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The Classics [Netherlands] - Discography

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  Netherlands  16
  Germany  2
  Belgium  1
  France  1
  Turkey  1
All Records  21
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The Classics [Netherlands]

A: My Lady Of Spain
B: Winter Has Come
Killroy NetherlandsKR 1733 KF19727"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Moonlight And Stars
B: Skinny Girl
Killroy NetherlandsKR 1796 KF19727"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Hey, What's Your Name ?
B: Love Is A Game
Killroy NetherlandsKR 1874 KS19737"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Gimme That Horse
B: Weekend
Killroy NetherlandsKR 1925 KS19747"0 
Classics [Netherlands]

A: If My Heart Was Your Heart
B: Dance In The Sunlight
Killroy NetherlandsKR 1994 KS19747"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Yellow Sun Of Ecuador
B: My Question
Killroy NetherlandsKR 2014 KS19747"0 
Classics [Netherlands]

A: Papa Peppone
B: Together
Killroy NetherlandsKR 2050 KS19757"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: My Russian Lady
B: I'm Gonna Loose You
Killroy NetherlandsKR 2133 KS19757"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Sodom And Gomorra
B: Come Take My Hand
Killroy NetherlandsKR 2224 KS19767"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Sunshine Baby
B: Goodbye, Farewell
Killroy NetherlandsKR 2255 KS19767"02.0
Classics [Netherlands]

A: Wings Of An Eagle
B: Be Careful With Friendship
Killroy NetherlandsKR 2285 KS19767"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: It's Christmas, My Darling
B: I Wish You A Merry Christmas
Killroy NetherlandsKR 2400 KS19767"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Lookin' In The Eyes Of My Melanie
B: When I Left You
Killroy NetherlandsKR 2560 KS19777"0 
Irene And The Classics

A: A Gipsy In His Heart
B: Marlena
Killroy NetherlandsKS 2680 KF19787"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Ashes And Diamonds
B: Ho-La Little Day
Killroy NetherlandsKS 2851 KF19797"0 
The Classics [Netherlands]

A: Lonely Weekends
B: Dancing On The Floor
Killroy NetherlandsKS 3612 KF19827"0 

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