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The Bachelors - Discography

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  UK  47
  Australia  21
  USA  21
  New Zealand  16
  Canada  10
  Germany  10
  Ireland  10
  Italy  6
  Netherlands  5
  South Africa  5
  Belgium  4
  France  4
  Rhodesia  4
  Portugal  3
+ More Countries (19 Total)All Records  172
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The Bachelors

A: Charmaine
B: Old Bill
Decca UKF 11559Dec 19627"2 
The Bachelors

A: Faraway Places
B: Is There A Chance
Decca UKF 11666May 19637"310.0
The Bachelors

The Bachelors

A1: Charmaine
A2: Bashanova
B1: I'll See You In My Dreams
B2: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
Decca UKDFE 8529Jun 1963EP2 
The Bachelors

A: Whispering
B: No Light In The Window
Decca UKF 11712Aug 19637"1 
The Bachelors

A: The Angel And The Stranger
B: Long Time Ago
Decca UKF 11772Nov 19637"5 
The Bachelors

A: Diane
B: The Stars Will Remember
Decca UKF 117993 Jan 19647"26.5
The Bachelors

The Bachelors Volume 2

A1: Diane
A2: Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
B1: Moments To Remember
B2: You'll Never Walk Alone
Decca UKDFE 8564Feb 1964EP0 
The Bachelors

A: I Believe
B: Happy Land
Decca UKF 11857Mar 19647"68.3
The Bachelors

A: Ramona
B: Sweet Lullabies
Decca UKF 119104 May 19647"16.0
The Bachelors

A: I Wouldn't Trade You For The World
B: Beneath The Willow Tree
Decca UKF 119497 Aug 19647"17.0
The Bachelors

The Bachelors' Hits

A1: I Wouldn't Trade You For The World
A2: Whispering
B1: Ramona
B2: I Believe
Decca UKDFE 8595Oct 1964EP28.0
The Bachelors

A: No Arms Can Ever Hold You
B: Oh, Samuel Don't Die
Decca UKF 1203427 Nov 19647"18.7
The Bachelors

A: True Love For Evermore
B: Far Far Away
Decca UKF 1210812 Mar 19657"24.5
The Bachelors

A: Marie
B: You Can Tell
Decca UKF 121567 May 19657"19.0
The Bachelors

Bachelors Hits Vol. 2

A1: No Arms Can Ever Hold You
A2: True Love For Ever More
B1: Marie
B2: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
Decca UKDFE 8637Oct 1965EP0 
The Bachelors

A: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
B: The Old Wishing Well
Decca UKF 1225622 Oct 19657"3 
The Bachelors

A: Hello, Dolly!
B: There's No Room In My Heart
Decca UKF 12309Dec 19657"0 
The Bachelors

A: The Sound Of Silence
B: Love Me With All Your Heart
Decca UKF.123514 Mar 19667"77.4
The Bachelors

A: Can I Trust You
B: Who Can I Turn To
Decca UKF 1241724 Jun 19667"18.0
The Bachelors

A: Walk With Faith In Your Heart
B: Molly Malone
Decca UKF 2252325 Nov 19667"17.0
The Bachelors

A: Oh How I Miss You
B: Ghost Mountain
Decca UKF 22592Mar 19677"07.0
The Bachelors

A: Marta
B: My World (Il Mondo)
Decca UKF 2263430 Jun 19677"1 
The Bachelors

A: Three O'Clock Flamingo Street
B: Learn To Live Without You
Decca UKF 2268927 Oct 19677"48.0
The Bachelors

Seasonal Greeting From The Bachelors

A1: I Believe
A2: I'll Walk With God
B1: It's No Secret
B2: The Angel And The Stranger
Decca UKDFE-R 86811968EP0 
The Bachelors

A: If Ever I Would Leave You
B: Cabaret
Decca UKF 227195 Jan 19687"1 
The Bachelors

A: The Unicorn
B: You've Got To Say We're Through
Decca UKF 2275722 Mar 19687"4 
The Bachelors

A: I'll Walk With God
B: I Can't Wish You Any More
Decca UKF 2281419 Jul 19687"0 
The Bachelors

A: Turn Around, Look At Me
B: Lovers Such As I
Decca UKF 2283918 Oct 19687"0 
The Bachelors

A: Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets The Gold Of The Day)
B: Caterina
Decca UKF 2291118 Apr 19697"07.0
The Bachelors

A: Punky's Dilemma
B: Arrivederci Maria
Decca UKF 229464 Jul 19697"0 
The Bachelors

A: Everybody's Talkin'
B: Blaydon Races
Decca UKF 22965Sep 19697"0 
The Bachelors

A: My First Love
B: Phil The Fluter
Decca UKF 22983Nov 19697"0 
The Bachelors

A: (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
B: This Love (You Have Given Me)
Decca UKF 2300326 Mar 19707"0 
The Bachelors

A: Diamonds Are Forever
B: Where There's A Heartache (There Must Be A Heart)
Decca UKF 1324819 Nov 19717"010.0
The Bachelors

A: The Land Of The Other Way Round
B: Children At Play
Decca UKF 1334527 Oct 19727"0 
Bachelors And Childrens Choir

A: Suffer Little Children
B: Dear Father In Heaven
Philips UK6006 35730 Nov 19737"1 
The Bachelors

A: Sing Me A Song To Make Me Happy
B: Oh How I Miss You
Philips UK6006 3845 Apr 19747"01.0
The Bachelors

A: Roxie
B: Cigarettes, Whusky And Wild Wild Woman
Philips UK6006 4484 Apr 19757"0 
The Bachelors Featuring Con Cluskey

A: Torn Between Two Lovers

The Bachelors

B: Old Fashioned "B" Side
Galaxy UKGY 11321 Jan 19777"0 
The Bachelors

A: Save The Last Dance For Me
B: Children And Flowers
Galaxy UKGY 11729 Jul 19777"6 
The Bachelors

A: Charmaine
B: Ramona
Decca UKF 13766Jun 19787"0 
The Bachelors

A: Travellin' Home
B: We Don't Have Those Feelings (Anymore)
Galaxy UKGY 1619 Nov 19797"1 
The Bachelors

A: Suffer Little Children
B: Dear Father In Heaven
President UKPT 50019817"0 
The Bachelors

The Bachelors

A1: The Sound Of Silence
A2: Hello Dolly
A3: Marie
B1: Love Me With All Your Heart
B2: Marta
B3: Mame
Scoop 33 UK7SR 5021Sep 1983EP0 
The Bachelors

A: Diane
B: I Believe
Old Gold UKOG 9356Oct 19837"1 

Appears On

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Hits Vol. 7

The Bachelors

A1: Walk With Faith In Your Heart

Small Faces

A2: My Minds Eye

Val Doonican

B1: What Would I Be

Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos With The London Festival Orchestra

B2: Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme From "Dr. Zhivago")
Decca UKDFE 86751966EP39.0

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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Disc And Music Echo Presents "Sounds Of The Stars"

Cilla Black With The Bachelors

A1: [none]

Cliff Richard With Hank Marvin And Bruce Welch

A2: [none]

Judith Durham With Penny Valentine

A3: [none]

Cathy McGowan With The Hollies

A4: [none]

Dusty Springfield With Spencer Davis

B1: [none]

Walker Brothers Gary And John With Pete Townshend And Penny Valentine

B2: [none]

Sandie Shaw With Adam Faith

B3: [none]

The Beatles With Tom Lodge

B4: [none]
Disc And Music Echo UKLYN 9951966Interview Disc51.0

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