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The Beach Boys - Discography

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See also Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, Mike Love, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson.
  USA  206
  UK  117
  Canada  78
  Australia  76
  Germany  74
  Japan  73
  Netherlands  66
  France  57
  New Zealand  55
  Philippines  45
  Sweden  38
  Italy  37
  Spain  37
  Mexico  25
  Denmark  24
  Portugal  24
  Norway  23
  South Africa  23
  Argentina  21
  Brazil  21
  Ireland  20
  India  17
  Greece  16
  Belgium  12
  Yugoslavia  10
  Peru  9
  Rhodesia  9
  Singapore  9
  Thailand  8
  Iran  7
  Chile  5
  Israel  5
  Turkey  5
  Finland  4
  Malaysia  4
  Costa Rica  3
  Lebanon  3
  Bolivia  2
  Colombia  2
  Hong Kong  2
  Nigeria  2
  Switzerland  2
  Uruguay  2
  Venezuela  2
  Austria  1
  Nicaragua  1
  Pakistan  1
  Zimbabwe  1
  Bootleg  2
All Records  1286
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The Beach Boys

A: Nena Surfer (Surfer Girl)
B: Pequeña Cupe (Little Deuce Coupe
Capitol Argentina33 M 500919637"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Diversion (Fun, Fun, Fun)
B: Porque Se Enamoran Los Tontos (Why Do Fools Fall In Love)
Capitol Argentina33 M 511819647"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Ayudame, Rhonda (Help Me, Rhonda)
B: Yo Salgo (I Get Around)
Capitol Argentina33 FA 11819657"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Quieres Bailar? (Do You Wanna Dance?)
B: Por Favor Dejame Pensar (Please Let Me Wonder)
Capitol Argentina33 M 537219657"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Las Chicas De California (California Girls)
B: Dejalo Correr Salvajemente (Let Him Run Wild)
Capitol Argentina33 M 546419657"0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Pequeña Honda (Little Honda)
A2: Wendy
B1: Cuando Sea Grande (When I Grow Up)
B2: Quieres Bailar (Do You Wanna Dance?)
Capitol ArgentinaEAP 1-206871965EP0 
The Beach Boys

A: Barbara Ann
B: Nena, No Me Diga
Capitol Argentina33 M 556119667"1 
The Beach Boys

A: Balandra John B (Sloop John B)
B: Eres Tan Buena Para Mia (You're So Good To Me)
Capitol Argentina33 M 560219667"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Vibrationes (Good Vibrations)
B: Vayamos Por Algun Tiempo (Let's Go Away For Awhile)
Capitol Argentina33 M 567619667"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Dios Solo Sabe (God Only Knows)
B: No Seria Hermoso? (Wouldn't It Be Nice)
Capitol Argentina33 M 570619667"0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Barbara Ann
A2: Balandra John B (Sloop John B)
B1: Las Chicas De California (California Girls)
B2: Quieres Bailar? (Do You Wanna Dance?)
Capitol ArgentinaEAP 1-208321966EP0 
The Beach Boys

A: Heroes Y Villanos (Heroes And Villains)
B: Eres Bienvenida (You're Welcome)
Capitol Argentina33 FA 12419677"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Querida (Darlin')
B: El Lungo Texano (Long Tall Texan)
Capitol Argentina33 FA 12619687"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Ella Baila Boogaloo (How She Boogalooed It)
B: Quiero Verte Una Vez (I'd Love Just Once To See You)
Capitol Argentina33 FA 12719687"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Amigos (Friends)
B: Pequeño Pajaro (Little Bird)
Capitol Argentina33 M 216019687"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Hazlo Otra Vez (Do It Again)
B: Despierta El Mundo (Wake The World)
Capitol Argentina33 M 223919687"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Todo Lo Que Deseo Hacer (All I Want To Do)
B: Puedo Oir Musica (I Can Hear Music)
Capitol Argentina33 M 243219697"0 
The Beach Boys

A: No Te Acerques Al Agua (Don't Go Near The Water)
B: Demostracion Juvenil Del Momento (Student Demonstration Time)
Odeon "Pops" ArgentinaDTOA 882719717"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Musica De Rock And Roll (Rock And Roll Music)
B: La Cancion TM (The TM Song)
Reprise Argentina32.42419767"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Musica De Rock And Roll (Rock And Roll Music)
B: La Cancion TM (The TM Song)
Music Hall Argentina32.4241976Promo Only 7"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Llega La Noche (Here Comes The Night)
B: Nena Triste (Baby Blue)
Epic Argentina40.17719797"0 
Beach Boys

A: Surfin' Safari
B: 409
Capitol AustraliaCP-148419627"210.0
The Beach Boys

A: Ten Little Indians
B: County Fair
Capitol AustraliaCP-150319637"0 
Beach Boys

A: Surfin', U.S.A.
B: Shut Down
Capitol AustraliaCP-151719637"19.5
The Beach Boys

A: Surfer Girl
B: Little Deuce Coupe
Capitol AustraliaCP-153319637"5 
The Beach Boys

A: Be True To Your School
B: In My Room
Capitol AustraliaCP-154519637"0 
The Beach Boys

Surfin' Safari

A1: Surfin' Safari
A2: Ten Little Indians
B1: Surfin' USA
B2: Shut Down
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1 205291963EP2 
The Beach Boys

A: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
B: Fun, Fun, Fun
Capitol AustraliaCP-155719647"0 
The Beach Boys

A: I Get Around
B: Don't Worry Baby
Capitol AustraliaCP-156919647"1 
The Beach Boys

A: When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
B: She Knows Me Too Well
Capitol AustraliaCP 158119647"1 
The Beach Boys

A: Little Saint Nick
B: The Lord's Prayer
Capitol AustraliaCP-158519647"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Dance, Dance, Dance
B: The Warmth Of The Sun
Capitol AustraliaCP-158819647"08.0
The Beach Boys

Surfer Girl

A1: Little Deuce Coupe
A2: Surfer Girl
B1: Summertime Blues
B2: 409
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1 2054819647"110.0
The Beach Boys

Fun, Fun, Fun With The Beach Boys

A1: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
A2: Fun Fun Fun
B1: Hawaii
B2: Be True To Your School
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1 206181964EP0 
The Beach Boys

I Get Around

A1: In My Room
A2: I Get Around
B1: Don't Worry Baby
B2: When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1-207091964EP0 
The Beach Boys

Beach Boys Concert

A1: The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
A2: Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
B1: Let's Go Trippin'
B2: Johnny B. Goode
Capitol AustraliaEAP-4-21981964EP0 
The Beach Boys

Little Honda

A1: Little Honda
A2: Hushabye
B1: Wendy
B2: Don't Back Down
Capitol AustraliaEAP-52671964EP0 
The Beach Boys

A: Hawaii
B: The Rocking Surfer
Capitol AustraliaCP-1551Jan 19647"1 
The Beach Boys

A: Please Let Me Wonder
B: Do You Wanna Dance?
Capitol AustraliaCP-159819657"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Help Me, Rhonda
B: Kiss Me, Baby
Capitol AustraliaCP-160219657"1 
The Beach Boys

A: California Girls
B: Let Him Run Wild
Capitol AustraliaCP-161419657"1 
The Beach Boys

A: The Little Girl I Once Knew
B: There's No Other (Like My Baby)
Capitol AustraliaCP-162819657"0 
The Beach Boys

Dance, Dance, Dance With The Beach Boys

A1: Dance Dance Dance
A2: Do You Wanna Dance
B1: Help Me, Rhonda
B2: California Girls
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1-207081965EP0 
The Beach Boys

A: Barbara Ann
B: Girl Don't Tell Me
Capitol AustraliaCP-163219667"1 
The Beach Boys

A: Sloop John B
B: You're So Good To Me
Capitol AustraliaCP-164319667"1 
The Beach Boys

A: God Only Knows
B: Wouldn't It Be Nice
Capitol AustraliaCP-166319667"2 
The Beach Boys

A: Good Vibrations
B: Let's Go Away For Awhile
Capitol AustraliaCP-167319667"3 
The Beach Boys

Barbara Ann

A1: Sloop John B.
A2: The Little Girl I Once Knew
B1: There's No Other (Like My Baby)
B2: Barbara Ann
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1-207941966EP29.0
The Beach Boys

Good Vibrations

A1: God Only Knows
A2: Wouldn't It Be Nice
B1: Let's Go Away For Awhile
B2: Good Vibrations
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1 208661966EP110.0
The Beach Boys

A: Then I Kissed Her
B: Mountain Of Love
Capitol AustraliaCP-168919677"0 

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