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The Champs - Discography

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  USA  40
  UK  19
  Canada  13
  Australia  11
  Germany  9
  Netherlands  7
  New Zealand  5
  Belgium  4
  Italy  4
  Denmark  3
  India  3
  Jamaica  1
  Japan  1
  Mexico  1
  South Africa  1
  Sweden  1
  Turkey  1
  Bootleg  3
All Records  127
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The Champs


A1: Tequila
A2: I'll Be There
B1: Train To Nowhere
B2: Lollipop
Challenge USAEP-71001958EP2 
The Champs

A: Train To Nowhere
B: Tequila
Challenge USA1016Jan 19587"2310.0
The Champs

A: El Rancho Rock
B: Midnighter
Challenge USA59007Apr 19587"8 
The Champs

A: Chariot Rock
B: Subway
Challenge USA59018Jul 19587"0 
The Champs

A: Turnpike
B: Rockin' Mary
Challenge USA59026Oct 19587"0 
The Champs

A: Beatnik
B: Gone Train
Challenge USA59035Dec 19587"0 
The Champs

Caramba !

A1: Caramba
A2: Midnighter
B1: Beatnik
B2: Just Walking In The Rain
Challenge USAEP 71011959EP0 
The Champs

A: Caramba
B: Moonlight Bay
Challenge USA59043Mar 19597"0 
The Champs

A: Night Train
B: The Rattler
Challenge USA59049Jun 19597"0 
The Champs

A: Sky High
B: Double Eagle Rock
Challenge USA59053Aug 19597"3 
The Champs

A: Too Much Tequila
B: Twenty Thousand Leagues
Challenge USA59063Dec 19597"0 
The Champs

A: The Little Matador
B: Red Eye
Challenge USA59076Apr 19607"2 
The Champs

A: Alley Cat
B: Cocoanut Grove
Challenge USA59086Jul 19607"0 
The Champs

A: Tough Train
B: The Face
Challenge USA59097Nov 19607"0 
The Champs

A: Hokey Pokey
B: Jumping Bean
Challenge USA59103Feb 19617"0 
The Champs

A: Sombrero
B: The Shoddy Shoddy
Challenge USA9113Jul 19617"07.0
The Champs

A: Tequila Twist
B: Limbo Rock
Challenge USA9131Dec 19617"0 
The Champs

A: Experiment In Terror
B: La Cucaracha
Challenge USA9140Feb 19627"3 
The Champs

A: I've Just Seen Her
B: What A Country
Challenge USA9143Mar 19627"0 
The Champs

A: Latin Limbo
B: Limbo Dance
Challenge USA9162Aug 19627"2 
The Champs

A: That Did It
B: Varsity Rock
Challenge USA9174Nov 19627"1 
The Champs

A: Mr. Cool
B: 3/4 Mash
Challenge USA9180Jan 19637"1 
The Champs

A: Nik Nak
B: Shades
Challenge USA9189Mar 19637"1 
The Champs

A: Cactus Juice
B: Roots
Challenge USA9199Jun 19637"0 
The Champs

A: San Juan
B: Jalisco
Challenge USA59219Nov 19637"0 
The Champs

A: Only The Young
B: Switzerland
Challenge USA59236Mar 19647"09.0
The Champs

A: Kahlua
B: Fraternity Waltz
Challenge USA59263Oct 19647"2 
The Champs

A: Bright Lights, Big City
B: French 75
Challenge USA59277Jan 19657"010.0
The Champs

A: Anna
B: Buckaroo
Challenge USA59322Nov 19657"0 
The Champs

A: Tequila
B: Limbo Rock
MCA USAMCA-6013519737"2 
The Champs

A: Tequila
B: Dark Corner
Hi-Oldies USA45419767"4 
The Champs

A: Limbo Rock
B: Mama Nice
Hi-Oldies USA455Oct 19767"4 
The Champs

A: Tequila

The Knickerbockers

B: Lies
Goldisc USAG 305019787"0 
The Champs

A: Tequila

Arturo Royale And His Group

B: Mexican Midnight
Original Sound Oldies But Goodies USAOBG 454819857"1 
Mungo Jerry

A: In The Summertime


B: Tequila
Ripete USAR45-17419897"110.0
The Champs

A: Tequila
B: Sky High
Lana USA1557"0 
The Champs

A: Tequila

Jörgen Ingmann

B: Apache
Eric USA2677"0 
The Champs

A: Tequila

Patsy Cline

B: Walkin' After Midnight
Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series USACOL 31547"4 
The Champs

A: Chariot Rock
B: El Rancho Rock
Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series USACOL 39577"0 
The Champs

A: Too Much Tequila
B: Limbo Rock
Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series USACOL 39587"0 

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