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The Bobettes - Discography

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  USA  24
  UK  7
  Canada  3
  New Zealand  3
  Australia  2
  Japan  2
  Netherlands  1
  Norway  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  44

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The Bobbettes

A: Mr. Lee
B: Look At The Stars
Atlantic USA45-1144Jun 19577"28.5
The Bobbettes

A: Speedy
B: Come-a, Come-a
Atlantic USA45-1159Oct 19577"2 

A: The Dream
B: Um Bow Bow
Atlantic USA45-1194Jul 19587"1 
The Bobbettes

A: Don't Say Goodnight
B: You Are My Sweetheart
Atlantic USA45-2027May 19597"0 
The Bobbettes

A: Oh My Papa
B: I Cried
Galliant USA1006Jan 19607"0 
The Bobbettes

A: I Shot Mr. Lee
B: Billy
Triple-X USA104Jun 19607"0 
The Bobbettes

A: I Shot Mr. Lee
B: Untrue Love
Atlantic USA45-2069Aug 19607"0 
The Bobbettes

A: Teach Me Tonight
B: Mr. Johnny Q
End USAE-109319617"1 
The Bobbettes

A: My Dearest
B: I'm Stepping Out Tonight
King USA45-5623Apr 19627"1 
The Bobettes

A: Loneliness
B: Over There (Stands My Baby)
Jubilee USA45-5427Jul 19627"88.0
The Bobbettes

A: Row, Row, Row
B: Teddy
Diamond USAD-133Mar 19637"0 
The Bobbettes

A: Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell (Who's Got De Ding Dong?)
B: Close Your Eyes
Diamond USAD-142Jul 19637"0 
The Bobbettes

A: My Mama Said
B: Sandman
Diamond USAD-156Dec 19637"1 
The Bobbettes

A: In Paradise
B: I'm Climbing A Mountain
Diamond USAD-166May 19647"0 
The Bobbettes

A: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
B: I'm Climbing A Mountain
Diamond USAD-181Apr 19657"1 
The Bobbettes

A: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
B: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Diamond USAD-181Apr 1965Promo Only 7"0 
The Bobbettes

A: Love Is Blind
B: Teddy
Diamond USAD-189Sep 19657"0 
The Bobbettes

A: I've Gotta Face The World
B: Having Fun
RCA Victor USA47-8832May 19667"19.0
The Bobbettes

A: It's All Over
B: Happy Go Lucky Me
RCA Victor USA47-8983Oct 19667"18.0

A: That's A Bad Thing To Know
B: All In Your Mind
Mayhew USA712297 / 71229819717"1 

A: Tighten Up Your Own Home
B: Looking For A New Love
Mayhew USAS-3719727"0 
The Bobbettes

A: It Won't Work Out
B: Good Man
Mayhew USA861 / 862Feb 19747"0 
The Bobbettes

A: Happy Go Lucky Me
B: Leave My Business Alone
Mayhew USA10607"0 
The Bobbettes

A: Mr. Lee

The Vibrations

B: My Girl Sloopy
Atlantic Oldies Series USAOS 130447"1 

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