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The Dooleys - Discography

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  UK  19
  Australia  6
  Germany  6
  Netherlands  6
  Japan  4
  Rhodesia  2
  Ireland  1
All Records  44
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The Dooleys

A: On The Move
B: Easy To Love You
Beeb UKBEEB 01012 Sep 19757"7 
The Dooleys

A: Think I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You
B: Goodbye Hallelujah Island
GTO UKGT 9520 May 19777"37.0
The Dooleys

A: Love Of My Life
B: Only You Can Get Me By
GTO UKGT 11028 Oct 19777"27.0
The Dooleys

A: Don't Take It Lyin' Down
B: Forever
GTO UKGT 22028 Apr 19787"08.0
The Dooleys

A: A Rose Has To Die
B: Hungry For Love
GTO UKGT 22921 Jul 19787"26.3
The Dooleys

A: Honey I'm Lost
B: I Dedicate My Life
GTO UKGT 2422 Feb 19797"17.5
The Dooleys

A: Wanted
B: Movie Stars (And Comic Book Heroes)
GTO UKGT 24927 Apr 19797"87.4
The Dooleys

A: The Chosen Few
B: A Million To One
GTO UKGT 25821 Sep 19797"36.8
The Dooleys

A: Love Patrol
B: Once Upon A Happy Ending
GTO UKGT 26022 Feb 19807"38.0
The Dooleys

A1: Body Language
B1: Whispers
B2: Sign Of The Times
GTO UKGT 276Jul 19807"06.7
The Dooleys

A: In A Riddle
B: Going Solo
GTO UKGT 283Oct 19807"08.0
The Dooleys

A: Taken At The Flood
B: Secrets
GTO UKGT 28919817"0 
The Dooleys

A: And I Wish
B: Love Trap
GTO UKGT 300Aug 19817"19.0
The Dooleys

A: The Dancer
B: Face In The Crowd
Epic UKEPC A1813Nov 19817"16.0
The Dooleys

A: Will You Or Won't You
B: Danger Signs
Epic UKEPC A2522Jul 19827"2 
The Dooleys

A: Casualty
B: I Don't Want You Hanging Around No More
R'n'R UKRnR 001 PD1983Picture Disc0 
The Dooleys

A: Flavour Of The Month
B: Can't Dance
C: Casualty
D: I Don't Want You Hanging Around No More
R 'N' R UKRNR 001Aug 1983Double Pack08.0
Force 8

A: New Beginning
B: People Of The World
Priority UKFORCE 119847"1 
The Dooleys

A1: Honey I'm Lost
A2: I Think I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You
A3: Don't Take It Lying Down
B1: A Rose Has To Die
B2: Love Patrol
B3: Wanted
Scoop 33 UK7SR 5047Aug 1984EP31.0

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