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The Crickets - Discography

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See also Buddy Holly
  UK  43
  USA  35
  Canada  14
  Australia  12
  Ireland  10
  Netherlands  7
  Germany  6
  New Zealand  6
  France  3
  Japan  2
  Denmark  1
  Finland  1
  Hong Kong  1
  Norway  1
  Singapore  1
  South Africa  1
  Uruguay  1
All Records  145
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The Crickets

A: That'll Be The Day
B: I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love
Vogue Coral UKQ 72279Sep 19577"109.8
The Crickets

A: That'll Be The Day
B: I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love
Coral UKQ.72279Sep 19577"3 
The Crickets

A: Oh, Boy
B: Not Fade Away
Coral UKQ 72298Dec 19577"19.0
The Crickets

The Sound Of The Crickets

A1: Oh, Boy
A2: Not Fade Away
B1: Maybe Baby
B2: Tell Me How
Coral UKFEP 20031958EP09.7
The Crickets

A: Maybe Baby
B: Tell Me How
Coral UKQ 72307Feb 19587"39.0
The Crickets

A: Think It Over
B: Fool's Paradise
Coral UKQ 72329Jul 19587"1210.0
The Crickets

A: It's So Easy
B: Lonesome Tears
Coral UKQ 7234331 Oct 19587"2 
The Crickets

It's So Easy

A1: It's So Easy
A2: Lonesome Tears
B1: Think It Over
B2: Fool's Paradise
Coral UKFEP 2014Jan 1959EP3 
The Crickets

A: Love's Made A Fool Of You
B: Someone, Someone
Coral UKQ 72365Apr 19597"67.5
The Crickets

A: When You Ask About Love
B: Deborah
Coral UKQ 72382Nov 19597"18.5
The Crickets

A1: When You Ask About Love
A2: Deborah
B1: Love's Made A Fool Of You
B2: Someone, Someone
Coral UKFEP 2053Mar 1960EP4 
The Crickets

A: Baby My Heart
B: More Than I Can Say
Coral UKQ 72395Apr 19607"9 
The Crickets

Four More

A1: Last Night
A2: Send Me Some Lovin'
B1: You've Got Love
B2: Rock Me My Baby
Coral UKFEP 2060May 1960EP3 
The Crickets

That'll Be The Day

A1: That'll Be The Day
A2: I'm Looking For Someone To Love
B1: It's Too Late
B2: An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date)
Coral UKFEP 2062Nov 1960EP0 
The Crickets

B: Don't Cha Know
B: Peggy Sue Got Married
Coral UKQ 72417Jan 19617"08.0
The Crickets

A: I Fought The Law
B: A Sweet Love
Coral UKQ 7244017 Nov 19617"99.0
The Crickets

A: He's Old Enough To Know Better
B: I'm Feeling Better
London UKHLG 9486Jan 19627"2 
The Crickets

A: Don't Ever Change
B: I'm Not A Bad Guy
Liberty UKLIB 55441Jun 19627"310.0
The Crickets

The Crickets Don't Ever Change

A1: More Than I Can Say
A2: Baby My Heart
B1: Peggy Sue Got Married
B2: Don't Cha Know
Coral UKFEP 2064Jul 1962EP1 
The Crickets

A: Little Hollywood Girl
B: Parisian Girl
Liberty UKLIB 55495Sep 19627"1 
Just For Fun

Bobby Vee

A1: The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
A2: All You've Got To Do Is Touch Me

The Crickets

B1: My Little Girl
B2: Teardrops Fall Like Rain
Liberty UKLEP 20841963EP28.0
The Crickets

Straight - No Strings!

A1: Willie And The Hand Jive
A2: Summertime Blues
B1: Searchin'
B2: What'd I Say
Liberty UKLEP 20941963EP1 
The Crickets

A: My Little Girl
B: Teardrops Fall Like Rain
Liberty UKLIB 10067Jan 19637"1 
The Crickets

A: Don't Try To Change Me
B: Lost And Alone
Liberty UKLIB 1009224 May 19637"08.0
The Crickets

A: Right Or Wrong
B: You Can't Be In Between
Liberty UKLIB 1011320 Sep 19637"07.0
The Crickets

A: Lonely Avenue
B: Playboy
Liberty UKLIB 10145Mar 19647"0 
The Crickets

A: (They Call Her) La Bamba
B: All Over You
Liberty UKLIB 55696Jun 19647"48.0
The Crickets

Come On

A1: Slippin' And Slidin'
A2: A Fool Never Learns
B1: Come On
B2: Money
Liberty UKLEP 2173Aug 19647"2 
The Crickets

A: I Think I've Caught The Blues
B: We Gotta Get Together
Liberty UKLIB 10174Nov 19647"07.0
Jerry Allison And The Crickets

A: Now Hear This
B: Everybody's Got A Little Problem
Liberty UKLIB 10196Mar 19657"0 
The Crickets

A: April Avenue
B: Don't Say You Love Me
Liberty UKLIB 556037 Apr 19667"6 
The Crickets

A: My Little Girl
B: Lonely Avenue
Liberty UKLBF 15089Jun 19687"1 
The Crickets

A: Don't Ever Change
B: Playboy
United Artists UKUP 3545710 Nov 19727"1 
The Crickets

A: My Rockin' Days
B: Lovesick Blues
Philips UK6006 2695 Jan 19737"0 
The Crickets

A: Hayride
B: Wasn't It Nice In New York City
Philips UK6006 29413 Apr 19737"0 
The Crickets

A: Rhyme And Time
B: Ooh Las Vegas
Mercury UK6008 00631 May 19747"08.0
The Crickets

A: Cruise In It
B: Rock Around With Ollie Vee
Rollercoaster UKRRC 2001Jul 19797"17.5
Million Dollar Movie

The Crickets

A1: Million Dollar Movie
A2: A Million Miles Apart

Sonny Curtis

B1: Rock N Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
B2: My Momma Sure Left Me Some Good Old Days
Rollercoaster UKRCEP 101Mar 1980EP3 
The Crickets

D. J. Rock & Roll Show

A: That'll Be The Day
Pushbike UKPBF 00051981Flexi1 
The Crickets

A1: Your M-M Memory
A2: Three Piece
B1: The Weekend
B2: Forever In Mind
Rollercoaster UKRRC 20071988EP0 
The Crickets

A: T-Shirt
B: Holly Would
CBS UKTSH 1Sep 19887"38.0
The Crickets

Back Home In Tennessee

A1: Blackmail
A2: I Can't Hold On
B1: (For A While) We Helped Each Other Out
B2: Back Home In Tennessee
Rollercoaster UKRCEP 1111990EP13.0
Bobby Vee And The Crickets

A: Buddy Holly Medley (What To Do; Crying, Waiting, Hoping; Learning The Game)

The Crickets

B: Tell Me How
Rollercoaster UKRRC 200919927"19.0

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