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The Cockroaches - Discography

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A: I Want A Leather Jacket
B: Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Refugee AustraliaPRS-289319807"1 

A: Bingo Bango
B: Through With Her
Refugee AustraliaPRS-13096Jun 19817"0 
The Cockroaches

A: Used To Be
B: (She Goes) On And On
[none] AustraliaAug 19817"1 
The Cockroaches

A: Empty Heart
B: Apartment #9
EMI [Custom Pressing] AustraliaCUSTOM 13233Oct 19817"0 
The Cockroaches

A1: Shake, Jump And Shout
B1: Last Night
B2: Empty Heart
Phantom AustraliaPH-16Nov 19827"19.0
The Cockroaches

A: See You In Spain
B: (I've) Been Thinkin' About You
Powderworks AustraliaPOW.0200May 19847"010.0
The Cockroaches

A: My Whole World's Fallin' Down
B: Groovin' In The Grave Yard
Possum AustraliaPOS 1529Jul 19857"010.0
The Cockroaches

A: Another Night Alone
B: Just Can't Stop
Possum AustraliaPOS-1589Oct 19857"2 
The Cockroaches

A: Wait Up
B: Henry's Lizard
Regular AustraliaK-72Aug 19867"110.0
The Cockroaches

A: She's The One
B: Can In The Hand
Regular AustraliaK-212Jan 19877"1 
The Cockroaches

A: Some Kind Of Girl
B: Dr Richmond
Regular AustraliaK-277May 19877"0 
The Cockroaches

A: Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
B: Something Good
Regular AustraliaK-388Aug 19877"0 
The Cockroaches

A: Hey What Now!
B: Marie
Regular AustraliaK-533Jun 19887"0 
The Cockroaches

A: You And Me
B: So Wild
C: Some Kind Of Girl
D: Can't Sit Down
Regular AustraliaK639Oct 1988Double Pack1 
The Cockroaches

A: Permanently Single
B: Rudolph Had A Baby
Regular AustraliaK769Dec 19887"1 
The Cockroaches

A: Another Saturday Night
B: I've Got To Hang On
Regular AustraliaK894Sep 19897"1 
The Cockroaches

A: Hope
B: Soul To Soul
Regular AustraliaK10171Aug 19907"0 
The Cockroaches

A: I Must Have Been Blind
B: I Don't Wanna Be Sad
Regular AustraliaK10381May 19917"09.0

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