MCA USAMCA-4049719757"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Lizzie And The Rainman
B: Travelin Salesman
MCA USAMCA-404027 Apr 19757"2 
Tanya Tucker

A: Spring
B: Bed Of Roses
Columbia USA3-10127May 19757"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: San Antonio Stroll
B: The Serenade That We Played
MCA USAMCA-404444 Aug 19757"07.0
Tanya Tucker

A: Ain't That A Shame
B: You've Got Me To Hold On To
MCA USAMCA-40540Apr 19767"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Here's Some Love
B: Pride Of Franklin County
MCA USAMCA-40598Aug 19767"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Short Cut
B: Ridin' Rainbows
MCA USAMCA-4065028 Oct 19767"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Let's Keep It That Way
B: Dancing The Night Away
MCA USAMCA-4075519777"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: It's A Cowboy Lovin' Night
B: Wings
MCA USAMCA-40708Mar 19777"1 
Tanya Tucker

A: Texas (When I Die) [Mono]
B: Texas (When I Die) [Stereo]
MCA USAS45-18001978Promo Only 7"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Save Me
B: Save Me
MCA USAMCA-40902May 1978Promo Only 7"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Save Me
B: Slippin' Away
MCA USAMCA-40902May 19787"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: A Big Hunk O'Love

Charlie Rich

B: Breakin'Up
Rooster USA45-5002Jul 19787"2 
Tanya Tucker

A: Not Fade Away
B: Texas (When I Die)
MCA USAMCA-40976Dec 19787"39.0
Tanya Tucker

A: Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
B: By Day By Day
MCA USAMCA-4114419797"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Pecos Promenade
B: The King Of Country Music
MCA USAMCA-4130519807"0 
Tanya Tucker And Glen Campbell

A: Dream Lover

Tanya Tucker

B: Bronco
MCA USAMCA-4132319807"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Can I See You Tonight
B: Let Me Count The Ways
MCA USAMCA-51037Nov 19807"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Rodeo Girls
B: Rodeo Girls
MCA USAMCA-511841981Promo Only 7"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Rodeo Girls
B: Halfway To Heaven
MCA USAMCA-5118419817"0 
Glen Campbell And Tanya Tucker

A: Why Don't We Just Sleep On It Tonight [Mono]
B: Why Don't We Just Sleep On It Tonight [Stereo]
Capitol USAP-49861981Promo Only 7"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Love Knows We Tried
B: Somebody (Trying To Tell You Something)
MCA USAMCA-51096Apr 19817"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Should I Do It
B: Lucky Enough For Two
MCA USAMCA-51131Jun 19817"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Feel Right
B: Cry
Arista USAAS 0677Apr 19827"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Changes
B: Too Long
Arista USAAS 1053Apr 19837"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Too Long
B: Changes
Arista USAAS1-9006May 19837"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Baby I'm Yours
B: I Don't Want You To Go
Arista USAAS 1-9046Jul 19837"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: One Love At A Time
B: Fool, Fool Heart
Capitol USAB-5533Jan 19867"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: One Love At A Time
B: One Love At A Time
Capitol USAP-B-5533Jan 1986Promo Only 7"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Just Another Love
B: Just Another Love
Capitol USAP-B-5604Jun 1986Promo Only 7"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: I'll Come Back As Another Woman
B: Somebody To Care
Capitol USAB-5652Oct 19867"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: I'll Come Back As Another Woman
B: I'll Come Back As Another Woman
Capitol USAP-B-5652Oct 1986Promo Only 7"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: It's Only For You
B: Girls Like Me
Capitol USAB-569419877"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Love Me Like You Used To
B: If I Didn't Love You
Capitol USAB-44036Jun 19877"1 
Tanya Tucker

A: If It Don't Come Easy
B: I'll Tennessee You In My Dreams
Capitol USAB-44142Feb 19887"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Strong Enough To Bend
B: Back On My Feet
Capitol USAB-44188Jun 19887"1 
Tanya Tucker

A: Highway Robbery
B: Lonesome Town
Capitol USAB-44271Oct 19887"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Call On Me
B: Daddy And Home
Capitol USAB-44348Feb 19897"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: Walkin Shoes
B: This Heart Of Mine
Capitol USAB-4452019907"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: (Without You) What Do I Do With Me
B: Oh What It Did To Me
Capitol Nashville USANR-4477419917"0 
Tanya Tucker

A: If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight
B: Down To My Last Teardrop
Liberty Cema Special Markets USAS7-57768May 19927"1 
Tanya Tucker Duet With Delbert McClinton

A: Tell Me About It

Tanya Tucker

B: What Do They Know
Liberty Cema Special Markets USAS7-5698519937"0 

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