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The Dancing Did - Discography

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The Dancing Did

A: The Dancing Did
B: Lorry Pirates
Fruit & Veg UKF. & V. 001Nov 19797"110.0
The Dancing Did

A: Haunted Tea Rooms
B: Squashed Things
Fruit & Veg UKF. & V. 00219807"0 
The Dancing Did

A: The Lost Platoon
B: The Human Chicken
Stiff UKBUY 136Nov 19817"210.0
The Dancing Did

A: The Lost Platoon
B: The Human Chicken
Stiff UKBUY DJ 136Nov 1981Promo Only 7"0 
The Dancing Did

A: The Green Man And The March Of The Bungalows
B: A Fruit Picking Fantasy (The Time Bo Diddley Nearly Came To Evesham)
Kamera UKERA 008May 19827"2 
The Dancing Did

A: Badger Boys
B: The World's Gonna End In Cheltenham
Kamera UKERA 017Feb 19837"1 

Appears On

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Meat Records!


A1: Love Backed By Force

The Dancing Did

A2: The Rhythm Section Sticks Together

Instant Automatons

A3: Rites Of Passage
Chainsaw Magazine UKSFI 625Sep 1981Flexi2 

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