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The Beatles - Discography

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John, Paul, George and Ringo. See also Quarry Men and Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers
  USA  260
  UK  217
  Japan  165
  France  132
  Germany  126
  Italy  104
  Australia  98
  Canada  78
  Spain  74
  South Africa  73
  Brazil  68
  Netherlands  61
  New Zealand  61
  Mexico  55
  Sweden  55
  India  53
  Argentina  50
  Iran  46
  Chile  43
  Denmark  43
  Portugal  40
  Greece  39
  Norway  38
  Ireland  34
  Finland  31
  Thailand  27
  Rhodesia  24
  Israel  20
  Philippines  20
  Ecuador  18
  Belgium  16
  Bolivia  16
  Peru  15
  Lebanon  13
  Nicaragua  13
  Nigeria  13
  Uruguay  13
  Yugoslavia  13
  Costa Rica  12
  Jamaica  12
  Malaysia  12
  Turkey  12
  Colombia  11
  Singapore  11
  USSR  11
  Venezuela  9
  Austria  7
  Congo (DRC)  7
  Poland  7
  Guatemala  6
  Kenya  6
  Pakistan  5
  Unknown Country  5
  East Germany  4
  Bulgaria  3
  Paraguay  3
  Barbados  2
  Czechoslovakia  2
  Mozambique  2
  Angola  1
  United Arab Republic  1
  Bootleg  11
All Records  2427
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The Beatles

The Beatles' Hits

A1: From Me To You
A2: Thank You Girl
B1: Please Please Me
B2: Love Me Do
Parlophone IsraelGEP 88801963EP0 
The Beatles

A1: All My Loving
A2: Ask Me Why
B1: Money
B2: P.S. I Love You
Parlophone IsraelGEP 88911964EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Long Tall Sally
A2: I Call Your Name
B1: Slow Down
B2: Matchbox
Parlophone IsraelGEP 89131964EP0 
The Beatles

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: Things We Said Today
Parlophone IsraelR 516019647"1 
The Beatles

A: I Feel Fine
B: She's A Woman
Parlophone IsraelR 520019647"08.0
The Beatles

A1: Can't Buy Me Love
A2: This Boy
B1: You Can't Do That
B2: I'll Get You
Parlophone IsraelSOE 37501964EP0 
The Beatles

A: Ticket To Ride
B: Yes It Is
Parlophone IsraelR 526519657"0 
The Beatles

A: We Can Work It Out
B: Day Tripper
Parlophone IsraelR 538919657"0 
The Beatles

A1: Paperback Writer
A2: The Word
B1: Rain
B2: Nowhere Man
Parlophone IsraelMEO 1191966EP1 
The Beatles


A1: Yesterday
A2: The Night Before
B1: Act Naturally
B2: It's Only Love
Parlophone IsraelMOE 210041966EP7 
The Beatles

A: Hey Jude
B: Revolution
Parlophone IsraelDP 57019687"0 
The Beatles

A: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
B: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Apple IsraelFO 14819687"0 
The Beatles

A: Lady Madonna
B: The Inner Light
Parlophone IsraelR 567519687"1 
The Beatles

Your Mother Should Know

A1: Your Mother Should Know
A2: Magical Mystery Tour
B1: I Am The Walrus
Parlophone IsraelSMMT-1A1968EP0 
The Beatles

The Beatles' Christmas Record

A: The Beatles' Christmas Record
B: The Beatles' Christmas Record
Lyntone IsraelLYN 1743 / LYN 1744Dec 1968Special Edition 7"2 
The Beatles With Billy Preston

A: Get Back
B: Don't Let Me Down
Apple IsraelR577719697"4 
The Beatles

A: The Ballad Of John And Yoko
B: Old Brown Shoe
Apple IsraelR 578619697"0 
The Beatles

A: Something
B: Come Together
Apple IsraelR 581419697"0 
The Beatles

A: Let It Be
B: You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
Apple IsraelAP 276419707"0 
The Beatles

Magical Mystery Tour

A1: The Fool On The Hill
A2: Flying
B1: Blue Jay Way
Parlophone IsraelSMMT 1EP110.0

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